Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hair FAQ

I thought I'd write a little entry about Hair since I seem to get alot of questions about it weather it be on facebook, youtube or real life.

Q:Do you bleach your hair to get blonde??? [or lighter color from dark hair]
I want _________ color, my original color (insert dark color here) but i dont want to bleach my hair, what do you recommend??

A: To be 100% honest its never going to happen. You cant get a lighter hair color without bleach. Though you might be able to lighten it a tiny bit with either henna dye or lemon juice + alot of sun, if you are a brunette you will NEVER get blond or many other lighter colors without bleaching your hair. Even box COLOR contains bleach in it because its part of the developing process. The only 100% sure way of getting EXACTLY the color you wanted (esp for those with black/brown hair and dont want those reddish tones in there) is to bleach your hair to blonde or white blonde FIRST then add a color or tonner.

But i dont want to bleach my hair its damaging! It causes cancer! I'll go bald

A: if that were the case, im pretty sure all our hollywood stars are cancer ridden, with fried hair or no hair from balding. But no, theyre not, they have the same raito of balding, cancer or fried hair as the general population. So those outcomes dont really bear much weight when it comes to bleaching your hair.

I have been on/off blonde (but mostly blond) since i was 14years old (2003) I still have all my hair, my hair is soft for those who have felt it in real life, and far as i know i dont have cancer. That "it causes cancer" part can be pretty much said about ANYTHING. Dont wear sunscreen it causes cancer. Oh but wait, wear sunscreen cuz UV rays causes cancer too! seriously (the last part is more true) there are many other causing factors to cancer than bleaching your hair. Im pretty sure you will find alot of people who bleach their hair chronically dont have cancer and also alot of people who never bleach their hair in the life have it. (in otherwords theres no strong correlation)

However YES bleach does dry out your hair. But heres 2 pieces of advice

1) a bit of damage is good. Virgin hair is a bitch to style. A bit of damage makes it much easier to hold up styles, rather than it just unraveling stubbornly. You will find your hair curls faster or it teased hair stays up longer.

2) To take care of your hair, just make sure you use a good conditioner. As well as other hair care products such as leave in conditioner, ( i recommend infusium 23) hair masque, etc. Oh but thats hard work! deal with it~ no one ever said being fashionable is easy.

Q: do you bleach your eyebrows?

A: No. I don't. I just tweeze, cut and shave the hairs down til they're short and neat. Then i draw the rest in with an eyebrow brush and powder.

This isn't about hair but its another thing i get told alot

Makeup is bad for your skin~! it causes aging!

A: No.. BIG FAT NO. Makeup isn't bad for your skin. Its only bad if you dont remove it properly. You might get more acne from wearing foundation but thats only because your pores are clogged due to not removing and washing your face.

Makeup aging the skin. No, it doesnt. Though using the wrong kind of makeup for you [aka dryer makeup for dry skin might lead to dehydration lines] or bad application habits [eg pulling down the eye skin to draw on your makeup] might lead to some. But otherwise, alot of makeup has spf in it so that prevents a little on the bigger aging factor: the SUN. As well as those who wear makeup alot, will pay closer attention to their skin thus, catching aging processes faster than the person who doesn't, and thus going through measures to prevent further aging. (because we all age, its just part of life~)

There are many other factors that causes aging more directly like excessive exposure to the sun, late nights, stressful lifestyles. Many people who dotn wear a stitch of makeup and go out into the elements often, often age MUCH faster than those who wear makeup chronically.

Monday, June 28, 2010

New York Guys and Dolls

Hey Everyone~ Justposting this up on my blog so you can all see it~~ The gyarusa I belong to is hosting a 3 day gyaru retreat! Please come!~~ I will be going as well ^_~
Original link is here:

August 27/28/29 2010
New York City

Join Bulaklak tribe for our new Gal Retreat!!

Having had successful summits in the past, Bulaklak Tribe members most enjoyed the time we spent sitting across a table from, or on a train next to our guests instead of at the front of a panel room. We look forward to an entire weekend of dining, shopping, and sightseeing with old and new friends from sun-up til sundown. We're excited to present our first-ever Gal Retreat! A weekend adventure in New York City!


Friday August 27

Zoo/Meet and Greet, Bulaklak Tribe and friends!
noon ~ 5pm(close) $15
Fun in the sun, enjoy the cute and crazy animals!
We can check out the zoo animals too ;)
Small photoshoot ♥ Bring snacks/drinks as you wish

Dinner @ TBA
7pm~9pm, cost depends on what you eat
Make new friends, sit down and relax, well, actually
stuff your face and enjoy tasty drinks!!
please rsvp if you're coming.

Hotel Party @ Hotel Alexander
Let's enjoy the night! BT will have our
hotel party for our new and old friends!
A chance to get to know each other better~
BYOB and expect drinking games ;)

Saturday, August 28

Lunch @ someplace yummy :)

Karaoke @ Karaoke Duet
3pm~6 or 7pm, $5 per person per hour for singing, more if you eat/drink
Sing your hearts out!! Food and drinks available tooo!

Dinner @ whatever we feel like having :)

time depends when we finish karaoke and head to east village,
cost depends on what you eat
Fill our tummies before clubbing~
We'll eat in East Village so that its a close walk to the club :)

Clubbing @ Webster Hall
10pm~close, price will depend on the event. Schedule up soon
Hot Hot Hot! Sexy Gals and Gal-o dancing the night away!
What better way to end a saturday night and party till we drop!

Sunday, August 29

Enjoy this sunday to relax, and go
shopping and sightseeing with BT and guests.

Picnic in the Park
Central Park
Bring food, drinks, and whatever you want!
A nice picnic in the park, maybe catch
some street performers and just enjoy a nice day~
Mini game/contest for a some prizes!
If by chance it rains, we'll do something else fun ;)

Sightseeing and shopping after,
planned for the tourists who are coming who want
to see the city and sightsee :)

Guests welcome to tag along! Let's just enjoy New York!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Miyavi in Vancouver

I'm jobless but alright~ Its nice to have freedom of time and how you look. While working ive always had in the back of my mind everytime i change something; "i wonder if the employer will care/say something about it not being allowed" Now i dont have to care. i can have silver hair pink hair w/e =3 and if i had money i can have nice nails too. Its really a funny thing about vancouver... I used to think that if its a humanly possible natural hair color, no body/face piercings, no tattoos and you dressed the part, you had an acceptable appearance. but apparently not... Oh well I have booked my flights and i have enough to squeak by. I feel like everyday is a battle with the normal people but on the day of the concert i felt soo good to be with people who were just as "strange" as i am. It was very nice for a change to see so many people with interesting colored hair and interesting fashion. The normal people didnt really give too much of a wtf stare for to long cuz there were many of us. Also, since i was rock-kei i noticed, that they are more afraid to stare so they try to discreetly do it and shy away vs. when i have hime style they stare me down like WTF is this shiet?? AHHAHAHA expression and stare harshly.

I woke up early to do my hair because I also had to do my senpai's hair too afterward. I finished the style within scheduled time but still ran behind about 30mins because i had to spend some extra time to make it headbang proof and a new makeup technique = 2x the time. Liquid eyeliner defiantly takes some time getting used to.

I met up with ashu at metrotown around 1pm and took some purikura then went downtown to check the line there were about 10 people or so already there so we decided to line up as well. It was a relatively not too long of a wait for me since I was having lots of fun with talking to people i know and haven't seen for awhile and some new cool people i just met.

At the concert, to my surprise there was no barricades~! its right up close and personal. I got front row right up against the stage. It was awesome! Miyavi had no opening band but took 2hrs to get on to the stage =__= but it was def worth the wait. He was soo awesome!!!! and XDDD hot. He's soo playful and fun on stage and it was soo cool to be so close~

Some funny highlights of the show~

When Miyavi screamed out ARE YOU HAVING FUN?! the crowd cheered and one person said "FUCK YEAH!" and miyavi said I'd fuck you too =D

For Funky Monkey Vibration, he got us to repeat it and he just said it weirder and weirder each time.. FUNNNNNNKY monkey~~~ FUNNNNKKKY monkey. FUNNN*cough*KY monkey lol his band and him were having a hard time keeping a straight face. LOL it was really fun and i can tell hes having alot of fun to despite the smaller than expected turn out.

At around the beginning of the show when Miyavi was at the front with his back to us playing his gutiar on his back, my friends were making some butt grabbing motion [not serious of course, if they really wanted to grope him they could have] and the drummer saw it and was cracking up. LOL

I got his hand a couple times and such XD [yes you can ignore me fangirling but this blog is also for my memories as well]

The show was awesome and I had soo much fun. Miyavi looked like he had alot of fun too and his english was soo good as well~! Its really improved. He said he'd defiantly would be back. Unlike the diru concert, there wasn't a suffocating pressure push and i could move more freely. Since its a home concert i also knew the majority of the people there. It was like a very nice personal small concert. I like it like this.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Graduation baby~~

So I'm currently jobless right now. I suppose the hate for my boss and I goes both ways. Due to not being able to sleep, why not catch up on some blogging. Just last week or so, I offically graduated from College with an Associate of Arts Degree. Don't know what I'd do with it yet hahaha~ Last fall i decided to put school on hiatus work and pack my bags for Japan. However I was only 3 classes away from graduating college with an A.A. Degree so here I am a college graduate.

Graduation, started very early for me that day. It was raining so hard I can hear the rain drops pound against the roof. So much for elaborate curls haha. I wore a blue chinese dress and tried a brand new hairstyle that I made up on spot for it. I arrived just on time to get my gown and cap etc.

Commencement was much shorter and more simple than highschool graduation. I was glad it wasnt as long. Afterwards, we went to the reception then to richmound to take some purikura. I compared my purikura with my highschool prom purikura and how much have I changed~ [though still blonde =P] While looking at some outfits in richmound, my father phones me out of the blue..... He had heard I had lost my job.... He then went on to complain how he only gets to know about me through other people. I wont go into details but really its his fault I'm not very open to him. Through the heat of the argument i ended up crying and told him I'm moving to Japan this year and that I just graduated. (I only invited my mom) I wasn't planning on telling him but I guess I dotn really have much a choice now. He'd rather I stay and find a nice Vancouver boy. HAH! As if!~ He says the economy is bad in Japan and that i'd be be better off staying. No thx nothing here for me.

After Richmound, we then went to downtown to eat at the Italian Kitchen. The food was absolutely wonderful and service was impeccable! Overall it was quite a nice day~ lots of exercise~

40+ Lolitas in Granville Island. Just last weekend, I went to a super large lolita meet in Vancouver. I took my time to do my hair. That day I tried Tsu-chan's hair =3 Not really much to say about this meet other than It was highly disorganized and being a brokeass wasnt fun. But it was really nice to see my highschool junior again =3 I always appreciated her bento that she made for me. XD My highschool juniors are so lovely.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When are these gonna go out of fashion? PLZ let it be soon

All of the following, are tends that are still strong today in Vancouver that when they first came out I was hopping it'd die out after a year but its still going strong for min 3yrs.

1. Leggings: I don't know WHERE people get the idea that this is flattering. When talking about legs, generally we want to have slim long legs. Well leggings do the opposite of this: (this is talking about simple leggings on a womans body who is average weight + and or not very tall)

A) Leggings cut off at either the calf or the ankle. When it cuts off at the calf it makes your calves look bigger and legs look shorter. Ankle same deal it makes your legs cut off at the ankle instead of( if you wore them with pumps) at the face of your foot which is the whole point of wearing pumps to begin with. Also the ones that cut off at the ankles make leads the eyes to compare how BIG your thighs are in comparison to your ankles. Not good

B) Myth: Leggings make you look slimmer. They don't. The simple rule that black makes things look thinner is true, but it also makes it look more defined. Thus now we can see the real size of your thighs.

C) but they're comfortable. I dont know about that.. binding material is comfortable as opposed to a flowy skirt? suuuuure whatever you say~

D) but they are warm. So are high boots, and tights, and stockings, and high socks and long coats. =3 and guess what? they dont CUT your leg line =D and look hot

The only people who can really get away with them looking ok are those with long stick legs. As a personal opinion (not part of my argument) but i personally feel them to be childish and a vibe of i wanna wear a short skirt but im too chicken to show off my leg or im too weak to bare the cold in the name of mother fashion =D

Uggs: WHY WONT THIS DIE already? Ryuu always thought they were cute, but i cant stand them. they make your feet look huge.

There are 2 reasons why people like them looks aside:

A) theyre warm: sure but do you need them when its not that cold? and if youre warm enough to wear skirts and (shudder) leggings its warm enought o wear normal boots or shoes

B) theyre comfy. Suuuure til you get them wet then the become the ultimate soggy mops of shoes. I dont know about you but i dont think its all the comfy to be feeling damp in the feet all day. Not to mention theyre expensive and loose shape easy. and they SMELL!

Myth: Jeans are comfortable. Theyre not. You're just kidding yourself. Im not saying theyre bad, just saying if thats the reason why you like them, you've got it all wrong. You know whats the MOST comfy thing ever??? baby doll dresses. Flowy much unlike the hard stiff binding fabric of jeans. Skirts are also more comfy than pants in general. just because of the freeness of it.

Slouch bags: Please please, someone design those structured bags again. Ive been waiting for awhile now. I dont like slouch bags, they look sloppy and gross

Well anyways that's all i have to say for now, I hope you like my rant XD