Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hair FAQ

I thought I'd write a little entry about Hair since I seem to get alot of questions about it weather it be on facebook, youtube or real life.

Q:Do you bleach your hair to get blonde??? [or lighter color from dark hair]
I want _________ color, my original color (insert dark color here) but i dont want to bleach my hair, what do you recommend??

A: To be 100% honest its never going to happen. You cant get a lighter hair color without bleach. Though you might be able to lighten it a tiny bit with either henna dye or lemon juice + alot of sun, if you are a brunette you will NEVER get blond or many other lighter colors without bleaching your hair. Even box COLOR contains bleach in it because its part of the developing process. The only 100% sure way of getting EXACTLY the color you wanted (esp for those with black/brown hair and dont want those reddish tones in there) is to bleach your hair to blonde or white blonde FIRST then add a color or tonner.

But i dont want to bleach my hair its damaging! It causes cancer! I'll go bald

A: if that were the case, im pretty sure all our hollywood stars are cancer ridden, with fried hair or no hair from balding. But no, theyre not, they have the same raito of balding, cancer or fried hair as the general population. So those outcomes dont really bear much weight when it comes to bleaching your hair.

I have been on/off blonde (but mostly blond) since i was 14years old (2003) I still have all my hair, my hair is soft for those who have felt it in real life, and far as i know i dont have cancer. That "it causes cancer" part can be pretty much said about ANYTHING. Dont wear sunscreen it causes cancer. Oh but wait, wear sunscreen cuz UV rays causes cancer too! seriously (the last part is more true) there are many other causing factors to cancer than bleaching your hair. Im pretty sure you will find alot of people who bleach their hair chronically dont have cancer and also alot of people who never bleach their hair in the life have it. (in otherwords theres no strong correlation)

However YES bleach does dry out your hair. But heres 2 pieces of advice

1) a bit of damage is good. Virgin hair is a bitch to style. A bit of damage makes it much easier to hold up styles, rather than it just unraveling stubbornly. You will find your hair curls faster or it teased hair stays up longer.

2) To take care of your hair, just make sure you use a good conditioner. As well as other hair care products such as leave in conditioner, ( i recommend infusium 23) hair masque, etc. Oh but thats hard work! deal with it~ no one ever said being fashionable is easy.

Q: do you bleach your eyebrows?

A: No. I don't. I just tweeze, cut and shave the hairs down til they're short and neat. Then i draw the rest in with an eyebrow brush and powder.

This isn't about hair but its another thing i get told alot

Makeup is bad for your skin~! it causes aging!

A: No.. BIG FAT NO. Makeup isn't bad for your skin. Its only bad if you dont remove it properly. You might get more acne from wearing foundation but thats only because your pores are clogged due to not removing and washing your face.

Makeup aging the skin. No, it doesnt. Though using the wrong kind of makeup for you [aka dryer makeup for dry skin might lead to dehydration lines] or bad application habits [eg pulling down the eye skin to draw on your makeup] might lead to some. But otherwise, alot of makeup has spf in it so that prevents a little on the bigger aging factor: the SUN. As well as those who wear makeup alot, will pay closer attention to their skin thus, catching aging processes faster than the person who doesn't, and thus going through measures to prevent further aging. (because we all age, its just part of life~)

There are many other factors that causes aging more directly like excessive exposure to the sun, late nights, stressful lifestyles. Many people who dotn wear a stitch of makeup and go out into the elements often, often age MUCH faster than those who wear makeup chronically.


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  2. damage is key! lol

    makeup helps my skin, and protects it.
    what's more important than dimenthicone or whatever most foundation is made of is what lies UNDERNEATH IT.

    skincare counts more than anything~
    yes yes remove before you start to cleanse your face.

  3. can you do a blog post about your makeup hauls and what not? like... what kinda makeup you use?
    your pics are amazing and i would like to know what you use! ^^;;

  4. grant-> damn right!
    anon poster-> Ohh thats a great idea~ i havent thought of it before. Sure ill do it sometime ^_~

  5. Hey that was very interesting! I thought that make up was bad for the skin but... apparently no :o
    I love your blog, i love your photos, i love your style ;)
    I saw you on facebook! (it surprised me, i said myself "hey... i already saw that girl somewhere")
    Can i add you :D ?
    -> my english is so bad, sorry if you didn't understand anything.

  6. Lara-> sure just write a message when u send the request so it doesnt get lost with the other req

  7. My mom and aunt have always worked in beauty salons so fortunately I was always aware of these things, but it's amazing how many people assume make-up kills your skin or that dying you hair makes you go bald! haha

  8. well, I beg to differ.

    Dying your hair a few times is harmless, I agree, it's the constant retouching/ maintaining the color that's a bitch. In my own case, when I dye my hair a different tone the roots grow in in no time. I'm not familiar with the growth rate of your hair, Shannon, but I'll assume that the texture of your hair is more workable than others.

    As for the makeup, it only ends up being being bad for your skin if you're using cheap, pore clogging foundation, or if you're a high paid model XD you know? Models that are in demand get so much makeup put on them that eventually they become allergic to it. >_<

    And hmmm, so Shannon, tell me, have you ever used Sun-in for your hair?

  9. I haven't at least i dont think i have. I've never heard of "sun-in" before