Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oakland/SanFran Trip

I recently joined a new company and was soon whisked off to a business convention in Oakland California. It was quite a sudden decision which was kinda what made me feel soo good about it. Its the first time i ever went to USA by plane and also the first time i ever decided to go on a trip on whim.

The trip plan was to go from Van at 4am in the morning to seattle and catch a local flight down to Oakland from Seattle. We got held up by customs due to some of our members were not citizens of canada, so standard procedure of checking things and such -_-ll

We got to seattle kinda late and further complications and long line ups lead us ot be late for our flight and missed it. Luckily we could go on to the next one 3hrs later for no extra cost. However this meant we missed the first day T_T;; oh well. its ok

When we arrived in Oakland my trainer was already waiting at the hotel for us. She said she didnt go because she felt it would be lonely and awkward to go alone. So we decided to freashen up and get ready for the gala night. I washed my hair and then got a call from our head guy saying to be down in 30mins. WHAT?! ==;; why didnt he say that earlier.. I cant do my hair and everything in 30mins. No way TT;; But i did end up being able to curl all my hair and get my makeup done in 45mins. 0_0 yay~ thanks to my lovely trance =3. But i wasnt able to do sujimori like i wanted to do TT;;

We were all supposed to eat at a chinese buffet. But seriously i didnt want to pay 15US for all you can eat.. I cant eat that much and not enough time. So we went to another resturant and got some good chinese food for maybe 6dollars each.

At the gala night there were so many awards given out my hands were getting red from clapping.

The next morning, i had to get to the convention hall by 8. sure, Ill wake up at 615 and that will give me enough time to get ready and make it down early. AGAIN our head said be downstairs by 7:00. WHAT? =_=... why??? for breakfast. So i decided to skip breakfast and continue my morning routine. who needs 45mins for breakfast? i dont even eat breakfast normally anyway... not hungry... basically the whole weekend was somthing like this. So i got the nickname Barbie LOL

I wont comment more on the actual things that happened in the seminars.. you kinda had to be there for that. But on with the fun part.

NIght out in SanFran. Our semenars end at 5 so we are basically free to do whatever we want after that. Sanfan was soo close we decided to go there and have some fun. We went downtown by train. The train system is similar to Japans with the gates and everything. Apparently, only vancouver has the kind of system it does.

Sanfran was really amazing. especially the bank interiors. We didnt get to do any shopping because all the shops were pretty much closed. But to our surprise the chinese New Year parade was happening and we got to see it all. We took many many pictures and eventually ended up at the cheesecake factory for dinner on top of Macy's. While waiting we admired the beautiful view over Union Square.

What i loved about Sanfran was that unlike in vancouver were i get alot of wtf stares, everyone either though i looked cool or didnt even see me. That was quite refreshing.

On the Last day I had to leave early since my flight was booked 3hrs before everyone elses. I was to wait in seattle for them to arrive and drive back to vancouver together. But thats ok, I have my good friends cha and yuta in seattle

while waiting for my flight i met the head of seattle office for our company. He's really inspirational and it just so happens that when i was on the plane, i ended up sitting next to him 0_0. He showed me photos from the company sponsored trip to japan and hawaii. It was amazing.

When i got to seattle i was greeted by Cha and Yuta and thier friend Zane. Though Yuta and I have been talking for more almost a year online and the phone this was the first time meeting him in person. I was soo excited.

We went to 13 coins to eat dinner and i told them about my trip. [oh and i decided to stay an extra night and go back home by greyhound] We then went to Hmart for some liquor and snacks and headed back to Cha and Yutas. THey had to clean up so, i sat in teh car with Zane and got to know him better. Hes a pretty cool guy too.

and yea the rest is just relaxing drinking, and catching up. The next morning I went home by greyhound. Im exhausted but i had to go to work later that day. I made alot of mistakes on the billing and got deducted 16 dollars or something. Do i care at this point? hardly lol

LOL anyway my photo i was totally dazed XD long dayy~~ Oh and i forgot to mention, Yuta totally loved my luggage and had alot of fun rolling it around LOL

Anyway if you want to see more photos heres a link to an album with other things that happend this winter season and this trip http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=371544&id=522575042&l=b4fe122d8e


  1. You are really cute <3
    I love your clothes in the first pic !
    See you <3

  2. hi! nice to meet u ^^

    i dont know how i find ur blog...ajajaja anyway is nice! and i think u are really cute

    bye ;)

  3. hihi~ nice to meet you too~ and thankyou ^_^ are you in tokyo now?

  4. Hello sweetie!

    I wanted to say first I love your blog and style! You look so cute and stylish, love your outfits and your hairstyles are awesome!

    I've added a link to your blog in my faves on my website, so I hope it will bring you new visitors!

    Have a nice day!
    Bye! ^__^