Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zettai Kareshi Sp [Spolier Alert] + Feelings about Ryuu

This entry contains spolier to the Zettai Kareshi movie. If you intend to watch it please do not read this blog entry before watching. ^_^

Today I watched Zettai Kareshi movie with my mom. About half way through my mom had to leave the movie to drive her friend to the hospital due to an emergency. I stayed at home and watched the rest of the movie by myself. I'm going to first describe what happens in the movie and then describe how i feel it relates to my life at this time...

About the movie: [skip if u saw it]

The movie sets at the end of the series Zettai Kareshi. The drama is about a girl Riko who is selected to test a new product; Love Robot. The perfect robot boyfriend. The series starts out with the robot just being what he is programmed to be and Riko finding him as a nuisance. But as time goes by a love triangle forms between her boss Soushi her and her robot boyfriend in which starts to develop self-awareness and begins to do things outside of what he is programmed to do. This self-awareness is what Riko fell in love with at the end of the series. However, self-awareness burns out Naito's motherboard and without telling Riko after she had decided to live with him forever, he spends his last day with her and shuts down after.

The movie is set 3 years later after Riko has gone to Paris with Soushi. They fall in love and planned to get married. They come back to Japan with their news and begin to build Asamoto [the company] new concept. In Kronos Heaven [the robot company] there is a new genius who has been successful in making superior models of robots. But she is not satisfied with her work. She wants to create a robot with self-awareness just like Naito. She resurrects Naito etc etc.

Once again Riko is faced robot or human. Naito originally gave a letter to Soushi to take care of her from then on because he knew that he will shut down. But he is back now and he knows he can make riko happy. The back story of why Ayumi Kamiya [the genius] wants to make a robot with self awareness is to recreate her boyfriend who died years ago. Together they made a time capsule to be opened 10years later with eachother's dreams in it. He died 3months after that. She wanted to recreate him so that the robot can replace him and forfill Nanase's dreams. They open the capsule and his dream was to live with her forever in happiness. To make a family and grow old together. The robot cannot do it.

Naito comes to realize that he cannot be with Riko as well Riko realizes this too. Naito then asks Namikiri? to erase him from this world forever because after Riko is gone he will still be there and cannot stop loving her. He will suffer. As well Riko, cannot have a normal life where she can grow old and have a family with him. In conclusion its better for her future if he is not there....

How it relates to me:

Ryuu is not a robot. He was not created to love me nor was he created with programming with all my specifications.......BUT

Ryuu was my ideal boyfriend. I wish a long time before I met him for someone like him. After Harry, I said, I wanted someone in the future who is better with these exact specifications: [you can skip this if you're in a hurry, it will still make sense after]

Appearance [there were larger brackets but this is my top top ideal dream]
Tall: around 183 cm tall
Face: nose: long nose lips: like toshiya faceshape: long
Hair: black, brown or blonde long and styled
Body: super thin maybe around 60kg
Fashion: Gyaruo, Onii-kei, Visual-kei, Host-kei

Tall: 180cm
Face exactly how I said
Hair: brown and styled
Body: exactly as i said
Fashion: Gyaruo

Location: Live in Tokyo, Japan [yup]

Someone who is kinda mean or cold on the outside but warm and sweet on the outside. Someone who is usually mean but he always comes in at the right time and is affectionate when the time is right. [exactly]

Side notes: These were little random thoughts that I did not need and completely optional. It would be soo cool if he were a host/ex host. And be so popular with women but he chooses me for a special reason.

Ryuu was all of that...even the side notes... and more... what I didnt say that he had..: He saves me every time i almost tripped over the random raise on the streets of Japan. He held my hand every step of the way, he hugged me even while talking to his friends when normally he'd be embarrassed because I was cold. We would hug eachother to sleep. He loved me for who I was.. he loved me for my kindness. He was the first person to show me how much I have changed over the years and show me that I am no longer the cold child i was born but the kind person that I grew up to be and strive to be since I always wanted to be like my kind mother... This is why he was my ideal boyfriend and even a bit more.

We loved each other and wanted it to work out. He was willing to come with me to Canada. Just like how Riko was willing to give up having children and growing old with the one she loves 3yrs before the movie. But alas.. fate stepped in and made it impossible for him to come with me on that day... It is better for my future this way... just like how it is better for riko's future being with soushi... The way it works, out... I will finish university.. and see life from there.. in the meanwhile... in the meanwhile... I shall cherish these lovely memories.. and.. try my best to heal my heart because my real prince will come for me someday...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time with Friends

I've been feeling quite withdrawn lately. But this is where I'm glad I have such great friends. I saw viki a couple days after I got back. Soon after I saw Jono and Clover. On Monday, I went to Metrotown and Crystal mall before going to the doctors for my appointment.

I came across the post office in Metrotown and decided that I would drop off a couple parcels I received by accident and I saw a guy with cool hair. He looked at me and then said "Shannon?" OMG I didnt realize it til a bit after it was Yao Yao!~ Long time no see. LOL The random running into people I know skill strikes again.

He told me that he will be meeting up with Shawna for a Pasta Party and invited me to come along. Sounds like fun~ We agreed to meet up after my appointment in Downtown.

At the doctor's office the line was backed up pretty badly. Everyone was about 1hr behind. I ran into my 2nd cousin there. She was talking to me how she wants to visit Japan too and that she wanted circle lenses. I totally didn't know that she went to the same doc as me and I've known her since i was a kid. Comes to show you how much I know about my family.. lol

After my doc appointment I headed downtown and met up at Shawna's place. They were making pasta... I thought it'd be just liek throwing in the noodles in the pot and heating up sauce from a jar. Nope they were actually making the sauce homemade and the noodles too!~!!

It was pretty exciting. I didn't really help much although it is kinda hard to work with 4 people in a narrow kitchen. I caught up with Yao Yao and Shawna as they were making pasta and met a new person named ... which i forgot at the moment.. ^^;;

After their hard work, well mostly Shawna and the other guy( Yao Yao helped some and I was just there for decoration) we sat down to some awesome pasta and watched Final Destination 3.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Jetlaged Gals

Today I met up with viki at the Bay so I can set up my appointment with kevin james day for photo viewing. We then went to starbucks and chatted over coffee about our adventures in Japan/China. Then we went to robson and looked at various things.

We got hungry so we went to a ramen shop on denmand. It was ok, but i think im kinda spoiled by Japan's ramen XD... We then headed towards her workplace to see if her check is ready. It was kinda a long walk. Meanwhile I couldn't stop thinking about Ryuu...

After that we decided to take purikura in richmound. Theres this new machine. Its alot like the ones I took in japan but the quality is just a little bit less. However the stamps are the same. [but it was soo fucking expensive... >.< i miss the 400yen price]

Yay it was 800pm and we managed to stay awake.. though i really wanted to sleep. We headed to the bus stop and both our buses arrived! We had to run for it. I caught mine but viki missed hers =/

I'm not really used to the long bus rides.. i totally forgot about those... I wish i had my mp3 player with me. I forgot.. in Van, I kinda need my mp3 player again. The scenery/surroundings are so boring.

I got home around 9ish and now trying ot keep awake til im supposed to sleep so I can be ready for work properly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

12Hrs of Tears- Leaving Japan

It was the last day~ I got up early to finish the rest of my packing and get ready for sakura house inspection. As planned I phoned Ryuu somewhere between 8-9am. There was no answer. I suppose he's still sleeping. Oh well, still got lots of time.

I finished cleaning and made a few trips to the phone to keep calling him. I was getting a bit worried. He needs to wake up~

I was expecting Sakura House at 1100am but I think i made a mistake and they were supposed to come at 1200pm. I took a nap while i waited. They came and did the inspection and it was very quick. I made another trip to the pay phone and kept calling.. still no answer.. I was starting to worry he might now wake up in time... I then bought some lunch at Family Mart and Sakura House people left and gave me back my deposit.

I though I'd sit down for lunch and then try the phone again. So I did just that... still no answer.. whats going on??? I was really getting worried by now. I went back and waited around for a bit and then tried again at 130 still nothing... I got Lee to mail him to ask where he is and to give him my vancouver contact just in case theres a lost of connection. I was wondering if he never intended to go to vancouver at all but Lee said no, he was talkign to her and he told her he really realy really really wanted to go and was excited for the trip. at around 145 I called and called and called and called. I was determined to call until he picked up.

Eventually someone picked up and it wasnt him. I was confused and thought maybe i accidentally punched the wrong number once. I called again and the same person picked up and replied that it was their number and that a friend just recently gave the phone back to them... that was odd... I was feeling really lost of what to do... but there was no more time left. It was 2pm and I have to be at the airport and check in at 4pm.

I tried to make my way to Shibuya stn by myself with all my 4 pieces of luggage [2 large carry-ons and 1 super sized lugguage and 1 med size one] They were both very heavy... It started to rain. I made it to about Donki Hotei and realized even though its a short walk i cant make it like this and got a cab to drive me the rest of the way. The cab driver was really nice and had a bit of a convo with him about Vancouver.

I got to the station and dragged my luggage to the JR line section. I realized theres no way i can bring up all my luggage at the same time up the stairs by myself. But I tried anyway. A jrocker looking german lady and her Japanese friend helped me carry it up the stairs. They were so kind.

As I waited for the train to get to Shinjuku, I started to cry. I tried hard no to and kept wiping my tears away. I pulled myself together when the train arrived and struggled to move my lugguage on board. A host behind me noticed and helped me get the lugguage on board. He was asking where was I going. I told him I am returning to Japan and the basic why I was here etc etc. He asked me why was I crying. I told him that my boyfriend is supposed to come with me but he disappeared... and tears started to stream down my face again. He was really kind and wiped the tears of my face and said don't cry...

I again pulled myself together and asked him where he was going. He told me Shinjuku. I asked are you a Host? and he was surprized that I knew that. [long dyed hair, flashy suit with a pretty pin, pointy fancy shoes what else? LOL] He said yes and asked me how did I know and did i ever visit a host club before. I told him that my boyfriend is a host and he asked if i visited his club often. I told him that he was one before but at the time he isn't but he will return to it.

It was Shinjuku station... and omg.. i hate that station it was huge and I needed to buy the Narita Express ticket. The host helped guide me to people who can lead me to it. He needed to go off to work and so he said goodbye and told me that things will be fine, take care, don't cry.

I bought the ticket but still not sure where to go from there also I needed to go to the washroom -_-lll. A lovely couple helped look after my luggage as I took a short trip to the washroom and lead me to where I needed to go.

It was a long haul to the platform still and my arms were getting super tired. A cleaning man assisted me 3/4 of the way through and helped bring my luggage up. I boarded the Narita express and began to burst into tears... til i fell asleep.

Eventually I woke up and watched the scenery as I passed by and soaked it in.. these are my last moments in Japan. I got to the Narita terminal at around 500pm and a man in uniform helped me bring my luggage up. He asked me why I had so much stuff i said i did alot of shopping and that i was there for a month. He directed me where to go.

I quickly checked-in and headed towards to gate. I didn't want to be late like last time. I looked a bit at the shops. I didn't really want anything. I just bought a little phone thing for my moms dear friend and haichu.

I got to my Gate at around 6:15. I looked at the boards to see if there were any other flights from Tokyo to Vancouver and there wasn't. I still was hopping that maybe he made it to the airport on his own...

I got to the gate and was pulled over. Apparently there were 3 lighters in my lugguage. 0_ol We searched through it and found 1 and took it out. but could not find the rest, however there was no more time and they told me that they will send it via the next plane tmr.

I boarded the plane and was anxious til take off was over to check out if he was there. There was a delay and I was irritated.. Eventually take off started and ended and I took a walk around.. and as i knew in my heart.. he was not there..... I sat back down in my seat and cried.

The plane ride was from 700pm-430am Japan time. I felt like my heart was breaking in pieces and kept bursting into tears. I felt so alone...

I eventually stoped crying at around 230am and just sat there blankly after awhile.. I was exausted and fell asleep right through til the end of landing. I felt a bit sick in the stomach and felt so shitty when I arrived in Vancouver. However it didn't pass me that I was happy that the weather was soo beautifully sunny. And yes, Khea you were right, the sky is truly so beautifully blue in Vancouver.

I got through customs and picked up my luggage and walked out. My mom was waiting for me in the front row. I really looked like shit. My hair was ragged from the rain, my face was puffy from crying and I was exhausted from the flight and lugging my luggage all over the place. My parents were both there. My mother and my Father. They welcomed me home and worried about me.

My mom didnt tell my dad that it was my boyfriend who was supposed to come with me but just a friend. I came to my mom and hugged her so tightly I was home and i couldn't help but cry again.

I felt so sick........

My father helped us bring the luggage to the car and we went to the doctors for a few things. After that we went to save-on to pick up my prescription and at at McDs. I explained everything to my mom on what happened and some details about my trip. But by then it was about 9am tokyo time and I was exhausted. We went home and I was swept off on how beautiful and LARGE my place is. I then plopped on my bed and I slept for a bit. I had a dream he was still with me and we went to the airport together and exited to meet my family.. i woke crying because i couldn't believe he was suddenly not by my side anymore...

I talked to my mom for a bit. I felt soo odd. Van is so different from Tokyo.. I still was thinking in half Japanese. [like some words would come up in my head in Japanese first rather than english like omiyage] Tokyo just felt like a beautiful dream somehow. Just kind of like when I was in Tokyo, Vancouver seemed to be some sort of bad dream I woke up from.

We talked some more and I told her more in depth my adventures in Japan and all the things from when we met til the end. I was so hurt because I didn't have closure and he wouldn't stop appearing my mind. Everytime i close my eyes I dreamed of him. I told my mom all my thoughts and all the possibilities why maybe he disappeared. I also told her that through-out my relationship because of not having fluency on my side I could not read him like local boys as well. I was constantly wondering if he was just toying with me or if he really was sincere that he loved me and all the things he said. Signal-wise it was all true but hes a host and a very good one, he probally would be able to fake this feeling.

My mom helped me out by asking the universe some questions via pendulum. Believe it or not.. these things are often accurate. I myself is very in tuned with this sort of thing. She asked:

Did Ryuu disappear for both our sake : no
Did Ryuu disappear for Shannon's sake: yes
Did Ryuu disappear for his sake: no
Did Ryuu love Shannon for the 2 weeks they were togehter: yes
Is his heart hurting as well: yes
Is he still thinking about her now: yes [the pendulum swung quite violently for this one]
Am I influencing the answers: no
Is Shannon influencing the answers: no
Will they ever meet again: no

Looking back on our two weeks I figured for sure at the beginning I was just his new play toy. But maybe about half way through, he started to really fall for me. As he found out slowly more and more about me, about my life and future plans before i met him and how he would change everything, and how my friends all think hes not good enough, he told me that maybe it would be better for me to find a better man briefly once. There was wave in his voice that he was sad to say it.

Probably he decided not to go last minute because.. he thought he could not make me happy in the end and I am better off without him. He didn't break up with me before hand and just disappeared last minute because it hurts too much to say goodbye... and wanted to enjoy the very last minute we had left together...

I know it was for the best... however it still hurts so much.......

Monday, April 13, 2009

Last 2 Days

Sunday was my last shopping day. After phoning Ryuu and deciding that we will meet at 6pm I headed out to 109 around 3ish and started my last shopping spree! I bought all the last things I needed, a couple skirts and a couple of shirts and a wallet.\

After I was done I headed home to wait for Ryuu. I called him again and he said it will be at 7-8ish instead. We went out looking around and he found a nice jacket for really cheap. We went to the game centre for a bit and he played KOF. He then asked if I wanted to go to club and I did. Although he didn't really want to go because he was running out of money. I said I still want to go because it will be the last time I probally get to go before going back to Canada.

So we went to Atom. He wasn't really in the mood for dancing but he didn't want that to stop me from having fun so he kept nudging me to go ahead and go dance. I eventually did. I love sunday night trance at Atom. On the dance floor there were a nice group of people and they danced with me and one of them bought me a drink. I had lots of fun although it would had been more fun if Ryuu danced.

At around 230am or so Ryuu said he wanted to go. So we went home. He turned on my Laptop and we watched some Chinese horror movie. It was a famous chinese horror movie series. I said to him I know this series and he was quite surprized. I said my dad and I used to watch these all the time. We watched 2 movies. I actually got scared at times [more like surprized scared] I haven't watche a horror movie for a long time so I suppose I've forgot the timing on things.

He got kinda hungry after awhile and said he will go to the konbinya. I jokingly said logong [dont really know how to spell it but its what a wife calls her husband in cantonese, hes mandarin but he does understand canto] He was surprized and smiled so widely he said uwahh say it again! logong =D Ryuu: >w< he looked like he melted inside.

He came back and brought me back some chicken and offered if i wanted some of his food but I was more sleepy than hungry.

At around 4ish we woke up again and went to Harajuku for a walk. I did some last minute shopping for friends and then we stood there and talked for a bit. I asked him if he really did like me. He said why do you ask everyday? suki suki suki suki suki dayo ok?! I said that he has alot of women around him all the time why me. He paused for a little while and then said that he himself does not know and trailed off like he was thinking deeply about it and there was a bit of a waver in his voice.

We went to shimbashi for a bit he said he needed to go there to recieve the plane ticket and change his clothes. We both then went to Shibuya together and then I went home while he went into shibuya center [prob to play some games] We parted and He said call me around 8-9 tommorrow ^_^ I will see you tommorrow at your house and we will go to the airport together~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mini Drinking Party on the Balcony

I didn't really do much during the day but I met up with Ryuu around 6ish and we went for Yakiniku. We got a private room in the yakiniku resturant and enjoyed a really nice dinner. We then went to my house and found Lee. We decided to go for Karaoke.

We went to Karoke and had lots of fun we all had equal amount of songs. Lots of jokes were being passed around and Lee's singing was so beautiful. After that we decided to play a nampa game. We planed to go to Donki Hotei to buy some liquor and drink at our place but first lets see whos more charai XD

Ryuu suggested that we have a competition who can pick up someone the slowest has to pay for the drinks. I didnt like this idea because I'd loose for sure with my lack of language skills. Lee also didn't like this idea because there were more cute girls around than there were cute boys. We just decided to have the competion between Lee and Ryuu just for fun.

Lee and I needed to the washroom and went at McDs. While we were gone Ryuu sorta picked up a bunch of girls outside. They were cute. We were all cracking jokes like we were playing a nampa game. And Ryuu was spending most of his attention on the chubby one. He said that shes really cute and if they can go out and she said whhaa?? really.. ahh no your girlfriend is soo pretty no~ XD

After a little while we took off and decided to just go for drinks. We went to Donki and bought Kaluha and milk. We got home and drank on the balcony it was really cute place. Ryuu said lets drink all at once one cup and we did and then another~ but by then we were getting a bit too noisy and the neighbor complained and so we headed back inside. The other bunch of guest house people went out to roppongi to club and got back early we were suprized that they were back.

Apprently one of our girls was felt up by a big large foreign guy and she slaped him but he hit her back really hard. She was in shock. Lee comforted her while the rest of us were in the common room talking about it. After awhile everyone was fine and we drank in the common room and chatted.

We eventually all got tierd and we went to bed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We woke up on time today but I wasn't feeling too good about Ryuu. Last night I saw a scary side of Ryuu and I didn't feel so great about bringing him to Canada with me like that. I was seriously contemplating if we should just call it quits.

I asked him if it is possible to cancel the reservation and still have a refund. He got angry and said of course not you're such a child. I just wanted to ask... Lee walked with us to the station while he complained about me all the way there. Lee also knew about my side and explained to him that my entire life changes if I stay with him etc etc and that he should just let me decide whether or not he comes with me.

We got to the station and he asked me where i wanted to go. I said Asakusa because i needed to buy my mom a gift. The ride to Asakusa is kind of long and I felt really overwhelmed with emoition. For the first 1/3rd of the train we both just sat there silently. I was trying not to cry. by half way i started to cry. By 3/4 of the way he said oi~ OI~ and kept trying to get me to look at him. It made me cry more. He said do you really like me? and i said yes. He then said then why are you crying? youre such a child come here. and he took me in close.

We arrived in Asakusa and it was soo beautiful I was feeling a little better again. Maybe I was just being too negative. I just needed to sort my feelings out a bit and decided that yea he may as well come with me and see it from there. Not think about too much in the long run just if i like him enough to continue to take a look.

We looked around Asakusa and had lots of fun looking. The weather was perfect and i bought all the gifts I needed. We then went to Karaoke and had lots of fun there as well. After that he said he will go back home to shimbashi and for me to call him tommorrow but he ended up going to shibuya with me and we parted from there. Maybe it will be good to have a little time away from eachother.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too much to drink awakens a monster

We finally made it to Ikebukoro to look at the plane tickets to Vancouver. It was quite expensive so we went to go eat first. We ate quite a bit and he drank SOOOO much wine. [because it was cheap] He said that he will go make the reservation and he will be back. He came back and we finished eating a bit more and then he went to the game center because he said he had too much to drink and needed to relieve soem tension.

The game center was kinda full and he played KOF against a very strong opponent. He lost everytime he was getting a bit angry and hit the screen a little. After that we went to shimbashi so he can change his clothes. On our way he was kinda flopping all over the place he was kinda heavy. We got to shimbashi and needed to hurry I couldn't run that fast with heels. It was hard on me. He punched a sign kicked over boxes, flipped over someones recycling. 0_0 that was kinda scary.

We got to Shibuya and he talked to his friends for a very long time. I was getting soo bored. We eventually went to a resturant to eat. I wanted to eat a bit of the ramen and he gave it all to me while he talked and talked and talked and talked. =_= it felt like one of my dad's kung-fu meetings.

After that we went for Yakiniku. By then he was back to normal and we had a nice yakiniku meal however I swear I was overly full. After this I wondered about him, is this what its gonna be like for the rest of the time? I don't know if i can do this. Maybe its not such a good idea for him to come to Canada with me...

as a side note i finally found the fukuro!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Brother Ryuu

My facebook american friend is now in Japan. I was supposed to meet with him but I promised Ryuu that we will go to ikebukuro for the plane ticket and go to Asakusa after.

Butt.... again, Ryuu couldn't wake up and it was too late to contact Joey. I was very hungry and I was a bit annoyed that he cant wake up fast enough. Lee said that she is going to go to shinjuku to pay her rent then eat lunch and invited me to come along. I figured Ryuu wont wake up for another 2 hrs or so anyway so i decided to tag along. I woke him up a little just to tell him im going. The poor guy was so sleepy he was getting all wierd and saying what you dont trust me whats this about trust what about me you dont trust? =_=l he mistakend Shinjuku ni iki masu for shinjite imasu.

Lee and I went to pay the rent and ate sushi and talked over about Ryuu. She told me that I can do better and that he should treat me better than he does. At this point I suppose she was right.

We went to Harajuku to take a nice walk around and to eat some crepes. She saw a guy with blonde hair and a cute hat and pointed him out. I looked at him and then went humm.... huh??? and then went up to him and i was right its JOEY! HAHA Khea always said i had a knack for finding people randomly. XD

We hanged with them for awhile and I gave them a little bit of a tour of shibuya with Lee. Lee decided to head back first I think she had something to do. I took them to 109-2 to look around they had some fun. At the Kingdom store which sold Murder License brand there was a really cute store clerk. At this point I was a bit mad at Ryuu so I talked to him. I had no problem talking to the clerk. In fact we had an entire convo for 5mins without much difficulty. I figured its Ryuu's accent that was throwign me off as well as its easy for native speakers to pick out what you mean if you were just a bit off but Ryuu isnt completely Japanese.

After that I bought them back to my place to meet Ryuu. They then needed to go back to pick up thier IDs and we were to meet again at the house later. They got Ryuu's contact off they went. Ryuu didnt eat dinner yet and Lee was hungry so we went out for Okonomiyaki. Although I wasn't too hungry. Again more and more complaining from the two of us and keep passing our comments through Lee. Poor lee had to translate she thought we were like a baka couple LOL. We werent really fighting though. He said that maybe it would be good if we separted. But I didnt want that. I still liked him. He didnt really mean it that much though and we ended off on a better note after learning more about eachother through Lee's translation. Thank you soo much for that Lee ^_^

Afterwards he went to Shimbashi to change his clothes and we agreed to meet back at our house. After a little while we met back at our place all ready to go to the club. However they couldnt get in and we were wondering what to do. Maybe go to Roppongi but Lee didnt want to go to Roppongi. So maybe Karaoke? but the Karaoke didnt work out so we all decided just to drink at my place. Joey and Ryuu had no problem talking to eachother because they spoke chinese. we took some long walk around shibuya before going to donki hotei. I was seeing a different side of Ryuu. He was soo sweet and taking care of my american friends like a big brother. Showing them around and talking about random things. Joey said he had an interest of the host proffession and talked with Ryuu about that. He seemd to look up to Ryuu.

We bought the liquor and some food and drank and chatted for a long while. It was a very fun night and Ryuu and I were happy again with eachother. ^_^

A Deeper Understanding

Last night we went to Atom and mostly just sat there and talked for awhile. He didn't really want to dance much and we were just passing time. The champagne was on for a really cheap price so we bought a bottle and split it between the two of us. He said that he loves me and he wants to really come to Canada with me to meet my parents and everything.

I was soo happy. After Atom, we went back to my place and talked with Lee. Lee helped us council through some things we needed to say to eachother. Basically why exactly do we like eachother. Ryuu was afraid that I only liked him for his face. He said that he likes me because I'm very kind and because I'm so kind I'm really easy to fall in love with but he wished that I could speak more Japanese and said that I should study more because he wants to have a deeper conversation with me. He said he gets a little angry that all i want to do is play and he never sees me study. Lee explained the reason that I like him is because I really like that duo-ness of his personality[mean on the outside sweet on the inside]. mean mean mean mean and then suddenly nice its something I really like.

Also this is when I found out that Ryuu actually didn't not live in Japan the entire time. He actually lived in China for quite a bit of his childhood. He had to work hard to catch up with everyone and that was why he got angry at me for not studying while im there. But Lee explained in my defense that I am on vacation, I'm here to play.

However, I felt there was some progress between the two of us. Up til now there has been a tiny bit of tension between us but after this talk I feel like its been relaxed a little

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shun-onii-chan's b-day

After Ryuu took me home and I got changed we went out again and chatted with his friends. We were waiting for them to finish work [around 5am] I was getting really tierd but we couldnt leave because it was Shun's b-day. Shun is Ryuu's older brother. [friend]

It was around 3-4am when we went to the resturant. We were still waiting for them. I took a bit of a nap but I cant really sleep sitting for too long... At around 6am they all arived. It was a drinking fest but I didnt participate. It was beer after beer after beer for Ryuu. It was even too much for him.

His friends were all saying that I look very cute and that I should dump Ryuu and go with either of them. Ryuu's just for play we are for realtionship [thats the jist of it] We love you for real. Ryuu is just for play. His face is handsome but his heart is bad.

The party went on until around 10-11am in the morning. =_= I was feeling soo very dead. Everyone drank soo much and was so drunk. Shun hit Ryuu's arm pretty hard.

We finally got to sleep around 11am and I woke up around 6pm. Ryuu and I got ready and ate some dinner. Then we headed to Atom. It was sunday night trance. The music was really good I really wanted to dance but I broke my heel on my way down the stairs so my shoes were not really work-able. The Champagne was really cheap that night so we bought a bottle and shared it between the 2 of us. He asked again why do I like him. I told him that I like his face. And he said only?? and i said no, not only but the rest I dotn know how to say in Japanese. He told me he really really loves me and that he will come to Canada with me for a bit.

After a bit, we went back home and everyone at the guest house was in the common room including Lee. Ryuu was talking to Lee and Lee helped translate some things he wanted to say. Basically, He said that he really wants to have a deeper conversation with me. He said that I'm very kind and easy to fall in love with but he wants to know what exactly I like about him. Lots of women at the host club love him just for his face only. He knows that his personality isn't the nicest and there isnt much to like about it so why do I like him. He really hopes its just not because of his face.

I told Lee that the reason I like him is yea of course i like how he looks. But I really kinda like the way he's always teasing me but then suddenly he would be romantic and be sweet. Its like bitter on the outside but sweet on the inside. Its what I like. [Harry was like that]

Ryuu was really happy to hear that.

The next day we didnt really do anything again.. =_=ll the guy needs to wake up EARLIER! We were looking around at plane ticket prices online but all of them were 2000-4000CAN even just for one way. It was weird. So he said lets go to Ikebukuro and talk to his friend about what he can do about the price. But the time was too late. We ate some dinner and then talked to his friends. He was talking to one of them while i talked to another. They are "catch" thier job is to talk to people to get them to go to Fusoku.

Daisuke is one of Ryuu's friends. He is half Japanese and Half korean i think. He was talking to me and said that I'm really pretty. I asked him what kind of person is Ryuu but he mis-understood me and thought I asked him what kind of girl Ryuu likes. He said that Ryuu likes girls who are either really pretty or super kind and thats about it. He said that im exactly Ryuu's ideal type. He then asked me what my type is. I explained that i like handsome men who have that mean outside and sweet inside type personality and with money. I said that my skills arent exactly easy to make money from and so I kind of need someone who can support me. His friend was really easy to talk to. Partly because he knows a little bit of english. We talked more about random things. After a bit Ryuu said oi~ lets go.

We went back home and Ryuu said that we should sleep early and wake up early tmr. [meaning sleep around 3am and wake up 12am thats early for him] I said its no problem for me. Its HIM who cant wake up early.

SO, we were supposed to go to ikebukuro and Asakusa today.... but right now im sitting here and its 330pm. Im all ready and good to go but hes still sleeping. Getting him to wake up is just as hard to get me to wake up when im not ready to. =_=; We've got to get our sleeping in sync. I sleep around 3-4am and then wake somwhere around 11-2pm. but he sleeps anywhere between 6am-10am and wakes up around 6pm -_-;; By the time hes finished gettign ready the shops all close. -_-ll


As a side note; I had the scariest dream the other night. I was dreamign that I was in the club and noticing all the different hair styles in there with Ryuu. But it was starting to get a bit boring so I showed him my mp3 player with my friend doing some breakdancing. it was supposed to be funny because hes doing it in his boxers. The setting is in a basement. It was kinda like a pv. I saw a creepy looking man all skin and bones with a chain around his body in the pv. I was explaing further that in that basement theres a well.

Suddenly I was in that basement and standing next to where the opening where the well comes up. We need to get the well to open to get somethign? i dont know what. Anyway a man and his daughter arrived. the daughter was dressed in white and looked really normal. she had dyed brown hair but her pose was like that of a ghost. i suddently felt an adrenaline rush and my whole body was tensing up and shaking and i put my hands beside my ears and screamed so loud the basement shook. THe scream was on a super high pitch and sounded like a horror movie. I was also dressed in white and had black hair. I couldnt control my body and i fell to the ground I couldnt stop screaming and i felt as though my body was being taken over. My hands tensed and was crawling on the floor trying to reach the daughter and her dad to help me. I woke up and was panting. Ryuu asked me are you ok? whats wrong? I told him i had a super scary nightmare and he said Shhh~~ its alright now, Im here dont worry. and held on to me and stoked my hair.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Khea's Wedding

The day started really early for me. I woke up at 530am. So I can do my hair etc. I tried to do a new style. It didnt work out exactly how I wanted it to.

I wore a pink dress to start. After I finished gettign ready I just needed to put on the nails, get ready the present, and go. But the nail glue was very difficult to figure out how to open it and I ended up being late. I was really worried that I would miss the party bus.

I ran to shibuya station and cut my foot on the way by my shoes. However, I did managed to get to the Amandan Hill's bus on time.... just barely. In the bus, I saw Azon and Khea's dad and we had a good chat. Also, I saw Kazu. Loooong time no see. I remembered him after Khea's dad mentioned his name but it took a while longer for him to remember me.

When the Wedding started and Khea walked down the Ile, I almost felt like crying. She was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful it was unreal. After the wedding ceremony we all went outside for the bouquet toss and I caught it YEAH~ I wonder what that's suppose to mean XD;

The food was super awesome but the dessert was even better. I was really happy to see the orginal VIP crew again. I was really happy to see Masa and Megumi again. I dont think ive seen them for about 2years.

After the wedding everyone went home. I was super tierd because i only had 4hrs of sleep. I went to bed but had to wake up in 1 hr to do m hair for the after party.I changed into my blue dress and met up wiht Daniel and Azon at Hachiko. We all went to roppongi together.

The after party was at Freeze. It was a lounge. The first thing that we did was get our pictures taken and signed a scrap book? After that we split off and chatted with everyone. We played some wedding games and watched Khea and Tetsu cut the cake and pour a champagne tower. I'm not particularly a big fan of champange but I love the look of Champagne towers >w<

At the after party was able to see Yoyo for the first time while in in Japan. Ive been trying to contact him but I didnt have a phone. I chatted with him for a bit.

At around 930, half of the people went home and the rest went to a friend's shop for a after after party. Free drinks on the house~ At around 1030 it was about time for me to leave to meet with Ryuu at Hachiko but i didnt know the way to roppongi station. So Khea got a guy to walk me there. At the moment I cant remember his name. But anyways he was really drunk i think, he kept wanting to hold my hand and kept saying lets go to hotel. Im like omg no way, I need to get to the station dammit!

We stoped outside of one of the stations which is not exactly the best way to get back to shibuya with and he said that we are waiting for Kiyoshi. A bit later he said that they have a car and can drive us. Ok good maybe I can get there faster? Its getting pretty late and I'm worried I will be late.

We couldnt find the car that fast and ended up walking back and forth for a while. I really didnt like this because my shoes are not the walking type of shoes.... Finally we found the car. I had to sit in the back "trunk" space [not the regular car trunks but the SUV type] with him. -_-l

I was happy that Tomo was there. Tomo was telling me to be careful and everythign he was kind of worried about me. I phoned Ryuu to tell him I was going to be late.

I managed to get to Hachiko 30mins late. Ryuu took me home and got me to change.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Prep for Khea's Wedding

Yesterday I didnt really do anything so it wasn't really worth writing about. Though today I didnt really do much either. I managed to wake Ryuu up by 4. Miracle! LOL He's definatly nocturnal. He wakes up at like 6pm and doesnt go to bed til pass 5am.

I needed to buy 2-3 things. I needed nails, shoes, and maybe a hair acessorie. We droped by the bank so I can withdraw money and I run into Khea and family XD~ I just got out of the bank when I heard someone say my name with no accent! So of course I turned around and it was Khea. Surprize!

Khea said that she knew it was me because of my hair and no one has my purse. [There isnt a Guess store in Japan] It was so nice to see her >w< earlier ="/">w
After that we took a walk around and he was talking to his friends. Before, he wouldnt hold my hand in front of them but today he was hugging me while talking to them. After that, we went to the konbinya to buy some snacks and beer. As we were walking around we got 4 atom invitations and went like Yea! (peace sign) to eachother. Hes really playful we are always making fun of eachother. Quite simular how Harry used to do that.

AM/PM didnt have alchol so we went to the family mart near by. On our way there was a pretty flower tree with pink flowers. He jumped up and grabed one and gave it to me. He said Shiena, I Love You. [in english]

We are home now and snacking on pizza chips and beer =3