Thursday, June 10, 2010

Graduation baby~~

So I'm currently jobless right now. I suppose the hate for my boss and I goes both ways. Due to not being able to sleep, why not catch up on some blogging. Just last week or so, I offically graduated from College with an Associate of Arts Degree. Don't know what I'd do with it yet hahaha~ Last fall i decided to put school on hiatus work and pack my bags for Japan. However I was only 3 classes away from graduating college with an A.A. Degree so here I am a college graduate.

Graduation, started very early for me that day. It was raining so hard I can hear the rain drops pound against the roof. So much for elaborate curls haha. I wore a blue chinese dress and tried a brand new hairstyle that I made up on spot for it. I arrived just on time to get my gown and cap etc.

Commencement was much shorter and more simple than highschool graduation. I was glad it wasnt as long. Afterwards, we went to the reception then to richmound to take some purikura. I compared my purikura with my highschool prom purikura and how much have I changed~ [though still blonde =P] While looking at some outfits in richmound, my father phones me out of the blue..... He had heard I had lost my job.... He then went on to complain how he only gets to know about me through other people. I wont go into details but really its his fault I'm not very open to him. Through the heat of the argument i ended up crying and told him I'm moving to Japan this year and that I just graduated. (I only invited my mom) I wasn't planning on telling him but I guess I dotn really have much a choice now. He'd rather I stay and find a nice Vancouver boy. HAH! As if!~ He says the economy is bad in Japan and that i'd be be better off staying. No thx nothing here for me.

After Richmound, we then went to downtown to eat at the Italian Kitchen. The food was absolutely wonderful and service was impeccable! Overall it was quite a nice day~ lots of exercise~

40+ Lolitas in Granville Island. Just last weekend, I went to a super large lolita meet in Vancouver. I took my time to do my hair. That day I tried Tsu-chan's hair =3 Not really much to say about this meet other than It was highly disorganized and being a brokeass wasnt fun. But it was really nice to see my highschool junior again =3 I always appreciated her bento that she made for me. XD My highschool juniors are so lovely.


  1. congratulations on your graduation! ^^

  2. I absolutely love your hair and style.
    you're super cute!
    congratulations too for your graduation!!
    will you follow my bloggie? <3 thank you

  3. You look so cute! I love your hair and you blog is really nice :) I'm going to follow it, I'll be happy to read your future posts!!

  4. Congratulations!
    He he, Japan is a dream *__*
    I'd like to go there too...
    You look so cute on that photo :3

  5. :D do u belong to a gyarusa in vancouver?

  6. thankyou everyone

    na-chan-> I belong to the northamerican gyarusa Bulaklak ^^