Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When are these gonna go out of fashion? PLZ let it be soon

All of the following, are tends that are still strong today in Vancouver that when they first came out I was hopping it'd die out after a year but its still going strong for min 3yrs.

1. Leggings: I don't know WHERE people get the idea that this is flattering. When talking about legs, generally we want to have slim long legs. Well leggings do the opposite of this: (this is talking about simple leggings on a womans body who is average weight + and or not very tall)

A) Leggings cut off at either the calf or the ankle. When it cuts off at the calf it makes your calves look bigger and legs look shorter. Ankle same deal it makes your legs cut off at the ankle instead of( if you wore them with pumps) at the face of your foot which is the whole point of wearing pumps to begin with. Also the ones that cut off at the ankles make leads the eyes to compare how BIG your thighs are in comparison to your ankles. Not good

B) Myth: Leggings make you look slimmer. They don't. The simple rule that black makes things look thinner is true, but it also makes it look more defined. Thus now we can see the real size of your thighs.

C) but they're comfortable. I dont know about that.. binding material is comfortable as opposed to a flowy skirt? suuuuure whatever you say~

D) but they are warm. So are high boots, and tights, and stockings, and high socks and long coats. =3 and guess what? they dont CUT your leg line =D and look hot

The only people who can really get away with them looking ok are those with long stick legs. As a personal opinion (not part of my argument) but i personally feel them to be childish and a vibe of i wanna wear a short skirt but im too chicken to show off my leg or im too weak to bare the cold in the name of mother fashion =D

Uggs: WHY WONT THIS DIE already? Ryuu always thought they were cute, but i cant stand them. they make your feet look huge.

There are 2 reasons why people like them looks aside:

A) theyre warm: sure but do you need them when its not that cold? and if youre warm enough to wear skirts and (shudder) leggings its warm enought o wear normal boots or shoes

B) theyre comfy. Suuuure til you get them wet then the become the ultimate soggy mops of shoes. I dont know about you but i dont think its all the comfy to be feeling damp in the feet all day. Not to mention theyre expensive and loose shape easy. and they SMELL!

Myth: Jeans are comfortable. Theyre not. You're just kidding yourself. Im not saying theyre bad, just saying if thats the reason why you like them, you've got it all wrong. You know whats the MOST comfy thing ever??? baby doll dresses. Flowy much unlike the hard stiff binding fabric of jeans. Skirts are also more comfy than pants in general. just because of the freeness of it.

Slouch bags: Please please, someone design those structured bags again. Ive been waiting for awhile now. I dont like slouch bags, they look sloppy and gross

Well anyways that's all i have to say for now, I hope you like my rant XD


  1. Uggs are ugly.
    I don't really like leggings that much. I have some, but the thing is you have to watch out for the pattern on them. Some patterns can make your legs look bigger!!

    -Oh yea, add me back LOL

  2. Add you back?? on what? did i remove you from something?

  3. well put
    btw you forgot the bubble skirt. They remind me of the 80's along with gross hair scrunchies. So true about the black not always flattering. But I do have one reason to wear leggings. I like to wear them with boots (they don't get pulled down while I'm walking~) XD

  4. I agree! I've been ranting about this for ages, leggings and uggs please dissapear forever!

  5. You should add Lulu Lemon headbands in there. I see those worn with UGGS and leggings all the freaking time.

  6. Yay!!! Your back, I missed your blogging!!! Hehe. I never knew leggings makes you leg look fat. I will take note of that!


    i agree completely ! (:D)b