Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Small Resturant

As some of you may know, I have been jobless since my boss fired me due to a changing schedule. I've gone to 3 job interviews before today but still no bite. T_Tl Suddenly I get called in for 2 interviews today =D. The interviews went well however, neither of them can give more than a couple shifts a week T_Tlll But it can't be helped I need money

After the 2nd interview I was on a training shift for the higher end of the 2. He is going to give me a couple training shifts then im expected to do things on my own. Yea When i first heard this i was like sure. BUT since its such a small resturant on your own really DOES mean on your own 0_0l... theres only 1 waitress and she does the bills, drinks, hostessing and bussing by herself. Yea, sure still confident =3 with 7 tables + counter its not much dif than a section. However... theres no computer system 0_0.... Therefore you have to write all the orders by hand and hand them to the kitchen and sushi bar. Then when you get them back, you have to write down the price manually, and then calculate the tax and total by hand. [calculator]

I asked the waitress so, when the food comes out how do you know which table it goes to? "you just have to remember" oh my... 0_0

[as for the other place she has to call me back but i think shes interested. Again another small resturant, and apparently 1 waitress again 0_0 ]

Anyhow, I still hope i land these 2 jobs. Im desperate for money and I think this will be a good learning curve for me. ^_^

btw, 3/4 of the 2nd interview was in Japanese 0_0 Im surprized i understood 90 something percent of it. Just a little hard to speak but listening is good.


  1. oh my goodness! So, I was browsing your blog because I found you off of a comment on gyaru secrets on LJ, You live in Vancouver right? I live in BC! A town nearby if you didn't know! And my sister and bro also live in Vancouver so I visit there frequently!
    We should seriously talk! After viewing some of your recent blogs we seem to have ALOT in common, especially with views and opinions! Haha! We both love sweet lolita and stuff as well! :3

  2. Oh and p.s! I'm not a stalker I promise haha I just happened to pass you by in alot of communities and just saw your blog!
    and when I said I live in BC I actually meant to say Courtney haha! *duhhh* xD

  3. Hihi Min, Thankyou for visiting my blog ^^. Where is Courtney exactly?? Sure I'd love to hang out ^_^

  4. Hey! ♪
    No problem! I really love the things you write about, there all so true! lol! ^^
    Courtney is on Vancouver island, it takes about 2 hrs on a ferry to get to vancouver but I go there often! We should totally hang out! It's great to have met another friend over there! ♥

  5. I saw you on youtube and just stopping by ahha
    ohh woww >.< that seems like a LOT of things you gotta adjust to once you start that job. sounds like a challenge, but I'm sure you'll gain something out of it if you do take the job :)

    but just curious, don't you work for charmsky?
    or was that the job you got fired from :(

  6. Yea but until the site gets more traffic and more buyers i dont have a percentage yet.

    My old job is an izakaya waitress.

  7. I wish you good look for getting a new job!

  8. too cute =)
    I love your style

  9. I love your pictures too styler