Friday, July 30, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 3

Today i woke up pretty late so i didnt get to walk around as much during the day. Basically i only had time to get ready for the gala night eat dinner then attend. Afterwards. we decided to go do a bit of shopping/looking around before we head back to the hotel. I got a nice pair of 5inch black heels XDD. I was trying to hold out til japan but my last pair of non boot shoes broke on my today =( . Besides, it was only 44 dollars and ive been needing a pair of black shoes for quite awhile now though never got around to buying a pair since i mostly wear white.

It was starting to get late so we rushed back to the hotel and changed into our club clothes and literally jogged (or in my case, trot, damn it felt like a horse LOL ) to club Haze in hotel Aria. We couldnt make it in before 12 to get the free cover but oh well, luckily it was only 20 cover. It was a bit of a long wait but definatly worth it! The club was soo awesome~!!!! its like a shibuya club only with non-asian people. Honestly, i thought alot of the girls were hot LOL. (guys not so much).

We started with a yager bomb, however it was 2x the size of a normal one 0_0. totally got me pretty drunk after that drink because i was running on a completely empty stomach! After about 30mins i was almost sober again though. Then we drank some other stuff that was free (tip only). We danced the night away, it was just soo awesome.

Eventually my feet couldnt hand much any more so i took alot of breaks. At around 3:00 i was having a hard time breathing. So we left the club. It was really difficult for me to walk around. I just couldnt breathe soo well with the hot air all around and my feet feeling like im walking on hot dull glass. We sat around the waterfall at Aria for a bit then headed back to the hotel. Bevan and I sat at monte carlo, while michelle, the only one who can walk (shes wearing flats) ran and got some McDs. When we arrived at the hotel, we decided to eat and sit around in the large bathroom in our suite so not to disturb others in our room and to rest ourselves on the nice cool tiles. Yup a pretty classy after party if you ask me LOL

So that brings me to here typing in my blog before i go to sleep =3 so goodnight/morning to you all =P

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Las Vegas- Day 2

Day #2. I started out by getting ready and doing my hair. This time i went back to my usual standard. I didnt feel very nice having straight hair and well.. not dress up to standard.

I went to MGM today, and saw the lions and various other things. By the time finished at MGM it was dinner time and we went to the Rainforest cafe because michelle has never been there before~

It was past 9 by the time we finished dinner so we had to rush to to Cesars palace so that we can get to Chrome Hearts in time for Bevan. Michelle went off to the fashion mall and Mom went back to the hotel to drop off some stuff and look around the belagio.

At chrome hearts the sales clerk greeted Bevan laughing that there was only 30mins difference as he went there last time at closing saying he will come back so he can have a longer look but really, we only made it there 30mins before closing so it was sorta funny. He bought a nice pair of sunglasses there =3

Afterwards, we met up with everyone at the fountain and looked through the venician? plaszo?. Venician was soo beautiful I was really impressed by the indoor canals. and we ate some icecream at the plazo

We then headed towards treasure island to try to catch the pirate show but it was too crowded to get a good view so we proceeded to head back. By the time we got back to the hotel it was about 2am. Bevan and i still wanted to club. We freshen up and went out again.

Unfortunately the clubs closed their doors around 3ish and we couldnt go. So we looked around the Monte Carlo and Aria. I took alot of pictures in Aria because everything was soo beautiful. We heard some music booming from uptop and went to check it out. It looked soo nice. It was the Golds club. I think we might go there tomorrow. After, we went outside and sat by the waterfall wall and were soo relaxed by it. At that point i started to think~ I love ceasers place and venican and paris because it feels soo nostalgic for some reason. And yet the Aria with its modern atmosphere makes me feel like im inside my head. Its very cool

After that, we looked through the outside of the mandarin hotel. The funny thing is that we had to take an elevator to get down to there but the difference between the ground floor we were on and the floor we had to be on to get to the entrance was only about a foot. LOL We then proceeded to head back since our feet will prob not allow us to move much further. We saw some really awesome looking cake sculptures outside the mandarin. By the time we got back to our hotel it the sun was starting to rise. (around 530 or so)

Well thats it for today, im going to sleep now ^_~ again, sorry no photos yet. I will upload them all when i get home


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Saying hi from LasVegas right now. Today was my first day and it was soo exciting. We arrived to our hotel excailbar via limo. It was my first time in a limo XDD.

Las Vegas is soo damn hot! 0_0 Coming from the north, its my first time in this sort of climate. LOL It felt like a sauna. Today we took a sample walk through all the sites. I was soo impressed!!~~

I had alot of fun looking through the high end stores and taking photos of the magnificent sights. I saw some really cool things. I totally wish i could buy this one rabbit fur piece by dior. I a wreath of them curled up into roses. Ive seen fur roses before but the petals are always a bit rounded. THESE were delicately pointed and just WOW. i totally fell in love with it, but 1050 dollars or was it 1500 dollars (same thing really i cant afford it at all) anywa.. totally broke my heart =/

As i was walking through i got some rude stares and comments. The typical what a freak etc *snicker snicker* so my mom is soo cool! she said quite audibly as she passed by this one women who was bad mouthing how i look "fat people" and then walked away. XDDDD (not that she had anything against bigger women, just people who bad mouth her daughter)

we kept walking and walking through the sites, i feel kinda bad that i didnt wear my nicer clothes =/. We ate some nice crepes at Paris. I def liked the Paris hotel most. by the time we hit Ceasar Palace, my feet were wayyy past dead. Its horrible because these are my normal shoes. I suppose its the heat that made it hurt more. literally, at one point when i stood up from sitting near the fountain, my feet were burning with pain as if i was walking on hot coal. Guess what? my hotel is on the OTHER side of the strip LMAO. so i guess i took about 3hrs to get back.. I walked as slow as my grandma but had loads of fun =3 Lets see what shall we do tmr~~

Ps. Id put up more photos but my harddrive space is lmited so ill try to look for my hard-drive once i get back ^_~

Friday, July 9, 2010

Visa Obtained! Art Revived

The last of my paperwork has finally been done. I went to pick up my whv at the Japanese Consulate today. It was really soo fast and so simple i was almost left thinking "thats it??" the guy didnt even look at my eticket 0_o But can never be too careful right? So now im all set, and I just have to wrap up a few things such as getting rid of my old stuff and preparing to leave.

On another note, I finally have been able to get a Artist Villa Table at the Local Anime Convention here in Vancouver <- go here if you are intersted in finding out what im talking about. I've been selling my art every year for a long time but this was the first year where i didnt get a table right away. I was almost going to go off believe i wont be attending this year. But, alas, i got in =3. So now, I have alot of work ahead of me. I'm going ot be spending the next month or so preparing a new line of work to sell on my last and final year at AE. I really hope that i do well >.< (the photo on this entry is a little peek at a work in progress. edit: its now finished =3 ) OH~! yea~ i forgot to ask. Those of you who are reading this, if you have any suggestions or requests you can ask here. I mean not of personal portraits but I wouldnt mind some input or ideas on what you think or what you would like to see. I specialize in drawing hot men. My style.. is very complex. But this is an anime con, and i DO need money (as being unemployed, my freelance artist status is at full time now) So feel free on suggesting some animes, pairings you like, or vkei rockers, gyaru/gyaruo models. etc <-- a link to my past works. Ive improved significantly but havent had the time to work on things til now

I think this is a good way to spend my time wihtout spending the money =3

(a hair nazi even on paper.... LMAO jkjk)