Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Club Virgo With Dania

We were slightly late arriving to the Alta. Though I believe to be a little bit more on the later side for host clubs is kind of a better thing. It was Dania’s first time to a host club. She said that she wanted to go to club Ria but we had no idea where it is. Also, to go to one where you weren’t caught for, shokai costs about 3x more. We wandered around kabukicho a bit to see which one is the best to choice to go to by price and by how pretty the boys were. When were about to go with this v-host and his friend (which I find out months later, that club would have been club Legend the one where men’s spider Hakura works at) our friend Taiki originally from club Lapis shows up and brings us to his new club Virgo. We agreed since Taiki can speak English and Ash promised that if one day she had a reason to go to a host club she will go to his.

When we sat down to our surprise another young host that works there also spoke English. He described the system in Japanese at first and let Ash do all the translating til Ash realized WAIT! Why am I translating??? You can speak English! Why am I doing YOUR job??? He laughs and speaks in English the rest of the way. As shokai usually is, boys rotated quite quickly like carousel. Surprisingly Ash didn’t have to translate too much for Dania because I was able to explain most of it to her. I suppose Host speak relatively a lot simpler so its easy to understand.

At the end Dania picked one that she found quite pretty, Ash picked Taiki because she had to, and I picked yu-ji because he begged me though I wish I picked the v-host one. Yu-ji had a bit of a complex because even though I picked him I was still kinda looking at the v-host and having to help dania translate.

Afterwards, we ate some daifuku outside of familymart when a friend of ash comes and approaches. We go to karaoke with him for a little. After about 1 hour, his friends come and to our surprise a Haruto, a designer from buffalo bobs in which we sang karaoke before came. We all sang a bit and then left karaoke around 1ish Haruto said we should all go drinking at someone’s house. But we decided not to because we all know what Haruto wants.

I didn’t write an entry about the time we first met him because it really wasn’t long enough to have a separate entry on its own Basically what happened last time was that we went to karaoke with him and his friend one day when it was raining really hard in shibuya. We played drinking games and then went to a manga café to wait out the rain. The original plan was to get a bigger room so we can watch a movie together or something. But the way manga café works is that its only for 2 max so we separated. Haruto was trying things and I wasn’t letting up so he got a bit upset and said he had to go. So this time He wanted revenge so he tried to set up but again he failed. I can see the fire burn in his eyes.

When we left the karaoke place we chilled outside for awhile and just hanged out and Ren from Men’s spider approaches Ash and talks to her. He keeps saying you guys should go home or go inside. I don’t want someone to nampa you~ (Though we are thinking, wait, but aren’t you nampaing her now??) he leaves and the circles back then leaves and circles back. He does this for a bit.

A little later , two guys approached us and took us to Aya café for breakfast. We had a nice conversation with them but we can tell we were all dead tried and decided to call it a day after a few hours.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

D1 Ichiban! D1 Saikou!

Waking up during the day is quite the difficult for the two of us but we managed to do it. We thought arriving a little late would be ok, but apparently it was just barely ok. There was a HUGE line up outside of Shibuya Duo. Gyaru-o with silver, red or other brightly colored hair and skin tanned as dark as can be in suits were leading people in were commenting how they were worried if everyone can get in.

A little behind us was a little gyaru with dark tanned skin, sandy blond hair styled in kyaba style was looking at ash as if she knew her. A little bit later she came up to talk us and realized that ash and her were friends on mixi. Her name was Yumi a sweet little 15year old girl who is also in one of the circles in Tokyo.

The event was all ages so people from as young as 12/13years old to around 24. It was my first time going to a gyaru-sa event so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I got inside I was admiring everyone’s style. There were so many people with interesting hair colors and quite the variety of styles from super tanned to super pale, from super colorful to black and white. I was envious of some of the girls who had pure white hair down to their lower backs.

The event was set up so there was “dance time” where there’s a dj and music then events.
The first band to come up was Laydent Black? with men knuckle models in it. To my surprise kentarou was quite the good singer. Afterwards there was a 3-4 part segments of a beauty pageant in which the winner won a contract to being a model. Then there as a little talk segment with Kanako where she talked about random things in which I kind of forgotten by now but there was one part where she was talking about random male game characters in a rpg game. The last band to play was PlayZ with Ayumu, Yukihide, Daichi, and one last one whom I cant remember his name. Unfortunately it was all lip sync though it was pretty cute when Ayumu stared to wave a stitch puppet in the air as he “sang”. There was also a fashion show with some random models from egg and popteen showing up such as kanako and romihi. (I’m sorry there were a lot more but I don’t remember their names… I actually don’t read gyaru magazines all too often. )

At the very end our attention was lead to the mural of shibuya 109 made with pet bottle caps. A video was shown while the MC explained an on-going project that all the gyaru-sas of Tokyo where working on. Indeed in the past, gyaru has had quite the bad reputation. Some or rather many normal japanese people may go as far to call the the scum of Japan. The image of gyaru to the normal japanese society is that of a person who has no care for their future and only wants to have fun. It would get as bad as many gyaru and gyaruo were not allowed into particular schools due to how they look no matter how smart or ambitious they are. In turn to counter this image, the D1 project booklet which includes every major gyarusa in Tokyo, had a section where every member took a purikura with a sign with their dreams written on it. Some were very joke like such as “charisma freeter” and “pokemon master” but others were quite serious such as fashion designer, hairdresser, vet etc. The mural of 109 was made from all the gyarusas banding up by cleaning the streets of shibuya on their spare time and sorting the caps by color to make this mural. The video was describing how there was so much litter in shibuya it seemed almost relentless to try to clean it up but they managed to get a few sections cleaned. By doing this project they helped raised money for scholarships for certain schools where being a gyaruo/gyaruo is ok. Kind of ironic how the average Japanese people would typically think its beneath them to clean up their streets and their “scum” of Japan are the people who are environmentally cautious.

Experiencing a real gyaru summit has given me an even clearer picture of what gyaru culture is today and where it possibly can be heading. It doesn’t seem to me to be just a group of youths dressing in a particular fashion; it seems to be something much bigger. It almost feels like to me, gyaru/gyaruo are the leading a somewhat of a youth movement. There are various reasons for me thinking this but I don’t quite feel like re-writing my college essay over again in my blog ^^;

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wish Come True?

My wish this year was... haha to have a boyfriend. On the day before the emperor's birthday i went on a lovely date with a boy named Shota i met at the club. Unlike mr. Toujo who seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth recently I met someone who seemed to be able to make some time for me. He works for a fashion design company by day and on the weekends hes training to be a dj at my favorite club.

I was unavoidably late due to some things, but he patiently waited for me. When we finally met up he took me to an izakaya and we got to know eachother. I still had many problems speaking in Japanese but he was patient to listen to me and help me out with words. He would first speak normally and if i didnt understand he would rephrase and make things simpler for me.

We drank there for awhile then we went to Karaoke for a little while later. We started to really like eachother. I was afraid of him at first because his eyes reminded me of my ex from 2 years ago. But maybe hes alright. I mean hes cool, has a similar future goal in mind, and he seemed to have alot more time than what a host can give me. We somehow got on the topic of dating eachother as bf and gf. I thought sure why not? He said that hes a shy boy n stuff. Because of his promotion work at atom, he had to keep it a little more secret for now.

I walked him to the station for first train. Wow, I didnt think i'd get a boyfriend before christmas with the time being so late.

Xmas with Ryuuta and Ash.

Shota was unable to see me on xmas eve because he had already agreed to a party with his guy friends a long time ago and itd be strange to cancel so late. So anyways, Ash and i wanted to make christmas fun so I put on a Santa hat, and she put on a pair of reindeer anthlers and we took some purikura.

Ryuuta being the nice guy he is, didnt mind me joining them. In Japan, christmas isnt something you spend with your family and friends but more of another Vday kind of thing. Anyway, Ryuuta came pretty late, it was soo cold waiting for him. Shibuya was packed its going to be hard to get into any resturant by now with out a reservation. Luckily our friend Takuma who is always doing catch work around hachiko was working and he introduced us an izakaya for a good deal.

We ate nabe and drank for a long time. We were trying to figure out what to do next. It was really cold and all the karaoke places were packed. All of us didnt have much money so, we decided to go to the club. We were going to go to Atom but instead we ended up at club Elf. They had a deal on that if you dressed up girls can get in free. We got just that. We danced the night away and had lots of fun. On the top floor, there were some really nice people who we joined in dancing with. One with a Gaint fox tail which we all took turns wearing and a police cap i think?

The fun didnt last all night unfortunately... At some point in the night ash's button cover for the main part of her phone was lost and it stoped working. She freaked out and was starting to cry. We tried looking for it all over the place... but we couldnt find it at all. We tried thinking of many different options on what could have happend. (she did drop it in water just a bit earlier) I was trying to reason with her that maybe its just a bit wet, if it all dries out its gonna be ok i think.

We comforted her outside for a little bit and then eventually decided to head home by taxi because her feet hurt too much to walk home from here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twins, Skulls, Hyper Man: Drinking at Doma Doma

It was just one of those days where we were wandering the streets of shibuya and a group of boys in sentagai raised their voices to us. They invited us to go drinking with them to an izakaya. They were not bad looking so hey why not?

When we arrived we started drinking almost right away. The 3 boys that where there at the moment were Mitsu, Shou and …. Parrot-nose boy. (yes, I have difficulties remembering people’s names) About 1 hour later, 2 more boys came to Doma Doma Judging by the look on their faces it happened to be a coincidence. We all moved to a bigger table so 3 boys to 2 girls became 5 boys to 2 girls. I was confused at first because one of the two new people looked exactly like shou. I kept looking back and forth til one of them relieved my curiosity and told me that they are in fact twins. So now we have ash, me, Mitsu, Shou, Parrot-nose boy, and 2 new guys Ryou and Koichi. Mitsu and Shou work for apperral, Ryou works as a host, and Koichi is a Tencho at some store. Parrot-nose boy.. I don’t know what he does. Though to be fair, he left the table soon after and didn’t really re-join the group til it was time to leave.

Mitsu was hilarious and very high-tensioned. Mostly shou and Mitsu was talking to ash and Ryou and Koichi were talking to me. The entire group loves the brand Roen. Ryou and Shou wanted to stay longer but parrot-nose boy wanted to leave early and they couldn’t all afford taxi alone so they had to go with him.

Mitsu and Koichi were fine for staying longer so we drank and drank and drank until 7am. It seemed that Mitsu was taking quite a liking to Ash and Koichi to me. Mitsu was trying to sell Koichi to me by telling me he’s very rich and hes a nice guy and hes looking for a girlfriend. Indeed I can tell Koichi had quite a bit of money on him due to the way he dresses and his composure. I also can defiantly if I were into him he could take care of me quite well. However, I just didn’t feel that spark with him. He’s a nice guy though, and I’d like to remain friends with him.

Mitsu and Koichi walked us home. When Mitsu realized where we were living, he freaked out and said that he has always considered living in this area.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Akiba with Dania

Dania has been keeping in contact with me since I visited L.A. She finally arrived in Tokyo about a week before Christmas. We agreed to meet in shibuya at 2 but ash and I didn’t end up waking up in time and so on so by the time we got there they had already finished looking through 109 and most of shibuya so we just took purikura and went to Akihabara. Its been a long time since I’ve been to Akiba. 2 years to be exact though I only went to buy a camera at that time. The last time I REALLY looked through akiba was when I was 16 with my school. I remember the street we were looking for starts with this big COW logo.

When we arrived at akiba, we defiantly exited the wrong exit. We didn’t know where we were and ended up wandering around for quite awhile. I kept saying im looking for a building with a red cow logo on it. Ash swears to me up and down there is no such logo. I said THERE IS!!! That’s how I found the station 5 years ago! Sure enough when we found the street there was the big cow logo though now white, it was still the same logo so I said HA! There it is!

We looked around akiba, it was quite funny to me now that I rarely watch anime anymore. I remember I used to love this place to death for all the anime stuff here but now it doesn’t really interest me much. Its not that I hate anime or anything its just that I haven’t watched anything for such a long time, I don’t know what these new animes that that are on display are.

We passed by a few fetish stores and kept looking around for a maid café that Dania’s friend works for. I have not been to a maid café before. Originally I was hoping for Toujo to keep his promise of taking me to one one day… but I was fine just going with girls too. Unfortunately we could not find that particular maid café so we just decided to say ahh screw it. Though there were a lot of interesting looking maids on the street promoting their cafes. I especially found the cross-dressing ones interesting. The girls made really cool looking vkei butlers.

We decided to go back Shibuya for dinner. I knew this one okonimiyaki place that I wanted to take everyone to that I went to when I was here 2 years ago. We walked to where I thought it was. I went up stairs to check on it but it wasn’t there. I looked around more but realized that it must be just gone now. It kind of sucks because it was a place where you can make your own and it was an experience I think would be very fun for people who haven’t done it before. So we ended up going to Shakey’s all you can eat pizza. Dania and her friend were quite impressed at the quality of the pizza for all you can eat. We walked them to the train station after so they can catch the last train home. Dania is soo adorably small, its so cute walking with her.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashley~

Today is a special day because its Ashley’s birthday. I wanted to make this as special as we can for her. The first thing we did was get our hair done at peche. It was the first time either of us has ever gotten hair-make done. We got a little lost getting to the place but we still managed to find it in time. After we were done we went to eat at a little noodle house near by and headed back to shibuya 109 to do some shopping. I gave Ash her birthday present which was a cute little card and enough money to buy a one-piece at 109. We did all our shopping at DIA. She bought a cute top and I think one more item and I bought my first pair of dia shorts and top. We headed up to the top floor where I bought a little cake for her and then went home to change. After we changed into our clothes, shot a small movie of hair-sets, and added a fresh spray of hairspray we headed back to shibuya and took some purikura.

We then get a phone call by ryuuta. Apparently he had made some reservation for her on her birthday for just the two of them without telling her. She got quite upset because he planned everything on his own without consulting her. She said sorry to me and had to run off to Shinjuku. I waited around Hachiko for a bit and was getting quite cold. A few people talked to me. One boy with black hair came up to me and chatted with me for awhile but he too was really cold so he suggested we go up to starbucks and have a bit of a drink before my friend arrives. We had quite a nice conversation. When Ash called he was nervous because he was afraid that maybe my friend is one of those protective girls who will kill any nampa around her friends. (which is kind of true if I don’t want to be bothered by them lol) She said she had a big argument with Ryuuta and told him thatbecause of this, she just wanted to go home so she left and came back to me.

When she came back we lit the cake and sang happy birthday while we filmed it on the flip. The boy who was with me had to go back on last train because he had to study for school so we parted ways and headed towards atom. With our hair the way it was and the way we were dressed our confidence was sky high. We danced the night away and tore up the dance floor without a care in the world. On the trance floor there was a cute boy in a red sweater. He came up to me and said that I was really cute. He told me that hes part of the staff in atom and that hes training to be a dj. He told me its kind of against the rules but he asked for my number.

By the end of the night, we left the club with two boys in their freshman year in university. We took some purikura and sang karaoke with them. They are much too young to date but quite fun to hang out as friends.

Even with the bit of a mishap during the course of the day, all in all it was quite a successful b-day for ash I think.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Zin Rock Bar in Shinjuku

On another night where I got off work a bit earlier I talked with Toujo about meeting and we did. He said he knows of a good bar that his friend owns and that he thinks will beto my liking.

He was right, he tok me to a rock bar named Zin. The interior of the place was full of bones and buckles and many many photos with famous bands such as dir en grey signed on their walls. Sitting at the bar was a sweet kyabajo who was upset with a few things in her life and so she was buyin bottles of champagne to share with everyone at the bar that day. (which was me toujo, ash and the bar owner).

He told me he was planning on getting a tattoo and asked if the English that he was going to put on there was in good taste. Ash and I worked hard and corrected the sentence to something much better than the original. Mao may be fluent in English but ash and I are more in practice.

At one point when I left go the washroom, Toujo lifted up my skirt as a joke because last time I laughed since they were shorts not a skirt. This too was a skirt with built in shorts however its soo loose that he actually ende up seeing my underwear. I was so embarrassed. Ijust looked at him shocked. He also gave me a shocked face and one of fear because it looked like I was going to kill him.It was a joke so I didn’t but nevertheless I was kinda embarrassed by it.

We chatted over a few various English phrases. Toujo still cockily says he can speak English fluently when he cant understand very much at all. Meanwhile the bartended understands things here and there and he laughed at Ash’s “you’re such a fucking retard” The bartender, I think his name is also zin, was quite intelligent and exocentric. He had long black hair and is covered in tattoos. Towards the end we had a discussion about music and various other things. He could tell it made Toujo a bit jealous so he kept doing it. When it was time to go he walked us to the elevator and poked fun at Toujo saying that he doesn’t need TWO girls to himself. How about I take this one and he grabbed me by my shoulder. Toujo had the look of a kid when you take his marble away all shocked and wide eyed. Zin just laughed and we said bye bye to him and went down in the elevator.

Toujo gave me a ride to the station on his bike and we parted. Christmas is coming and I think it’d be nice to be with him during that time. However with the current situation with him working 1bu and 2bu, he has no time recently.

We met up with eachother a few times here and there but were never able to meetup for a real date and eventually the mails became more sparse and always how tierd and busy he is then they stopped all together.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Takaki the American-washed Keio Student in Shimon Kitazawa

Let me tell you about a stupid university boy who studied in Colorado USA. One day after work, Ash and I sat out in front of Shinjuku station just to rest our feet when a guy comes up to us and says “20000yen for both of you lets go to the hotel” We were offended and were not impressed. A girl came up to us later to say don’t worry hes a good guy and all and we shouldn’t be scared of him. Ash explained to her what happened and she just looked at him shook her head as she threw her hands up in the air and left.

He said he was joking and apologized. He overhears my English and says he could speak too. We didn’t believe him because when Japanese say they can speak English it normally means “This is a pen” and that’s virtually all they know. But he could really speak well. He told us he was a Keio University Student rather quite proudly. Ash brings him down a notch and says “so that’s why you’re such a dick!”

Anyways, he was entertaining enough to exchange numbers with so we did. At a later date, we went to shimon kitazawa to this little bar. It was very homey in the sense it literally looked like someone’s house. We met two of Takaki’s friends who were also keio students. The 3 of them together also organize club events and so on. The 2 of them want to learn English so Takaki made a rule that they can only speak in English and I can only speak in Japanese.

We drank quite a bit then decide to go to their house to drink some more. There 3 other boys came and it became one big drinking party. One of them studied in England for a while and is now an English teacher. Though I cant remember his name, he always brought up really interesting topics such as aliens and so on.

When it became time to sleep everyone was so drunk they were acting silly. Takaki being the worst one singing songs to me while im trying to sleep like “You are like my butterfly” “Im a hungry spider and im going to catch you in my web” “O-M-G- SO SE-XY” Needless to say his singing sucked more than his lyrics LOL. Though we did manage to sleep eventually.

Come morning, some of the them had to go to school and some of the others didn’t. They are such good students that they peer pressure the other to skip class to hang out longer. We walked around shimon kitazawa a bit and ate some ramen and so on. This little place had quite the different feel than im used to. Its very cozy and felt a lot like van while being completely Japanese… if that makes any sense.

The bulk of the group decided to go home but takaki and one other had some more time than the rest of them so we chilled at their apt listening to music and chatted til about 7 and then went home.

We later commented on the the way takaki and the guy who liked ashely walked. Takaki walks like an American very masculine and kind of slack. While the guy who likes ash walked very masculine but very japanese in the sense it was more stiff and upright. (im not trying to be racist but it really is how certain people walk) We were saying how this a bit of a nice break from the majority of hosts walking like women and running like fairies with their high heeled dress-shoes. (im not kidding some of their heels on those things are like 3inches high) We were also surprised that Takaki ended up having any interest me at all because he kept saying how much he loves roppongi and America. He was very typical for the kind of Japanese guy who is obsessed with foreigners (meaning not any kind of foreigner but white foreigner) but it seemed that it didn’t matter to him at all which was kind of nice.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eve Street Party Pt2: In comes my Twin

Another day after work everyone is hanging outside the koma building as usual. I was talking to mao a bit earlier and he said he will be right where we are soon. When he arrive he brought Asuka and a new guy with him. He introduced me to the new one Kaede who he said was the friend of his that he I reminded him of. He was right our eyes are exactly alike. We chilled in front of the koma building til about 8am in the morning chatting about random things and eating family chicken.

Ash tested their English and they came up with some funny answers to it all. Kaede was actually a bit smarter with the vending machine and said at first “natoka machine desho? Desho?” but everyone making mistakes before him screwed him up and he ended out saying JUICE CAR!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Toujo's Challenge

After meeting the Eve boys. We ran into Toujo and Asuka again the next day. Toujo said its cold so he offered for us to go into a italian cafe. We ate some pizza and he ordered his usual real ginger ale. Toujo seemd much more interesting when Mao wasn't around. I guess I wasnt paying real attention to him last time. Though not really my type physically, he was very charismatic. I got to know more about him. He apparently used to be a charisma host and when he was he made close to 8000000yen a month but now hes a host teacher. He made very funny intersting jokes. Asuka tried to keep up but ended up with overly perverted jokes that werent so funny. When it was time to go, Toujo offered a ride on his bike. He drove me to the main road but we then had to walk because the incline was a bit difficult to ride on.

Another day close to this day Ash had to stay in work for a little longer at work and i got out on time. I called Toujo and he came in with his bike. He looked at what i was eating and said thats no good. I explained how i dont get to eat much since i dont have money and he found it soo adorable that i was so helpless?? ==;

He took me to the same cafe again and he tried to talk to me through using a translator and phrases on iphone. Meanwhile Jun was mailing me incessantly. He told me that he was in shibuya waiting for me while i was still at work. I cant go anywhere with no train right? I was having a good time talking to Toujo. It got to the point where Jun called and we argued a bit and i hanged up. He mailed again and said hes in kabuki. I told him im busy. He phoned and we argued again and it ended with if you dont want to see me ill go home. I told him he can go home.

Ash arrived not too long after and we had more fun with Toujo's new lines. "It tarns me on" and "because i am a genius" He then makes a challenge that he can become fluent in english in 1 week. Ash is like is that so?? well if you can do it you can have shiena.

Other things we talked about is that Toujo happens to be quite the otaku. One of these days he wants to take me to a maid Cafe. Our days off are the same so it will be quite fun. Challege starts on Saturday.

The next day was my day off. Toujo doesnt have time to go to the maid cafe with me this comming monday due to him visiting his parents place for certain items since he is moving soon. So i went to kabuki on last train to meet with him. He said 230 so i went to cafe aya and waited but he came alot sooner than i expected and we chatted a bit there and then we decided to go to karaoke. I can tell his voice is very pretty despite having a cold. I kinda fell asleep on his lap at one point for a little bit and then we exited a shortly after i awoke. It was cold and i didnt want to part with him since i was having so much fun so he decides to walk me all the way home. He does and to our surprise when we got home asuka was with ash. Apparently he called her and he wanted to see her so he took a taxi to our house to see her. Toujo said you guys JUST SLEPT? no sex? HOW BORING!!! and the clothes are all still on HOW BORING! hahaha

They slept over Toujo kept rubbing in asuka's face how our hands were together etc. It was really cute innocent sleep over.

We kept running into them over and over and hanging out til first train. Toujo never completed his challenge though as expected. But it wasnt over, since he isnt a charisma host for nothing. Hes got alot of personality which overrides alot of things.

Friday, November 5, 2010

V-host Papa in comes a mini party on the street

One day sitting outside eating fami chicken an awkward host named Asuka comes and talks to Ash. Soon after another 2 arrived on a bicycle. The 2 went off a little somewhere and the driver of the bike came back to talk. When he realized that I was foreign he asked me to wait and said I know someone who speaks english. He comes back with a v-host named "Mao".

Yea he speaks english right? I mean as much as the others? "This is a Pen"?? Apparently, he really did speak english. He lived in Chicago for 7 years because his family moved there. Ash also really enjoyed that there was a 2nd person to translate. 2 other girls were in teh group too who were customers of theirs. They were really nice people and I also enjoyed talking to them.
One of the first things Mao said to me was that i looked just like another friend of his. He then confirmed with the other boys in the group and they agreed. I wonder what this person looks like... I was mostly talking to Mao (who again, i guessed right that his name comes from "Mao" from sid) while the driver of the bike who's name is apparently Toujo started to get a bit jealous since i was paying much more attention to his kohai.

Toujo has an interesting job. He isnt really a host but rather a host teacher. He kept saying "really?" as if he knew what was going on. We chatted and chatted and chatted in this little circle sitting in center street of kabuki.

It was already morning and everyone walked to the train station. We got on the topic of how to stay in japan which one of the ways is adoption or marriage. Toujo was going to offer marriage however since i seemd to express more interest in Mao in terms of talking-wise, he got a bit bitter and said he can get me a fake marriage or something for a price since he has the connections. We were joking about Mao adopting me and i said it'd be pretty cool to have a V-host Papa. Anways in the end i exchanged numbers with Mao and Toujo and ash exchanged with Asuka.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Biggest Hair in Kabukicho
Recently I have been running into a particular host quite often after work while waiting for first train. His name is Ruki or so this is what he calls himself. Its not hard to figure out where he got his name from. The first thing to pop into my mind is Gazette and I'm dead on. (if you want to see this boy in action, you can check out Ash and my Trouble in Tokyo Series #5 )

He's odd in the sense he does not understand english nor can he speak but out of hte blue he knows more complicated vocabulary words. We often meet up after i get off work and chill til first train. He'd walk me to the train station most mornings.

One day I had off, he had said he wanted to meet with me. On this day Ash and i were waiting for Ryuuta to meet with Ash. I cant remember what it was about but she wanted to talk to him properly about something. Jun also, said he wanted to see me. I agreed to see him for a little but i was going to take last train to Shinjuku. Jun had begged me to stay with him longer and for him to stay over at my place. I told him I'm busy because by this point I have already been frustrated with him only calling me on whim late at night. He took the last train home and i waited for another 45mins and took the last one to shinjuku. Ruki wasnt quite off work yet so I went to a Deai cafe for some free food/drink to wait in the warm for a little.

I came back out again and made it to kabukicho around 130ish in which he still wasnt done. A half Brazilian host talked to me and kept me company as i waited outside. It was quite cold. His friend was a very nice funny guy who bought me a warm coffee to keep me warm. It was around 3am by the time Ruki was off work. I thanked and said goodbye to the half brazilian host and went to karaoke with Ruki. I had alot of fun singing vkei songs with him. He was really sweet and kind of shy. At the end we wanted to hang out longer so he walked me to the station and decide to come over and listen to some music or w/e chat somewhere warm. Since his place is quite far we decided on my place. We eventually fell asleep. I often asked him when does he have to wake up for work. He said its all ok. I woke up each time his alarm went off but he decided to sleep on and say its ok.... though it really wasnt. He was late. i walked him to the train station.

From that day on, his sempai eyed me with a mean stare and Ruki pretended not to know i was there. I have a feeling that he possibly got yelled at by his manager.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Men's Egg Halloween Night at Atom

I really wanted to go get to Harajuku by 4pm. But as things were to happen it ended up being 5pm, then 6pm..... haha. I took the train there this time instead of walking, and i exited out the wrong way and had to walk quite a bit more. But it was kinda worth it since i got scouted by 2 genokai on my way to the station. *crosses fingers*

I finally made it there about 545ish and ash was still delayed. ALot of people were snapping pictures (even though i only wore a lolita dress just for fun before i can buy my costume ) When ash came, we went to takeshita dori to pick out our costumes. I knew this one place in which i saw when i was 16 (first time in japan) that had some pretty interesting party clothes so we went there. We picked matching outfits in black and white then went off to an accessory story to buy matching flowers to put in our hair.

We got back at my place at around 7. THE fastest halloween shopping EVER. haha I helped ash do her hair as shes not used to the hime way of styling. and we headed out to shibuya to take purikura and eat some ramen before i go. (she said, maybe we go first and eat a little onigiri and then eat ramen after, im like remember what happend last time??? i nearly died, if i dont eat properly before drinking i get to the point were i need FOOD NOW and can barely walk)

Surprisingly there was no line up. Apparently the event started much earlier and we just caught the tail end of the show. Oh well, it didnt matter since i was really only there to club THEN + men's egg models floating about the dance floor. (but it would have been nice to see though!)

From the very begining i can feel the tension on the dance floor... the fangirls are obsessively glaring like crazy. It felt kinda uncomfortable. we kept changing floors because at one point 2 foreigners were following us. Lucky for us, we ended up on the 6f when kyla came and she found us easy. We danced the night away. At around 2ish the club got really really congested. I was trying to make my way to the washroom and got completely stuck.... then somehow shoved around and got sandwiched between ayumu and someone else as he was trying to make his way back on to the floor. (nice!! =D but.... washroom..... D=........) so i gave up trying to get to the washroom for a bit.

So i rejoined the dancefloor with my friends and partied with some random cute NICE girls. Eventually, i finally made it to the washroom but could not find my friends after so i gave up and left the hiphop floor to join the main floor (im sick of hiphop anyway)

I headed out but it took awhile and got stuck on the staircase for a bit. Some guy asked me to come down by the lockers for some photos for men's egg night because they like my costume. So i went down and they took some snaps and got me to fill out a form. I couldnt read half of it unfortunately..... I made my way up to the main section eveutally and partied out by myself with some other cute nice girls. I found it was either the really normal ones who were really mean, or half the really pretty ones. But there were alot of sweet girls there too so that took the edge off of it.

I got thirsty and started to head to the bar and then i hit another congested spot. (guess what? another model hahah ) I got to the point where i just let the crowd take me wherever since i cant seem to get to where i want to go very easily.... and i got pulled into Tanaka daichi's group and locked between the bar and him. (not that im complaining) I managed to order my drink as the boys cheers and got some more shots. tanaka daichi gave me one too and i was able to cheers with him. He was really nice~ but that didnt last long as girls started to get very very agressive. and literally just rushed in and cut in. His friend and i exchanged glances and shruged and were like oh well, and introduced ourselves (and.. yet again i forget peoples names soo quickly..)

My feet were too sore to dance anymore and so i sat down for a bit, and a guy offered me a drink so i was like why not~ I thought he was a host or something but apparently just a hairdresser. We chatted for a bit and decided to go to the front entrance cuz my feet were really starting to hurt. I called out my friends and they came down and i parted with the hairdresser and my friends and i went to eat ramen then went home.

What a fun night. =3

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tokyo International Music Market

My friend Yuki Nagame whom I went to odaiba with 2 years ago, contacted me out of the blue to introduce me to his friend Takuo who needed a English speaker to explain Sync Music Japan’s concept to foreign guests at the Tokyo International Music Market.

Though I have already found work and am steadily working at night I decided to give this a shot because it seemed very interesting. I spoke with Takuo for a little while on skype about what exactly Is Sync Music Japan. However, my Japanese isn’t very good nor is Takuo’s English so we decided to meet up before hand in person to talk about it.

A couple days later, I met up with Takuo in Shibuya and we talked about it in McDs. The information packet he gave me was in English so I was able to understand it not too badly. We also talked about some other things unrelated to the project. Takuo is a guitarist who is a graduate of Keio University who is going to go for his masters in Law. Currently he is in a band and he likes visual-kei however other bandmates of his who are willing to do visual kei style do not yet have experience in it so he asked me if I would help design the band’s image and help with possibly future graphics such as logos and album covers and so on. (in other words something like a manager or something or another) We talked about this casually for a little while and then got on the topic about singing. I wanted to hear the way he sings so he took me to karaoke for a few hours. His voice was quite good.

Because we both have to wake up early the next day, he left on first train and I tried my best to sleep early. (although quite unsuccessful ) The first day, I met everyone at shingawa. Our leader happened to be the head of Myspace Japan. We hanged up the posters and there was a briefing on what the company is all about.

The day went by pretty quickly and it was quite fun being able to talk to various people in the music industry. (because im writing this almost 6months later I do not remember their names) Two of the most interesting people who came to our counter were a musician producer from france who had a lot to say about marketing Japanese artists for a world market. According to him, which im inclined to agree, Japan has a very particular taste in what becomes pop and if Japan were to want to market themselves to the world they will need some outside ideas. Because of the nature of Japanese culture, way of doing things and way of thinking being so highly monitored its difficult to come up with ideas that can appeal to more than just a Japanese audience and thus outside producers main purpose is to brace Japanese artists for the global market. Another interesting person that I met was a woman from Canada who is doing an anthropology study in Japan focusing particularly in pop culture/youth culture. I had quite a interesting chat with her about various things.

Through-out the 2 days of the TIMM, I was able to experience a different feel of life in Japan. That of one of the day and rather more “normal” culture. (as opposed to the night culture and the youth culture of gyaru/gyaruo, hosts/kyabas) Of course working at night during these days were tiring as hell but I think it was all worth it. It was a nice break with hanging with university students and doing things in the day. I guess this is what I call the “light” life. But all in all I still do prefer the night life more.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Story of a Korean Gackt
Ash and i often hang in Shibuya and take walks around to keep healthy and maintain weight. One of these days we sat in front of Hachiko and ran into an old friend of hers named Jun. He's a graduated fashion student from korea who currently works for a fashion company.

The first thing he said to me was that my chest was flat and said to ash why does she hang out with 12 year olds (he was being honest about thinking i was 12). Ash and I were shocked. I was wearing a golds infinty loose fitting one piece. The part which was supposed to meant for the chest often rides up sits flatly on top of the top part of my chest before it slops into my breast. Ash too her hand and pulled the loose part under my bust in tight and he was like WTF where that come from. We also told him im 21 and he was again shocked.

Jun speaks english but very poorly. He said something very convoluted that came across as the exact opposite of what he was trying to say. The way he worded things was that I'm not his type. What he meant to say that He is prob not my type and I wouldnt be into him even though hes into me or something along that line.

He apparently started a new a job and so he didnt really have much money. We all went to Donki to pick up some drinks and we drank at my place. Jun, is a very hard person to describe. Hes extremely excentric and loves himself maybe a little too much. He looks quite alot like gackt in many photos. We had alot in common. Hes very handsome until he opens his mouth and out comes out random outbursts of hysterical laughter and random weird english. I was attracted to his assholeness and excentrisim.

Apparently he too was attracted to me and we hit it off quite quickly. However everytime he calls me to hang out its late at night....I complained about this and he said he just started his job so he dont have any money. I said its alright i mean we dont have to do anything that requires money just want to have a normal date with him during the day thats all. The best he could do is once he went out with me around 7. Most of the time its after 12 and into the morning. I kept waiting for him to take me out on the days he has off but he still never contacts me til late at night... He'd often call me at 12 and say he is in shibuya waiting for me when I'm in Shinjuku at work and so on......

However the story doesnt end here as we will see more and more of him as the year progresses

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lock Up
Shun from the gothic event contacted me again and said he wanted to hang out. So i agreed and so we met in shibuya. He asked me what did i want to do. I said ive been looking for a purikuracho. He told me ok so then lets look for it. We looked around all over shibuya only to find lots of notebooks but none with sticker paper. We gave up and thought about what shall we do next. Shun told me theres an izakaya thats like a prison and asked if id like to go. I said id do~ and he called to make a reservation. There was still some time before the reservation so he then suggested that we go visit Yusuke at Deals Design.
We went to Deals Design in Shibuya and we chatted with Yusuke and the tencho to pass time. I stared at all the different accessories while Yusuke was cleaning the jewlery. There was a gothic fashion show coming up but it seemed that all the events seemed to happen on saturdays in which i couldn't go since i have started working. Yusuke and the tencho kept teasing thier female staff saying shes like one of the boys not really a woman. Shes alot older than she looks and so on.

It was eventually time to go and we went to the Lock-Up. The entrance is like that of a cave. We go down, down, down and down. We confirmed our reservation and the hostess hand cuffed us together and lead us to our jail cell. There were various kinds of drinks and so on. I ordered one that came in a beaker of alcohol with a syringe with "blood" in it. There were various of other things. We ate mostly normal food other than the Russian roulette shu cream. One was stuffed with wasabi. I lost and got the wasabi one haha it nearly killed me. Shun ordered some tequlia capsules that came in different colors. I didnt know what it was so he asked me the blue pill or hte red pill. Although i dont remember which one i picked it tasted awful. It was a burst of concentrated tequila in your mouth.

Every hour or so theres a break-out of monsters that will come rattle the bars of your jail cell and slam things to scare you. It was pretty fun. Shun and i talked about various things like disney land, aquarium and roller coasters. I said i havent been to those kind of places before and he said he wants to take me sometime. Later he showed me photos of his room. It was all gothic with a taxidermy crow, candles, skulls and so on. He says hes a vampire. I asked him which kind of blood does he like the most. He said it doesnt matter if its A, B. O, AB, as long as its rich in blood cells. We talked about visa issues and how am i going to stay after my visa is up. He said he will marry me if i cant find something before my visa runs out. I told him thanks although i would prefer not to get married in such a fashion. But i suppose if it really boiled down to it.....

He sells things online overseas so his english comprehension is rather good even though he could not speak a word.

We spent quite alot of time at the Lock-Up. He said he could go home, but... he didnt really want to go... I told him i was planning on fixing my hair color with toner and he told me that he had a hairdresser friend who can do it for me. So we rushed back to my home and grabbed the hair dye and jetted to his friends house. We missed the last train...........................

The only one left only goes as far as ikebukuro so we took it there and took a cab to her house. When we got up to the apartment to my surprise there was a passed out Yusuke on the floor. Appearently they have been drinking the entire time. We drank some too as shun's friend did my hair. We talked about various things and eventually went to sleep.

When we awoke it was broad daylight and shun and i walked to the station and then parted ways. It was quite a fun night~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Skiddish Host in Shibuya and Hair Problems
While walking around Sentagai in shibuya and a blonde boy and a black hair boy looked at us. We didnt think much of it as we walked into Sega to take some purikura. We then exited Sentagai to find them waiting for us near Tsutaya. As the blond was talking confidently to Ash, the black hair boy was trying talk to me while i listened carefully as to what he was saying and processed in my mind. I was not having too much of a problem understanding only that i couldnt really give out an answer too easily. I watched him gradually get more and more skiddish like he was going to cower into himself while he talked to me. Ash looked to my side and asked him what was wrong. He told her quite frankly that he thinks that im mad at him or annoyed or something.

She then went on to explain how im actually not Japanese and that i was only looking like that so i can understand what he was saying to relieve his tension. He understood and his sholders started to come down from his ears as he shyly asked for my number. I gave it to him.

Its now been the 3rd attempt to make it to the International bureau to get some paper that the border forgot to give me to describe what kind of activity my visa is good for... Its cold and windy and I gave up trying to walk there from the station and instead took the bus this time. It was pretty easy this time and i ran into 2 gals from europe who recognized me from E_G. We chatted a little about gal fashion while they were processing my request. I was then called and claimed my passport. After i got out Yudai (the black hair boy) invited me out on a date. He asked if i can bring my friend so he can bring his blond friend too. However Ash was in NO WAY wanting to see this guy. (he was full of himself while being unattractive) I rushed to Shibuya and fixed my hair with a comb and portable hairspray while my mom called me and i was talking to her. I met up with Yudai at Hachiko. He took me to sentagai. We didnt know what to do so we took purikura and ate at Gusto for dinner. He then dropped me off in front of 109 where i met with another friend whom wanted to talk to me about a possible job offer.

The next week I was all ready to go to the hair salon and get my roots done with the cupon in hot pepper. I went to the hair salon and they told me they could not bleach my roots without taking out my extensions. However i had in no way enough money to pay for a new set and i cannot go without my extensions at all because otherwise i cannot style my hair the way i want to. I was kinda stuck. I then phoned my friend Kyohei to ask for advice. He is a scout who talked to me who apparently knew ashly. He took me in like kind of a big brother. He didnt know what to do. It was raining and i was standing in front of the alta talking to him while i noticed a guy who was watching me. I got off the phone and he talked to me. I told him my problem and he told me he knows a good salon. He takes me to progress in Kabukicho but they were full til later. I hanged out with this person for a little while. He treated me out to dinner and i got my hair done a bit later. They again told me they cannot dye the parts with the extensions on it... so i got my roots fixed on top.. but they were still orange.... and my other roots where the exte are were still black. Ugh it was such a big mess but i guess it couldnt be helped. I put on my hat and Yudai contacted me again and I met up with him in shibuya

Yudai and I met up in Shibuya and ate parfait at Cafe Gusto. Then took a walk and chilled out talking about random things. To my surprise i could actually hold a relatively ok conversation now. Apparently he ran away from kyushuu to come to Tokyo to pursue his dream of being an actor. He became a host after being scouted for it. He didnt finish highschool.

He was very cute but I felt a bit uneasy since he was so young. He said age doesnt matter. I said that it might not now but think about it. Heres a question: About what age do you want to get married? Not to me necessarily but in general? He said 25. I said here is in lies the problem. LETS say that we do end up liking eachother and everything is just fine.... Ill be 28 by the time you are 25. Thats too late for me. At the same time i would prefer to marry around 24ish which would make him only 21. Which is kinda too young for most boys. He saw my point. It was nice though. The dates were really sweet and innocent. Made me think of the highschool dates in which i didnt really have much of a chance to experience.

I ran into him a few more times or rather kind of often. He got teased for the purikura and thats when he got all embarrassed and started to ask me to go to his club and be his customer. I refused to do so, so we kind of ended it off there. He tried kind of hard then faded away while contacting me here and there through mails.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gothic Event and Matsuri

I have been looking forward to this event all month. Ash told me she met this one guy a bit back who invited her to a gothic event. Shes not particularly into this kind of thing alone so she said it would be nice to go with someone. At the same time a guy we both know on mixi invited us to his house party but since shun asked first we decided to go with that.

We met up with him in shinjuku and he took us to this karaoke eating place and we pre-gamed and sang some songs. Jyouji who works at doggie bag sang Dir en Grey very well I was sooo happy! its rare to hear someone sing the songs i like well in karaoke. Yusuke did a impression of toshi from X-Japan. Yusuke is soo funny he has soo much character.

We got to the event at Christon Cafe and dance the night away. There was an S&M show, and someone's b-day celebration. While watching the S&M show, Shun kept trying to get one or both of us to volunteer for it. We both looked at him like what? and didnt go. We also met the guy in charge of decadence who was playing with a lazer pointer. When ever it hit something with rinestones the light shatters into a million pieces.
We all had soo much fun and at the end of the day my legs and ash's was soo tierd we could barely walk. Outside Shinjuku station there was this really strange scary blow up ad though......
Random Matsuri. My old friend Celeste from my old highschool came to visit Japan and so i told her to meet me in Shibuya. To my surprise there was a big matsuri with lots of people around. I met up with her at hachiko and we watched the matsuri for a bit then headed to Harajuku. We went to Meiji Jingu. Its been 5 years since ive last visited this place. I finally know the name of the big shrine i went to when i was 16. We took lots of photos then continued on to takashitadori.

I showed her around and taught her how to eat very cheap in Japan. I invited her to to come to atom with me but she was not prepared for club at all. We rested and ate dinner at my place and then she went home to prepare. Ash met up with me a bit afterwards at my house and got ready with me. Celeste then contacted me to say that there was a special arts event near by her hotel in asakusa so she decided not to come and so ash and i went instead.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You can't really judge motive from behavior necessarly

I know i have a shit load of things i wanted to update in this blog but i feel kinda lazy.

To all those boys and girls who like to play games/or "test" their girlfriend/boyfriend to find out thier "true" colors... be warned it often backfires leaving both parties confused and hurt in the end. It almost never ends well.

Here is why. Usually those who do these sort of things premeditate that if so and so does this then it means this if she/he doesnt then it means that. But human emotions aren't as simple as that.

One might think oh this man is a good person because he did this and that good deed. He might be good in societies eyes but maybe he only did them for personal glorification, or did it not out of hte kindness of his heart but maybe only because it was a sense of duty

On the other hand you have people with good intentions but their line of action seemd to be be "bad"

for example someone decides to trick someone into a situation where it looks like they have broken up, they do this to check how much that person really likes them via checking up on them to see how horrible they feel after. (this already sounds pretty cruel doesn't it?) If they get over it fast, then they never liked them that much, if they are crying their eyes out then they must have loved them right?

but what if, that person is the type of person who doesnt show thier feelings on the outside and tells the contrary so that their friends wont worry about them and sob away at night. How would the original person know about this right?

There are other situations in which the same behavior is the same for both opposite feelings. eg. a person wants to test if the other likes them for money or for them.

The person, purposely makes everything look super unstable in the relationship and makes everything look like its gone terribly wrong then goes MIA for awhile to see how they react. The person freaks out naturally. Then the person says oh so shes obessive and it MUST be because she only wants money is why shes freaking out. But if you think about it, someone who really loves that person would freak out just the same. Thus this plan dont work at all

There are too many factors and you cant see everything that goes on. Save all this bullshit drama and face problems a bit more head on. And also, if its not broken DONT TRY TO FIX IT. if you dont see flaws dont go digging for them! or you just might come across some things that if given the natural course of the relationship would never be a factor or problem to begin with.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Long walk from Shibuya to Shinjuku

Sept 11th. It was ash's day off and we decided to walk to shibuya out of the blue. We were both quite poor at the time so if we could help it, we didnt like to use the train. It took around 30mins to walk to shibuya. We then walked around for a few hours just enjoying the scenery and so on. Our feet started to hurt a bit and so we decided to go home. We walked and walked and someone from across the street called ash's name, or what we thought was her name. We crossed the street to see if it was someone we knew. It wasn't and we were like uh......... weird. We continued to walk but since we crossed that street we missed the turn off in which leads back to home.

We walked and walked and walked. We were lost. We kept on going i was so tierd at one point I was sleeping and walking at the same time and i started to half dream (while walking) and a bush turned into a old japanese man with grey hair but in dreads dressed like a jamacian. (yes i know random) but it was such an odd image it woke me up haha.

Appearently by looking at the train stations we passed by we ended up going through aoyama, yotsuya and into shinjuku. We were in part of shinjuku I had never been in before. I thought there was something a bit off about the place we were in. The men were dressed a bit strange and there were rainbow things everywhere. I got chased down by a host club boy with a really ghetto flier. When we exited that street i looked at the sign and it said 2-chome. LOL I ended up in the gay district without even knowing but wait... why would a gay host club give me a flier? 0_0

We left shibuya around 1130ish and ended up in Kabukicho by accident around 4am. We were walking through and there were alot of morning host about the approch when 2 boys cut them off. One was named Raito and the other was named Jun. They protected us from the morning hosts bothering us and suggested to go to a bar. We were suspicious they were trying to take us to a host club since the building they were bringing us to was Club Prince's. But, they were actually honest and tried to take us to a bar. However the bars were closing up so they just took us to the family mart bought a couple drinks and we sat in front of the game center and drank (yes we can drink in public in japan) talking about random things. They claimed to be normal bar boys but we figured out pretty quickly they were defiantly hosts. They had to start work soon since they are morning host as well so we exchanged numbers and went home finally in a big loop.

A week later on the 19th Ash and i were going to hang out with Raito and Jun. Thier day off is monday so when they get off work on sunday in the afternoon they can hang out at night. We met in front of the alta. It was easy to spot raito and his VW earrings. Jun had not yet arrived yet. Raito said it was strange of him so he kept calling and kept calling Jun eventually picked up and there was some sort of conversation that happend that i dont quite understand but the end result was that he was not coming so ash decided to go home. Raito was quite upset with Jun as at the time i could not speak Japanese and wanted Ash to come along as well.

Raito took me to Karaoke. I had a kind of low cut shirt and a black man was like "nice titties" i got mad and yelled back to him in english and he started yelling back at me while Raito was signing up for karaoke. Raito asked if i were ok and i said yea, hes just rude. We had lots of fun singing some vkei songs and when it was over he then walked to me to ash's house and helped me move my suitcases to my house near yoyogi koen. It was my first time going there. Raito had a navigator which made things alot easier for us and we found the place no problem However, time was starting to slip by and there were no more trains left so we stayed at my place and chatting about random things mostly showing things on the computer and videos and so on. (since i could not speak too well) We fell asleep and Raito went home sometime monday evening. It was kind of cute because we spoke using online translators and so on for words we did not understand etc.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm Finally Back After 1.5 Years!

When I arrived in japan I was not able to properly text Ashley so I took the narita express to Shinjuku anyway and used a pay phone to contact her. Thankfully she picked up her phone right away and we were able to meet in Shinjuku.

She helped me carry my luggage to her place as I cannot move into my place yet til the 10th its very funny watching 2 little gyaru carry luaggage their own weight across the train system.

When I first arrived I saw a big cockroach to greet me at the door. I screamed and freaked out. >< I later was cleaning some spill from my suitcase and I saw another one.. I screamed and tried to get away but slipped on the watter that was on the floor and couldn’t get up cuz I continued to slip while screaming…..

I took a shower to get ready for atom…. Then I saw ANOTHER ONE and I could not get away since I was not dressed… so I had to change in the presence of a roach.. I hate japanese bugs….I screamed so loud that ashley’s mom could hear me over skype on the next floor heard me.

I was insistent on going to atom for my first night and Kayla joined us too~~~ we had a lot of fun and got a lot of free drinks. But the champagne made my chest tight and I couldn’t breathe so well. Kyla and I took a nice stroll back home and I recovered.

The next few days were just getting my things that I need to get and such. Hanging around getting a feel of the place.

The other night we just decided to hang out in kabukicho (we live close to Shinjuku) just for a walk and got stoped by a lot of hosts trying to get us to go to their club. But we weren’t too interested just wanted to have a walk to familize with the area.

We met some pretty funny characters here. There was a host that was soo drunk he was wavering all over the place he was really funny. And another one that was just like an animal. Ash made fun of him after he said how do u think of my appearance. And she said well.. looks like u don’t have a penius nor a butt….. etc and he just kinda came rushing to us like an animal. (but not really, it was hilarious as the hosts behind bursted out laughing)
We then waited for our friend Masa from club one to get off duty so we can hang with him. He was so adorable. He also had a one of those fox tails that are soo popular these days like the ones ash and I bought as well. Soon after we were just chilling out on the sidewalk a adorable grandma came over and sat with us. She was soo funny. She was saying that ash and I were “bijin” and masa was ikemen. She apparently has a lot of international friends so she spoke… good English to be frank. She said that she wanted to Masa to practice so she said good morning is what in japanese. He said ohayo~ and she says no no no, ohayo GOZAIMASU. Morning is ohayo etc.

She caught me by surprised when she kissed me 0_0 but I wasn’t too bothered other than the suddenness since she was kinda oddly clean and had nice teeth and she had a cellphone. Masa says shes no ordinary obachan.

I was talking to Masa and saying that my fave host is Ichijyou Makoto which is his tenchou. He also fangirled with me over his tenchou. He was really kind. He would have hanged with us more but he had to go back to work so we went off and walked around some more.

We then got stoped by a catchman who had a very nice butt as Kayla would say hahahaha that introduced us to a club Lapis (if you read host knuckle or any other mag with hosts in it, “SASA “works there) We all got in for 1500yen for all you can drink. (really good deal since the drinks alone would cost that much haha) shoukai is very fun and very cheap. The hosts rotate around spending 10mins or so sometimes longer sometimes less introducing themselves while giving their business card. They will talk with you hopping for a connection. While we drank and they drank as well. The memorable ones in this club were shinji who lived in Vancouver for a bit, luna who I just seem to liked talking to, makoto who had a really nice jacket, yu-ji who I remembered had the best face who came to our table and one guy whom I forgot his name but had quite the presence who seemd like he loved himself too much. There was also another one whom Ive also forgotten his name but was hiliarous who did movie impressions. HAHA he did a bunch and asked if we could requestn sometimg. I couldn’t think of something off the top of my head but then I said Titanic and yu-ji played the part of kate winslet and he played the part of jack on the flying scene. HILARIOUS. At the end of our time, we were told to pick a host to walk us to the door. I picked yu-ji, ash picked shinji and Kayla picked the pretty narcissistic one.

When we got out it was daylight and raining. We then got approached by a half French host and some others. They treated us to karaoke then asked if we could go to their club for 1000yen. Sure why not? Its kinda a fair trade nyway since they paid for our karaoke.

Club Deep was very fun as well. I clicked best with Haku (half French ) and kaede who seemd to have quite a good head on his shoulders. To be perfectly honest a lot of the host we’ve met seemd to have only 2-3 channels in their mind. Sex, money or brands. But every so often you get ones with an actual brain like shinji who is hosting because after he got out of post secondary there aren’t any job openings yet in his field. Kaede who seemd to pay enough attention in school to understand relatively a lot of what I was saying in English when I had difficulties in japanese as long as I spoke clearly.

We had lots of fun there. Of course its not something id do everyday or even very often. But it was fun nevertheless. Shoukai is fun and cheap. Host clubs only cost when u go back to the same clubs and visit a particular host which I think, would be kinda boring. The shoukai style with the host circling round like a speed dating feel, is much more entertaining of a feel in my opinion. Otherwise hosts off duty are quite fun as well.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

American Tour 2010 + Last in Vancouver

Last days in Vancouver

Monday: viki asked me to do a hair trial for the shoot we were to do. I actually thought we were shooting that day…… but we weren’t.. Lin was there and we got caught up and everything

Tuesday: Beach Gyaru meet with Sakura Bomb and Bulaklak tribe

As kinda expected… no one but sakura bomb and bt showed up.. orz… Vancouver really needs to stop being so damn lazy. Complain about not having gyaru meets and when people make one, everyone backs out last minute. Well, then why bother having a meet? I can EASILY just call my friends to hang out sheesh!

Aside from that, we had a fun day taking purikura, eating sushi at tanpopo and icecream at the beach.

Wednesday-Thursday just running errands trying to get things d

one I think on one of these days I went out to buy some things and a camera. I got such a deep discount on it~! Its worth 250 dollars but there was a sale on for 70 dollars off, but since it was last one I got an additional 10% off. AND haha, by mistake of the box, the scanner scanned the oringal price as 150 instead of 149 so I got the whole thing for 151 including taxes~!

Friday: Mom and my last day out together.

We slept in and walked around crystal mall and walked around for a bit then headed off to richmound nightmarket after eating giant sushi at sushi king on 70th. The nightmarket has some nice things this year and mom and I got some good deals on things.

At night we relaxed and ate smoked salmon.

Saturday Last day out with my Dad

I needed to run some errands and discuss some banking things with my dad. So he was kind enough to drive me around as I picked up my vacc bags, prints from Costco and sell my books to book off. I caught up with my dad over lunch. We at chinese style crab, very delicious.

Sunday Last day out with friends, Farewell bbq party

It was a very last minute party but in a way it was nice this way. Only a few of my closest friends were there, and most others have hanged out with me at some point earlier. The food was absolutely delicious and we just sat back and ate for 4hrs while talking and talking and talking having fun chilling out. We also took some photo on link’s garage roof top. I liked it a lot. Thanks very much bevan for organizing it for me ^^ I originally was going ot have a huge party but time ran out. But really, I think I like it better this way as I don’t have the energy to entertain 100 people. (I didn’t sleep at all on sat)

Monday more errands more packing. Whilist packing, I found I could fit everything in, but my bags weighed like 80lbs or more. 0_0 after checking and finding out the 50lbs limit it then became a process of packing repacking packing repacking packing repacking. I was turning into another messy stressball. In the end I couldn’t finish everything on time and opted to cancel the shoot

Tuesday final day. I was supposed to do the hair photoshoot with viki but I ran out of time and energy. I swear I almost got sick but I slept it off. So I dropped off some bags of clothing at her house, apologized, and ate lunch with dad. Then another process of packing repacking packing repacking….. I then realized I can never finish by 4am even if I didn’t sleep. I phoned bijua and told him im taking the evening bus instead.

My mom who was hounding me for not leaving the house in a mess wa

s quite sympathetic towards me at the end and told me not to worry about it. She helped me pack and kept me company during the whole process. We slept properly this night it was quite a nice luxury.

Wednesday, Seattle and last moments with mom. On the way there in the car, it finally hit me and i started to cry as i know ill miss my mom quite a bit. She did a bit too. We got to the trainstation early and weighed my bags LUCKY! 46lbs and 49lbs JUST made it. Made me worry so much~! With that out of the way I felt a great weight was lifted from my shoulders (but transferred to my arms since I am really carrying min 200lbs of stuff XD that’s like 2x my own weight! )

The train staff were very helpful and friendly. It all went by so fast that all I had time for was a quick hug from mom. Im going to miss her so much~


I arrived kinda late and couldn’t really do much other than have bubble tea and play jenga with martin and bijua… Though we had lots of fun just catching up and such. (and totally owning bijua’s ass in jenga MUAHAHAHA) At the airport they both stayed waving goodbye til the very last moment as i walked through the security gate. The lady in front of me was very touched by how much my friends cared about me.


Mann~~ that flight was long. From seattle to charolotte NC to newyork. I had such a tough time with my luggage and got picked up by a bad cab driver that wayyy over charged me. The price is too embarrassingly high to say here but ill just tell u it was way expensive….I literally got off the cab swearing but then, I was calmed by the presence of my lovely gyarusa members and their cute sleeping faces.

The first day we went to the broncs zoo however we got lost and arrived about 2hrs late. I wonder if any of the people who said they were going to show up actually showed up but disappeared since we were too late? Anyhow, we had a lot of fun in the zoo other than my feet being in supreme pain from my shoes. Afterwards we decided to go to times square after changing our shoes haha

When we arrived at times square we were like OMG WHY DIDN’T WE JUST COME HERE TO BEGIN WITH?! Times square is soo beautiful. It was totally like a northamerican Tokyo. We ate at Ruby Foos, and wow was the food ever delicious.

Saterday we headed off to Chinatown to take purikura before we go karaoke and also to meet some of the NYC gals. The purikura was a chinese one so we figured itd be cheaper. But it ended up costing 55 dollars for 4 sets… shawnas reaction was 55… DOLLARS?! But it was already printed so it couldn’t be helped. The worst part was that she said it was already discounted.. what a rip off~

After meeting with the NYC gals, we headed to karaoke and tones of fun there. Then we went to eat giant curry and then went to a japanese bookstore and split off. We wanted to go look for a liquor store for pre drinking but I tell you this, it came to a shock to us that liquor stores are excessively hard to find open past 7/8 ish. Really now? I thought this was NYC.

We went back home, got changed and went to Websters hall for a fun night clubbing. We met 2 more gyaru there, they were sooooo damn cute~~~ we danced the night away til we were dead drunk and feet beyond pain.

On Sunday, unfortunately Emily and Justin were unable to stay longer with an affordable price so they could not make it to the pinic after all. We met up with a couple people from yesterday and they came in Lolita. We really had too much food but it was nice to have a big meal for once since ive been really only eating things like 1 dollar begal and 1 dollar hotdogs etc.

We headed to flushing after meeting up with amber. We met a lot more other people when we got there and took tones of purikura. The system was a bit strange since its tokens rather than dollars. Weird huh?

Shawna and I went home relatively earlier, I packed up and chilled til around 3am where I caught a NORMAL cab back to JFK and headed off to LA.

Los Angeles

When I arrived in LA I was worried since I couldn’t see my friends anywhere and they were not picking up their phones. I was really strapped for cash so I was trying to figure out a more cheap way of getting around other than cab but a more do-able way than dragging 200lbs of luggage by myself on public transportation.

I was kindly directed to a shuttle bus after I decided to just show up at my friends doorstep and hopefully they will show up eventually. As I was sight seeing on my shuttle bus trip they eventually called me and I felt at ease.

I arrived there and I met miju while he was doing another girls hair and chilled out with Yuta and Cha. We caught up a bit then headed to a friend of Miju’s named Bridgette. Bridgette was very nice and we chilled out around the kitchen while miju did her hair.

The next few days consisted just chilling out relaxing and watching movies. Some highlights was eating ramen in which we arranged the toppings to make a smily face, have a little slumber party with popcorn movies etc on miju’s bed, yuta walking into a stand and having all the dvds fall over, eating icecream at icepan where cha got to most delicious deluxe looking one XD and watching silent hill in my literal closet room with miju. (yes I lived in cha and yuta’s closet for the week) and making/eating bi bim bang with miju and monkey. But most of all.. CHA’S KARRAGE!!! <3>

On the last day I finally got to meet diamond gyarusa~~ we got up early enough for miju to do my hair and michi later came to pick me up to go to kira kira purikura place after getting super stuck in traffic in the hot hot weather. I was soo happy to finially meet diamond gyarusa. They were soo sweet and nice. We took shit loads of purikura. I mean why not? This is the only kind of souvenir I think is worth buying. There were many cute imported items around but since im going back to japan I need not to buy them there.

Afterwards we went to drink bbt which I tasted pretty much the WORST bbt ive ever tasted….. and ate some noodles. Michi then took me to a Korean party and I met some more of diamond and drank GOOD bbt. At I

I got back at cha/yuta/miju/monkey’s place around 1am and packed my stuff to go. The line up was quite long but I made it through in good time and said bye bye to my friends. Then … there was security check… damn that line was long I fell asleep standing a lot but not for very long since it was super cold and the line was OUTSIDE. Alas I made it through and was off to Japan.