Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Saying hi from LasVegas right now. Today was my first day and it was soo exciting. We arrived to our hotel excailbar via limo. It was my first time in a limo XDD.

Las Vegas is soo damn hot! 0_0 Coming from the north, its my first time in this sort of climate. LOL It felt like a sauna. Today we took a sample walk through all the sites. I was soo impressed!!~~

I had alot of fun looking through the high end stores and taking photos of the magnificent sights. I saw some really cool things. I totally wish i could buy this one rabbit fur piece by dior. I a wreath of them curled up into roses. Ive seen fur roses before but the petals are always a bit rounded. THESE were delicately pointed and just WOW. i totally fell in love with it, but 1050 dollars or was it 1500 dollars (same thing really i cant afford it at all) anywa.. totally broke my heart =/

As i was walking through i got some rude stares and comments. The typical what a freak etc *snicker snicker* so my mom is soo cool! she said quite audibly as she passed by this one women who was bad mouthing how i look "fat people" and then walked away. XDDDD (not that she had anything against bigger women, just people who bad mouth her daughter)

we kept walking and walking through the sites, i feel kinda bad that i didnt wear my nicer clothes =/. We ate some nice crepes at Paris. I def liked the Paris hotel most. by the time we hit Ceasar Palace, my feet were wayyy past dead. Its horrible because these are my normal shoes. I suppose its the heat that made it hurt more. literally, at one point when i stood up from sitting near the fountain, my feet were burning with pain as if i was walking on hot coal. Guess what? my hotel is on the OTHER side of the strip LMAO. so i guess i took about 3hrs to get back.. I walked as slow as my grandma but had loads of fun =3 Lets see what shall we do tmr~~

Ps. Id put up more photos but my harddrive space is lmited so ill try to look for my hard-drive once i get back ^_~


  1. That sounds amazing I wish you to have alot fun while there and hope you will write aboute the things you are seeing! ^-^

  2. ooo i want to see the dior fur!!!

  3. Post pictures!!!!! I wanna see!!! xDD

  4. Just wanted to let you know, someone is using you picture/impersonating you on facebook:!/profile.php?id=100001248306224