Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alice in Wonderland + Update

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been posting for such a long time. I've been very very very busy lately. Well, still am haha. but it's been over a couple months now and even almost time for my b-day. [which will be updated later after my party]

On opening night i went to see Alice in Wonderland with my mom. We caught the late night showing because we were too tight on time. The movie was really great. I really loved the part where they say am i mad? im afraid so...... complete bonkers etc etc "but let me tell you a secret, all the best people are" I really liked teh red queen and kinda felt sorry for her. I was soo happy with the cinematography. Tim Burton always does a great job. Anyway, after the movie i ran into some lolitas that seem to have the same idea as me to watch alice in lolita. ww~~ I knew there was a meet up for this was i wasnt paying attention when and where because I've been so busy.

With that aside, recently I've been really busy with school, work and work. As an update from the last entry, Modern didn't phone me back because my availability went down by quite a bit by Juno. I landed the job at Juno. However, my boss is a real pain. He's super moody and gets upset over everything. I think I've prob been threatened to be let go at least 1 every 2 weeks and everyday he makes it feel like im being scrutinizingly evaluated and that i could be let go any day or soon.

The Olympics in Vancouver made the restaurant in complete chaos. I had to sub in as an auxiliary. I didnt quite appreciate being stuck on bus/dish washing duty...

On the brighter-side, I went to an office open house that changed my life. I joined a company in which eventually will gain me more money than i could dream of earning at a resturant. I've already started and doing well. Due to timing, they were having a Big Event convention in Cali. I was invited to come. I though.. well... its kinda alot of money isnt it? 400 for plane tix.

But I thought, well why not. I have a good feeling that this trip is very important to go to. I bet on my plane ticket, that I will at LEAST make back the trip cost. However, on the other hand, my dumb boss who said at the beginning that he would NOT schedule me in for the weekend ended up doing so. =_= obviously i couldn't work those days. the plane ticket was already reserved! So what does he do? he yells at me quite loudly over the phone and said that I will be fired because of this and i have to decide RIGHT now if i want to stay or go on the trip. I managed to calm him down to let me phone my trainer to see what I can do. I was having a heartattack. This boss is so scary!

Anyway, the ticket is already bought, i cannot afford to pay penalty and not go. And my boss calmed down and realized that if he let me go, hed be screwed over and him, and his 2 other staff will have to be working 7 days a week and split shifts til they find another and fully train them. HAHAHA dumbass.

When I came back he tried to schedule me in for thursdays which i already told him i have school it was only special that i could work that day during the olympic break. =_= he gets super mad AGAIN. and says that he will look for a new worker and if they want more shifts he will give it to them and let me go. You know what fine. i dont care :P However, although hes been searching nothing good came up so guess what buddy? your stuck with me HAHA [not that im even a bad worker as it is *rolls eyes*]

Anyway, on with the actual Updates: =3 [Actually I've decided that ill do them as separate entries.... due to the fact that blogger makes it annoying to move pictures around in the blog... ]

edit: sorry kinda out of time ill try again later with chinese newyear, valentines day etc.


  1. No offense but you sure have a way to tick off your boss. Hahahaha.
    But you have valid reasons in doing so. You needed to catch a flight for your other job and he needed you for productivity so his restaurant can maximize profits. May I include a positive and negative timing since the whole world were there in Vancouver. I really can't see many flexibilities in your situation. But I hope whatever decision you made, it should be for the best.

  2. Al: Ohh im still there for now. I still went to cali. and im still working at Juno. However I really dont like this job much. My boss is constantly putting me on spot, and watching me with a magnifying glass. =/ As soon as my other job has a more stable income, i WILL quit

  3. Haru-rin: Yeah do what makes you happy.
    Btw, everyone in that picture was cute but you were the cutest, and its not because I'm commenting directly at you. If I spoke to the other girls.... I'll say they are cute but I will not be intimidated to also say that you were my favorite in the picture.

  4. はじめまして

    Interesting... yes, seeing your interests and looks through this blog really shows that working in a restaurant is a waste of your talents. You know there is a career field here in Tokyo call Event Companion that gives jobs to girls who are looking for jobs as promotion girls.

    You might want to try that for a change too eh? Just need to pick up some spoken Japanese and you may be good to go.

  5. Hihi Hugo oo~~ that sounds very interesting. is there a website or something for that? Im moving to tokyo anyway in sept. Im just finishing up 2nd year japanese in college this semester, so i can speak some.

  6. so cute!!!


    which makes me your 100th follower! yeah!!

  7. great photo! you all look so amazingly cuteee! : )