Friday, June 18, 2010

Miyavi in Vancouver

I'm jobless but alright~ Its nice to have freedom of time and how you look. While working ive always had in the back of my mind everytime i change something; "i wonder if the employer will care/say something about it not being allowed" Now i dont have to care. i can have silver hair pink hair w/e =3 and if i had money i can have nice nails too. Its really a funny thing about vancouver... I used to think that if its a humanly possible natural hair color, no body/face piercings, no tattoos and you dressed the part, you had an acceptable appearance. but apparently not... Oh well I have booked my flights and i have enough to squeak by. I feel like everyday is a battle with the normal people but on the day of the concert i felt soo good to be with people who were just as "strange" as i am. It was very nice for a change to see so many people with interesting colored hair and interesting fashion. The normal people didnt really give too much of a wtf stare for to long cuz there were many of us. Also, since i was rock-kei i noticed, that they are more afraid to stare so they try to discreetly do it and shy away vs. when i have hime style they stare me down like WTF is this shiet?? AHHAHAHA expression and stare harshly.

I woke up early to do my hair because I also had to do my senpai's hair too afterward. I finished the style within scheduled time but still ran behind about 30mins because i had to spend some extra time to make it headbang proof and a new makeup technique = 2x the time. Liquid eyeliner defiantly takes some time getting used to.

I met up with ashu at metrotown around 1pm and took some purikura then went downtown to check the line there were about 10 people or so already there so we decided to line up as well. It was a relatively not too long of a wait for me since I was having lots of fun with talking to people i know and haven't seen for awhile and some new cool people i just met.

At the concert, to my surprise there was no barricades~! its right up close and personal. I got front row right up against the stage. It was awesome! Miyavi had no opening band but took 2hrs to get on to the stage =__= but it was def worth the wait. He was soo awesome!!!! and XDDD hot. He's soo playful and fun on stage and it was soo cool to be so close~

Some funny highlights of the show~

When Miyavi screamed out ARE YOU HAVING FUN?! the crowd cheered and one person said "FUCK YEAH!" and miyavi said I'd fuck you too =D

For Funky Monkey Vibration, he got us to repeat it and he just said it weirder and weirder each time.. FUNNNNNNKY monkey~~~ FUNNNNKKKY monkey. FUNNN*cough*KY monkey lol his band and him were having a hard time keeping a straight face. LOL it was really fun and i can tell hes having alot of fun to despite the smaller than expected turn out.

At around the beginning of the show when Miyavi was at the front with his back to us playing his gutiar on his back, my friends were making some butt grabbing motion [not serious of course, if they really wanted to grope him they could have] and the drummer saw it and was cracking up. LOL

I got his hand a couple times and such XD [yes you can ignore me fangirling but this blog is also for my memories as well]

The show was awesome and I had soo much fun. Miyavi looked like he had alot of fun too and his english was soo good as well~! Its really improved. He said he'd defiantly would be back. Unlike the diru concert, there wasn't a suffocating pressure push and i could move more freely. Since its a home concert i also knew the majority of the people there. It was like a very nice personal small concert. I like it like this.


  1. you look amazing dear!!! :D always envious of your photos

  2. What a cute pic of you! :3

    I agree, Miyavi is gorgeous and awesome on stage~ I've seen him perform two times and I loved both of his shows. I envy you a bit 'cause you were in front row.

  3. small turnout ? D:
    probably because the concert was only for 18+ or something T A T;;
    glad u have fun thoo ! ! it looked like so much fun T A T//cries forever

    i want to be older ! i would have gone to the one in seattle since there was no over 18+ rule, but my visa expired OT2

  4. Glad you had fun so lucky to see Miyavi ;__;
    And yeah having a job can suck sometimes so many rules to follow hardly any freedom at all, and for what? Money that you can't even spend as you like it =__=''