Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gen's Bye Bye Party

Recently I had tried to make a point on making it out to big events because I have been shut in my house too much due to school. Even though I end up paying for it later with all-nighters and such, I feel like im going insane without human interaction.

I also worked today so I rushed back home and fixed my hair. Luckily I had Cat's number from Anna's lolita party earlier this year. I managed to find everyone and was just in time for dinner. We ate at Daimasu near metro.

It was good to see everyone. I felt that there were 2 generations here today, the older and hte younger. LOL or rather it felt more like highschool and post secondary. Its obvious who is in postsecondary due to everyone looking SUPER tierd and the highschoolers still being bubbly and energetic. *sigh* i miss having that amount of energy~

Near the end of the dinner Gen made a speech and was able to recall how she met every single on of us and we gave her a going away card that we all signed. Afterwards we took some photos outside of the resturant and then headed back towards metro to maybe catch a movie.

Most people had to go home but I still wanted to take some purikura with Gen since i havent before. It was sad to see her go and it was too bad i didnt get to hang with her more while she was still here but i hope her the best of luck on the other side of Canada ^^