Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anime Evolution 2009

ahh~~ The local anime convention in Vancouver started early this year. Perhaps this was the main reason why so many people were so stressed, broke and cold this year. Anyhow, although sales were bad, I had quite alot of fun during the last moments of the convention doing some photoshoots. I miss photoshoots to be truthful~

Thursday- Pre-A.E. just like any other year, thursday is the run around all over town to get the last of what is needed for the convention. Unlike last year, I had to skip school for this. The day started late as I went to bed at 6am preparing the prints.

First thing i did was get change for my float at science world stn then prints at stadium, then A.E. pre-reg badge at waterfront, then i ended up walking a whole lot because i was a bit disorientated due to a different starting point and walked all the way to staples on.... well.. 8 blocks from granville street station, from waterfront. I picked up the display bord and the deathnote book there. Hurried home and got ready for the Masquerade ball. I wore my prom dress for this haha. It was nice to wear it again =3

Friday- cosplay: Misa Misa- Deathnote. This year is a tad different, I only had 1 costume per day, that took down my stress level significantly also, the fact we can store our Arist Alley supplies in that room so we dont have to lug it all over the place this year. what a relief. Sales were super slow and I was worried hopefully the saturday would be better. I went to the deathnote photoshoot, most people were kinda lost and we had difficulty finding everyone.

The main highlight of the day is prob the swimsuit contest. Jay did spiderman from DJ ozma n it was pretty cool~ but mom came 30mins early and so i didnt get to watch the rest of the competition.

Saturday- Cosplay: Rima Touya- Vampire Knight. Saturday is the main day of the convention and still sales were horrible.. I went to the Vampire Knight photoshoot and it was nice to do some serious shoots for once. Though i was baking n the sun in full costume -_-...

After artist alley i met a kaname and zero and i hanged out with the for the night, We took some photoshoots again. And since there was no Shiki a wierd pair Rima X Kaname appeared -_= SOO wrong oh well.

We went to the rave and it was quite fun but my feet were killing me. I went home at 1am

Sunday- cosplay: Rima Touya- Vampire Knight. Originaly i was going to do Lolita or something for this day but Rima is much easier for the hair. The day started off early and I set up for my last day at the convention and last chance to make any money. I surprisingly did the best on the last day.

Aside from the table things, i did manage to sneak out to the doll meet up. Personally I thought it was kinda boring. The dolls were not impressive at all. I dont want to be rude, though honestly, dollfies are beautiful but what makes them impressive or not is how thier owner styles them.. none of them had any good style =/

Afterwards i raced back to my table to finish off packing up and things. I went to visit centi but she was too busy to even remember me T_Tl Then i headed up to the top floors to meet up with my to-be-shiki. But they were doing a very very long... kuroshitsuji shoot.. It took forever i wanted to sleep D=...

We did eventualy get to doing the photoshoot and really, it was the most fun I had all weekend! It made me remember why I loved cosplaying and going to conventions in teh first place. It was the serious character role play type photoshoots that i loved the most. Im sick of large photoshoots with mutiples of the same character in whatever group photos.

Though I was wanting more, I had to go. I went with my mom to a bbq IN COSTUME D=.. it felt a little wierd. There i met a new person named Wendy [not the same Wendy that is my mom's business partner] She was a figure skater coach. She was acutally quite hard to communicate with. She goes from topic to topic too fast... and then say "you hit it right on the nail" and yet WHAT did i hit right on the nail is what i couldnt understand LOL. But oh wellz, she was a nice person, just a little hard to keep up with haha. I was also quite tierd.

And so ends AE 2009 with a big whooping profit of $200.00 =_=l.... (as you can tell im being sarcastic.. sales were horrible better luck next year? =D?)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kat's Bday Party

My mom's good friend Kat, had her bday celebration~ She is a very flamboyant lovely lady. We hanged out maybe only a couple times. She maybe a bit older than my mom but she acts like a youthful 18yr old.~ Her bday party was quite splendid. The food was wonderful as it always is with her. I got to meet a friend of hers, karren. We spoke alot about japan during the celebration. There was also karaoke and speeches the whole night was very entertaining.