Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ryuu's Family + Atom Collapse

Today, Ryuu slept in sooo much that he didnt wake up til around 6pm =_=l. We went to shimbashi to a Japanese resturant near his mom's place. He told me to wait there while he goes gets some stuff from his house. It took awhile and then he showed up with his mom XD lol.

She was very kind. She reminded me a bit of my own mom. We sat down to some Sashimi Salad, hot pot, uni sashimi, salmon sashimi, chili prawns, some sort of fried fish, and karrage. I found out today that Ryuu's favorite is Uni. They drank some sake and beer. Ryuu drank that and some coke [his favorite drink] and I drank just coke and water and one sip of Ryuu's beer. I wasn't sure what we are doing after so I didn't want to drink beer.

A little later his older sister came. I was kind of scared of her at first because she wouldn't talk to me. Ryuu kept nudging me to say hi but she always seemed to be in a middle of a sentance so I didn't want to bother her. Eventually I did manage to say konnichwa. But that was about it. It made me kinda nervous but Ryuu's mom was super kind and made me feel at home.

At around 11-12ish we head to the station and Ryuu's family followed. On our way I asked him about his family and he said that he has 1 older sister and 1 younger brother. The younger brother is with his father in Nigata.

We arrived in Shibuya station and it was super cold and raining. His sister really wanted to go to Atom so we did. We get one free drink with entrance so I drank Lycee Grapfruit. There wasn't too many people but we still danced anyway. Ryuu's sister and I danced this is when i got to know her name [Ai] and she started to talk to me a bit shes actually quite funny. Ryuu's mom also danced a bit. Ryuu mostly sat and watched. Eventually he joined in too a bit. He did a bit of popping but then got shy and stoped.

At around 2ish, the dj annouced some dance groups and they put on a great show. About 3 groups came out and all very good. The bass of the music was very heavy. I can feeling through my upper stomach/chest.

At first my head was just tiny bit dizzy and my vision was going a bit but i thought that my eyes were just dry and that my contact lenses were shiftng like they usaully do late at night. But soon after my vision blacked-out and I lost my balance and fell down. I gained conciousness again and tried to get up and then fell down again.. I wasnt sure what happend next but Ryuu picked me up and brought me downstairs near the exit so I can get some fresh air.

Ryuu's mom was really concerned. I was very confused. I didn't know what happend. I'm usaully not too bad at drinking esp one drink shouldn't do that to me. Ryuu said that he will take me home and walked me out but i couldn't keep balance so he carried me on his back back home and sat me down on my bed. He hugged me for awhile and kept asking if I was ok and everything. I was really happy that he was there. I was kind of scared, I never blacked out before.

He went to the konbinya and got me some water. After awhile i was fine and we fell asleep.

With Ryuu

Ryuu and I slept most of the day away. We got to know lots about eachother despite the language difficulties. He's half Chinese and half Japanese. His mom has her own company, and he is not working at the moment because he have money from his mom and from is pervious job- which was a host. [ a pretty good one at that, rank #3 in one of the top clubs] He is 19years old. [but born same year as me, star sign gemini]

There's alot more random info but its too much to say. We first went to Shimbashi for him to pick up some of his things and do his hair. We then went to Harajuku and looked around. He found a new pair of pants for only 2900yen! We then decided to go back to Shibuya but just to walk back instead. He bought 2 chocolate crepes for us to eat. He says he loves me and to go out with him as a boyfriend and girlfriend and to marry him.

But I was starting to doubt his sincerity because he pretty much hit on every cute girl he saw even with me. Like saying things like Hey~ Pretty girl! stuff like that. Was I getting jealous? Yea, I think I was. Haha

We got to 109 and looked around then when the stores closed and headed to Ikebukuro. In Ikebukuro we met up with his friends and ate at a Chinese resturant. Almost everyone there was actually Chinese it as intersting. After that Ryuu and I went back to Shibuya got back home and I changed and we both went to Atom.

He was serious about marriage. He loves me so much. He was telling me that he finds Japanese very intresting/funny so he says things like youre pretty, go out with me!, marry me! to every intersting looking girl just as a joke. He has no intrest in them. He said that unlike them, he's serious about me. He likes gaijin. Not specifically white people but a person from a different country who can speak english. Possibly he ment that he wanted someone who wasnt raised in Japan. He said Lets get married tommorrow! [he was serious and said this many times everytime i was like more time please]

I was feelng soo wowed by this.. This is like a movie... like a dream. It kind of goes like this. I've always dreamed of marrying a guy in japan who is handsome, who was an ex host and had money who loves me. Being that they are handsome and have money and stuff, it was sorta like in my dream that there would be a certain quality that makes me set apart from all others and that they can be with any girl or flatter any girl but that the true one they love is me. Or maybe just hopping to get scouted for something like modeling here while im here or something to keep me here. Fantasy right? But it came true! 0_0 Im still in shock.This is very wow...

This is exactly like my dream came to me unexpectedly. Shall I take it? Tommorrow Ryuu and I will look into things to see what is the best way for us.

A Special Nampa

The day started off very slow. I just got my period and I was having major cramps and I forgot to bring pain killers with me. But eventualy they stopped and I got out of the house by around 700-730. I went to 109 to look for a wallet but could not find any that I liked. Wallets in Japan are super huge. 109 closed at around 8 so I didn't really have much time to look around anyway.

The next part was just alot of looking around Shibuya and taking photos for my manga. I passed by Donki Hotei and went inside to see if I needed more stuff for my laptop. Instead I found 100% real human hair extensions IN MY COLOR! So of course I bought them. I went back home and put them on. Then went back out and went into HMV to buy Vidoll's new CD. I got a free poster with it and also a flyer that said something about a special event! I think I shall go~ Its on april 10th.

I was hopping maybe to be nampaed by a cute guy and go do something but nothing really came around I was getting a bit tierd and cold from walking when i passed by AMPM on my way home. A guy says "hisashiburi~" I was like what?? Have i met this guy before and he motioned me to come. Of course I was just being stupid he didnt know me he was totally nampaing me. XD

He was very cute and we hanged out all night and he missed the last train so he stayed at my house

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Odaiba with Yuuki

Here comes a story. Back in Vancouver maybe about 2 years ago I met a cute guy on the skytrain platform just long enough to get his name, age, how long he's staying in canada [3weeks] and his msn. He never went on....

Until about a year later he started to frequent msn and we actually remembered eachother from that. Who would have thought right???

So now, 2years later we meet again in Japan. Its funny how this is really the first time we hanged out ever. We met at Hachiko around 230pm. He took me to his favorite Japanese resturant in Shibuya and we ate Oyako-don. It was sooooo tasty~~~!!! When deciding where to go he asked would i like to go see traditinal places or modern or things like akihbara. And I said originally that i wanted to go to Ginza, Asakusa, and Odaiba. He told me that Odaiba isnt that interesting but it was ok. I told him the reason why i wanted to go is because Digimon is set there and theres also a beautiful fountain i wanted to see. He was like OOOOO digimon!~~ i love digimon~~ So because of digimon we decided on Odaiba.

The ride to Odaiba is kind of long but very beautiful. We took JR to shinbashi and then transfered on to the monorail? or well something simular to a skytrain. There were soo many HUGE and i mean HUGE buildings. They were just massive and beautiful.

When we got to Odaiba it was so beautiful. I took some pictures of the big tv broadcasting building. The same one that moyotisemon? and the digidestined duked it out. It was cool to be able to see it in real life. I also saw the ferris wheel. When we got inside the mall, I was so amazed it felt like I went from tokyo to italy in 1 second. The mall was gorgeous! We took some photos by the fountain and looked around. There was a special showcase of old fashioned cars [that were all new of course] and we took some photos of that. Thats when i felt like i traveld to america AND back in time. LOL

We passed by a dress shop and I went to look inside. I totally fell in love with this one dress. I think I will wear this one to the wedding instead. I actually wanted a dress like this in the first place but in Marui it was around 40000yen but here it was half price. It was good

As a bonus we got a pass to sit in some sort of VIP lounge. The decorations were soo royal. It was soo nice. As we drank some juice and tea I kind of teaching him how to look better in photographs. Since he looks veyr good in real life but his photos definatly dont look as good as he does in real life..

At around 5ish we started to head back to Shibuya. It was night time already and we got to see the ferris wheel all lit up and everything. When we arrived back in Shibuya we took some purikura and then he walked me home. I showed him what the guest house looks like and introduced him to Lee and Jessie.

We sat and chatted for awhile. He was supposed to go around 6ish but I ended up keeping until around 830 haha sorry~

I had a lot of fun ^_^

As an addition, Lee and I went clubbing at Atom after because i saw on the flier that Ayumu [men's egg magazine model] is a guest DJ. We had super tons of fun and met 2 very very very bad boys. They were super hot but they were only after sex. That was clear. But don't worry it wasnt dangerous. But it was sort of funny. There were 2 of them and 2 of us. My partner was super cute but totally stupid LOL. Well we spotted them pretty much as soon as we got in. Haru wouldn't let me wander actually. [I really wanted to talk to Ayumu T__Tl btw, he's really alot shorter in real life 0_0]After we started talking he held my hand the entire night and danced with me soo closely I found it akward to dance.

At the end of the night we decided not to let them take us to a hotel. LOL But as a goodbye, my guy actually kissed Lee on the cheek and the other one just smacked him on his face really lightly like " are you stupid?! we might not get either of them if you do that"

Yea that was very interesting. We were thinking of seeing them next week but I dont think I will-> The next entry will explain ^_^

Club Hopping with Jamieson

The first part of the day was spent finishing off decorating my laptop. Afterwards, I got ready and went to club with Jamieson and his friends. One of them was Haru from Vancouver. We went to Vuenos first. Yama is in charge of the programing there i think so we all got in for free. Although it was kind of dead so we just bounced to the 2nd club. I cant remember what it was called or where it was but yea, it was a small one. The music was quite good and there were a few live preformances. The 3 girls were soo cool looking i wish i could dance like them.

The next club was this club beside Atom. I cant seem to read the name. The music was very hip-hop like the other clubs. Its small and narrow... kinda crowded not many guys interested me cept this one guy was not bad Rakuto. I danced with him mostly. After a while we both exited the club and went on a long walk around shibuya and ended up at a karaoke bar. I got to practice my japanese more because he cannot understand english well just like everyone else and i didnt have lee to help me out. He plays soccer etc. I couldnt get his contact in the end because his friend had his phone and I lost my pen somewhere.

Oh well~

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yesterday as I was getting ready, a new guy came in that was look at our guest house to see if he would like to move in. His name is John but he wont be moving in until after im gone.

As planned, Lee and I went to harajuku and John tagged along. On our way to Lee's meeting spot in which she had to pick up her money, we saw 3 very very cute guys although probally too young. We then went to Takashita dori and ate at an all you can eat place for 1050yen. It was sooo good >w<~ We then walked around and went into alot of idol shops and go on to topics about Johnny's etc. Lee and I went to Pinklatte to buy some deco things and a cellphone strap for the two of us. John's friends arrived but they were kinda uninteresting. Lee then spoted 2 hot guys and we followed them then decided to go back. John's friends didnt wanna hang with us so w/e We walked around somemore and then went back to Shibuya to deco our things. Lee's roomate just got back from Tailand. Her name is Jessie a very nice girl shes from South Carolina. At around 1130 I went out to pick up my friend so he can drop off his luggauge here. But he was no where to be found. I went bakc and then he messaged me he was there so i had to go back again -_-ll At around 230 Lee and I went to Camelot. There were alot of cute guys but they all kinda had an attitude.... Although the drinks were good >w<~ around half way through our night, we got invited to join 2 guys in the VIP room. Thier names are Airisu and Masafumi. Their jobs have something to do with cars. They were really kinda and we got free drinks. The waiter? was very very handsome. His name was... shinohara? I actually cant remember.. it was not a name i heard before. He kept saying i had big boobs LOL~!

At around 430ish, we were asked to exit the room and I told the waiter that he was very handsome. He then asked for my number. He said its really too bad that im leaving soon.

We got home around 530ish.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Major Set-back but I Shall be Fine in the End

After a wonderful time with a couple gyaruo and everyone I met on Tuesday, I alas, lost my wallet with all my money inside.... [around 3000Canadian]

It's going to take all I've got to make this run smoothly again but it is worth it to me. I've been told that im SUPER stubborn. In this case, I'm glad I am. I will FORCE this to be the greatest trip ever.

So, I will be fine and everything will continue as if nothing has changed. ^_^

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 boys to 2 girls

Today I went on a "double-date" with Lee. But it turns out Kyosuke brought 3 other guys with him LAWL. Their names are Takuto, Rikihito and Shouya. They were supposed to meet with us at 9 but it ended up being 11.

We met with them at Shibuya station then headed to Donkihotei for some liquor. We went back to our place and then drank for a bit. We talked about various things and appearently Kyosuke was a host before and now a drummer. He was in my Men's spider magazine LOL~~ so I asked him to sign it. Later we tried to get into the club but... the other 3 were only 18 =_=l so they couldnt go.. So we went to Gaspanic bar. It was sorta a bar but kinda a club.

We drank a bit more there and danced the night away. Riki wouldnt dance at all thought =/ We tried so hard to get him to. Takuto wasn't dancing at the begining either but eventually he warmed up to the idea. We had a lot of fun dancing and met some new people.

Eventually we got bored of just dancing so we went out. We went for some purikura... ALOT of purikura. hahaha I think we spent a couple hrs in purikura place and took soo many sets. 2 of which i got.

Afterwards we all went home ^_^ 530am..

Monday, March 23, 2009

20th B-day

The original plan was to go to a host club. I was waiting for Lee to waking up but she didnt wake until half passed 2. I was bored so i ate alot of food. We went to 109 around 7 to buy a new outfit. I made it to kabuki-cho around 12.

We looked around and met up with one of her friends who live in the area. She was explaining the system. You can either choose hourly where you get a free drink or you can choose free time that cost a bit more. She told us that make sure they dont sit thier ass next to you otherwise you pay more. You can choose the same host up to 3x. After that you are stuck with him forever and no longer can choose other hosts.

We looked around and felt that everything seemd more expensive... Normally in shibuya we'd just walk around and people will offer us free things but here it was wierd... We apearently came at a bad time because its in between time. All the night clubs are open but they are inside already busy working. Whereas the daytime clubs are all closed. We werent sure what to do. The last train was gone. We went into a dounut shop to decide. While we ate a couple doughnuts, Lee texted Seiya for me and then texted kyosuke for tommorrow's date.

We decided to maybe walk around a bit to see if we can be picked up by someone. It was super cold outside and i saw a couple hosts walking about. They had a really bad attitude. It was as if they had the look "if i see another woman im gonna be sick" kind of look.

After about less than 5mins we decided its too cold so we took the taxi back to Shibuya. I was soo happy to be back in Shibuya. Shinjuku is a tad scary. We ended up at Atom. Surprizingly super crowed even on a monday night 0_0. Why didnt we just come here in the first place LAWL!

I saw soo many hot guys there. Everyone was very young. First guy i met was named Yuki. He was soo sweet and adorable. Lee said he was soo excited and kept asking questions about me, and that he was really realy realy into me. I was soo happy. At atom I was very popular. Maybe because its al gyaru and gyaruo XD haha

I met some other people it was very fun. We also met a group of guys named Tatsu?, ... i dear i forgot everyones names. But yea, at around 5am we went to karaoke to sing. I had soo much fun i tried a few songs im not sure that i can sing. Although i think my hiragana reading is a bit faster now. I tried Filth in Beauty and totaly forgot how much english was in there. Lots of people were suprized that I'm Canadian.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

0101 then groccery store

Today was the first rainy day since i got here. Japan's winds are quite strong.. I went to check out marui today because Yasu has been saying he prefers this over 109. I personally obviously like 109 more. Marui is more expensive too. I also checked out 109-2. the first few floors were all womens clothing and accessories next was all mens. I thought it'd be fun just to look around but i felt a little be intimidated because im looking at men's clothing for no reason lol. [sales people are agressive, and they ask alot of questions... most of which i dont understand] There were alot of hot guys though XD.

I then went to Tsutaya to look for some photobooks but didnt find any that i wanted. Although i did buy a couple jrock magazines, tsubasa mini book and a men's yukai [host club mag]. Then I went to another bookstore to check out men's knuckle.. but didnt see anything i wanted there...

When i went outside i met a guy named genki. LOL is that really his real name? I made a joke "tabun, genki san wa zutto genki desu" He talked to me for awhile but he was working promoting a nail salon.

I was originally going to go eat ramen at a place near by my place but decided to drop off my books first then go. My roomate suggested to go to the groccery store instead so i went. I bought some noodles, a carton of juice, and some dried squid. It was soo much cheaper than going to a resturant. Now im eating my noodles =3

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today I just went shopping because i ran out of things to wear ahaha. I was really hungry and wanted to eat Ramen but I couldnt find the place that we went to before.... So i went to Shibuya Center to look for a ramen shop but i just gave up and went for pizza. I went to Harajuku first and bought shoes, some things from daiso and a lizlisa dress. I walked around and saw some hosts haha you can spot them a mile away they look like gangsters in a way since they all wear suits and have this scary aura.

I went to closet child for a lolita dress but none of them really intersted me other than an angelic pretty one... but I wasn't in the mood to spend 26100yen... I decided to head back to Shibuya by walk. I went through Yoyogi park and got a bit lost but I eventually found my way.

I came home around 4ish to check my mail I was supposed to meet with Moonik today but Toru couldnt make it so it was cancelled. I made my way to 109 to buy more clothes. I bought 2 things from tralalala, and a dress fromgolds infinity. The store clerks are super agressive....

I made my way home to check up on Lee. But shes tierd from yesturday so we just ended up just staying here on computer...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ikebukuro-Yagi the goldfish.

Today I was supposed to go to Harajuku with Lee but we woke up very late. Lee is part persian and it is Newyears for them. They have to make a small shrine that required a few thigns like an egg, vinegar, apple, money, incense, mirror, and a goldfish.

We went to Ikebukuro, Tokyo Hands to get a goldfish. On our way there we droped by the sanrio store. Everythign was super expensive. I only bought a couple things. Then we made our way to Tokyo Hands. On my way there I saw a guy with cool looking hair. He took a small glance at me but another guy approched me. He was much more handsome. The other guy had blonde hair but his face was =/ but the guy who actualy approuched me had brown hair and SUPER good looking. I was like OMG his face was my perfect ideal.
[edit: I later found his photo on the club website]
He is a Host. haha. He told us to come to a host club. Lee told him that we are not intersted but that my birthday is coming soon so maybe we will go visit on my birthday. I got his card. It was super shiny and silver. His name is Seiya from club S-Class. Super hot. I think I'll go there for my birthday =3

We had to get home quickly because we didnt want Yagi to die. [we named him Yagi after a certian someone lol] Lee set up her shrine and we prayed for persian newyears at 8:00pm. Lee then went with her Asuka promotion girls to party and I was supposed to go with Ryouji to club as well.. but i could not get in because of a lack of an ID.. =/ soon ne...?

I ended up sleeping very early.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

FOOD day

Today was a relaxing day with my friends. Lee and I woke up and got ready to pick up Khea, sushi chef Ryouji and DJ Hiroki. After we meet we went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients as well as have some funny pictures next to the fish XD. Appearently Ryouji's boss is the invetor of the california roll and Hiroki will be releasing a CD in america soon XD cool eh?

We got home around 3ish and Ryouji started to cook while teaching Khea how to make a couple things so she can make it for Tetsu [aww]. First dish was the fish it was sooo soft and melts in your mouth.

It was super declicous. Then that was followed by soup basically it was fish broth made from teh bones and mushrooms etc. It was subtly sweet and had such a great flavor. I swear its like a really really really good resturant food right in my house.

He then taught Lee how to make nigiri sushi and that also tasted very good >w<~~. Meanwhile Dale [other roomate] was baking brownies for Andrew's birthday [another roomate].
Around 6ish Khea had to go home to make Tetsu some dinner. We took some purikura on our way home.

I made my way back home to fix up my hair and makeup before I go meet Ryoma. Lee went as well to meet her student. Ryoma never showed up as well Lee's student forgot. So about 30mins later I made my way to shibuya station just to see if hes there and Lee was sitting on the side with a couple young guys. Riku and... Ryu. Riku is an young actor in a talent agency I can't remember which one yet. We sat and chatted for awhile and took some purikura.

Lee and I got hungry so we parted and went for okonomiyaki. Its my first time making okonomiyaki in a resturant. It was quite interesting. Lee showed me step by step how to make it. It tasted awesome. During our dinner Ryu called and asked if we wanted to go out for dinner or something. Lee was like you're too late we already sat down for food and making it. So he asked if they could join but Lee said another time because it would be awkward for us to wait for thier okonomiyaki to finish.

They called again to ask if we were done but we we're still eating. Another time.. After food, we went back home and Lee got changed. Then we went out again just for a loooonnng midnight walk around shibuya looking for icecream. We at a some sort of bar the cover charge was 600 yen!! our food was only 380 each. But It was good never the less. Though i forgot to take pictures of my cheescake. =/

On the side note, I finally found HACHIKO!!!!~~ you'd think hes pretty big but hes not.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In and out of my house

Last night i fell alseep around 1000 just for a nap but ended up waking up at 530am.. SHOOT i missed my roomate's b-day party =/ I then woke up again around 900 and arranged to meet with Khea at her house. She then went back to sleep and I got ready while talking to Moonik [one of the guys i met at the club the first night]

I finally got ready after 3hrs because i was talking on msn all the way through getting ready. I arrived at yoga around 1230 and we went to khea's house after the supermarket. It was soo cute and tidy =3

We basically just sat there and talked for awhile while i ate lunch then took a long walk to the "nearest" starbucks. It was such a beautiful day but windy. We both sat down to a couple straberry frapps and looked at some magazines.

When we got back to Khea's house, a little while later Tetsu and his brother Tomo? came in for a little bit of work. More chatting hahaha. We ended up chatting til around 930pm.

I left for home around that time and made my way from shibuya station. That was when I saw this cute guy. I looked at him but im not a gyaku nampa so I just continued on. A few seconds later he was walking up beside me and started to talk to me.

He was really sweet. His name is Ryoma, 19years old. We talked randomly about a few things on how he wants to learn english etc. But he had plans to meet his friends and doesnt have phone mail or internet for some reason so we decided to meet agan on thursday same place at 900pm.

We then parted and then I made my way home again. On my way I got talked to every step of the way by 3 more nampas. LOL I finally got home. Then my roomates said LETS GO EAT! SO i went to a ramen shop and I ate some very good gyozas XD

We returned home once again and I was about to just chill on my computer when Lee came knocking on my door to go out again. LOL sure why not. We walked around shibuya station and a couple scouts for axxcis night club came up to us and managed to get us in for free with free drinks. We ran into a couple of Lee's friends there one of which is a sushi chef. We stayed there for awhile and then decided to go.

When we walked outside we met another 2 guys named Yoshi and... Ryu? they took us to karaoke and we sang til around 6am in the morning. XD

As a side note appearently I'm not to weak at drinking lol.

Monday, March 16, 2009

26hr day

Today I went to Akihabara to go get a camera. I bought a DSC T90 Sony. I went home afterwards to charge it then went to 109 to look around. I bought some extensions but i realize now that they are too light of a color... =/ maybe ill get them to match my color when i get back or just sell it.

I was going to go back home to try out the extensions when I got talked to again by some nampa. This one was different somehow though. Most of them just go away after I said im canadian. but he continued to talk with me. We went to karaoke then to eat dinner. I ate a sushi bar. It was sooooooooooooo good!!~~!!>w<

When I finally got home again, I was tierd so i went to sleep around 8ish. Then i woke up around 12. That was when I met a cool roomate. She's a model. We had alot in common like idols etc. We decided to fix our makeup and go out. The intial plan was to tak purikura and have a tour around shibuya.

We ran into some guys playing magic tricks. It was very fun to watch. Then we walked around some more and this guy named Taku came up to us promoting a bar saying that its only 500yen for any drink. We were like humm =/ and then he said... OK!~ service ^_^

So we went to the bar and got some free drinks and chatted there for awhile. Afterwards we went to a karaoke bar for more drinks, some food and lots of singing. We didnt get home until 830am. XD

It was very funn~~~ and the best part is, its all free whoo~~ I only spent like... 300yen on food haha.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reunion Day

On my first full day in Japan, I met with Khea, Tetsu and Hiroyuki. My first half of the day was spent with Khea. We met up at Shibuya station and headed towards Yoyogi Park. It was such a beautiful day. On our way to the park we couldn't stop smiling and talking. We passed by a purikura place and took some purikura.

We arrived at the park and there were many foreigners for some reason. Lol. We sat down to some strawberries, chocolate strawberries, and chicken... what do you call those... tor---something. XD it was goood but as expected with khea's food. I LOVE khea's cooking.

We sat and enjoyed the sun while catching up and watching some group of people doing some dance routine. Later we were joined by Tetsu. We sat by the pound with a water fountain. We didnt get wet before but when Tetsu came we got the occasional spray XD haha its his fault ne? jkjk

After awhile we decided to go get a phone battery charger around harajuku then we went to that famous street in harajuku with all the jrock stuff etc. I was really happy to go to the Liz Lisa store and Tralala. ^_^ There were sooo many cute things there. I wanted to buy it ALL. XD Its soo different in Japan. Everything I want is soo easy to find.

Tetsu had to go off to meet a client. Khea and I continued to walk around until we realized that Tetsu left his phone with us 0_0!! We went looking for him but we couldn't find him. Instead we were hit on by a foriegn nampa. -_-l
We didnt know what to do so we waited around for a bit to see if Tetsu would come back. After we waited for a bit, Khea decided to go meet him at home and I went back home as well to mail Hiro since he wasnt picking up his phone.

I came home and mailed him while fixing my hair. We decided to meet around his area. I went to Kamata station and he picked me up in his black celica. I got confused with the seating. I totally forgot that Japanese cars have the steering wheel on the opposite side.

He drove us to his house and we huged for quite a long time. Then we sat and talked for awhile catching up on things. I got to learn more about what he does for work. I remember that he said he creates services? Basically, he's a progamer and creates services for Rakuten. Has something to do with finainces. I'm not completely clear but still a bit more clear now. He told me he went surfing earlier today.

After awhile I was super hungry so we went to Dennys. Dennys in Japan is SOOOOOOO different!!! It felt more like a western/japanese place. The food was reallllly good. I coudn't read any of it though so i picked by pictures. Hiro had a mentaiko ika spagetti and i had a ham and cheese? spagetti.

We kept starring at eachother though it made me very nervous. LOL

After dinner, he drove me back to the station and kept his hand on my head. He likes to play with my hair although with the hairspray i don't know how fun that'd be haha. I found my way back home with no problem. Maybe Im getting the hang of this ahaha. Shibuya i can kinda navigate right now.

On my way back home I got asked by a few(different) guys to work for a hostess club and hit on by a couple nampas. I told them im not japanese and walked away for most of it. Though one was cute, but he just stepped back really quick and said sorry after he found out.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lost in Tokyo

Before we start, I only had 2 hours of sleep before my flight because i had to pack last minute. Anyway, I almost missed my flight because the security lady took soo long examining my dolls. But I still made it on time ^_^

The flight was long so i watched a couple movies [twilight and ikigami]. When I finally arrived in Tokyo, I was kinda lost on how to get to the trains. When I finally found the trains, I wasnt sure where to go exactly. Luckly I ran into some Americans who helped me out.

We all rode the train together under the guidance of one of them that has been teaching in Japan for a few years now. We got a little lost and a little confused with the train-lines but eventually we found our ways. So, easy enough just follow the map, West Gate of Shinjuku and then go up in Epson direction... No.. it wasnt....

I got lost in Shinjuku station and couldnt figure out how to exit. Evetually I talked to a guy named Daigo who helped me find my way out of shinjuku. The guy was very kind to me and helped me carry my lugguage and even started to walk me to my destination.

Problem was he was from Hokkaido and didnt really know where he was going either so we ended up being lost but at least he can speak ful japanese so eventually we found our way after alot of backtracking... like 1hr at least of walking around

I arrived at Shinjuku office at around 9ish and completed my papers. I took a taxi to my place because i dotn want to be lost again. But the Taxi driver got lost!! oh wellz he only charged me 1000yen because he couldnt find it and i found it instead

I met alot of my roomates and they are all very kind. We then headed to th night club but I'm still 19 and thier legal age is 20. Appearently they check nowadays. So two stayed a the club and me and the german guy went to a bar. We drank a couple bears then I headed with some of his friends to a Club called Womb which is 2 doors away from my place

I faked my ID and got in. There were SOOOOOOO many good looking guys and i had lots of fun dancing. I met some new friends; Ken, Toru, and Moonik. All quite handsome or at least stylish

So ends my very adventurous fun day ^_^

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last Day in Vancouver

I went to work today and then exchanged money. Jono came by to drop off the money for the cigs he wants me to buy. After work i went to the exchange place near my workplace and exchanged money and then off to viki's house to dye my hair.

The process was very long and very cold but it was soo worth it. She tried a few new products on me and all of them worked like a charm. Now I am blonde again. The brown was classy and pretty but I think Ill do it when im older. I got my exact dream color. I'm very happy with it and I personally don't care if people prefered the brown because nearly everyone looks good in brown but I can pull off blonde whereas not everyone can.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yosuke's Farewell Party

Fujiyo's last night in Vancouver was spent at work LOL. Just kidding.. sort of. His farewell party was at Shuraku where he used to work until recently at 8pm. Its funny but I think the last time i ate at Shuraku as a customer was at Khea's farewell party.

I came a bit earlier than everyone, so I sat down at the bar where another guy was waiting named Drew. Appearently we have met before through Yuiko at a bandshow. Masa came by to talk to Drew and I got to hear a bit of history about how long Masa has been working at Shuraku and how long Kitto has been around. About 10mins later Fujiyo showed up and I gave him a box of chocolates. Where I think Masa said What? You dont need to be so nice to him. or along the lines of that. It was a joke of course. After that, we got seated at our table.

The resturant wasn't very busy so it was flexible to how man people can be seated. I think in total about 20 people came. Fujiyo was very happy to see that there were at least 13 people from different countries. [other than Japan and Canada I'm guessing]. We all sat down for some excellent food in which I've always been curious to what the tasted like since I've been serving these dishes for the last 2months or so but never got to taste it.

Sea Fois Gras? [Ankimo] was soooooo smooth and melted in your mouth. The Godfather Roll wasnt as good as i thought it would be but it still tasted great nevertheless. And most of all the ramen.. OMG soooo good! Everytime I serve the ramen i was soo tempted to eat it. Now i finally got to try it. It is definatly as good as it looks >w<>.< I KNOW beer + tequila = throw up for me. But of course, one cannot avoid these drinks no matter how hard you try. After the tequila i was surprizingly alright. Hey maybe I'll be ok for once~ Nope... a hour or 2 later I had a headache and i threw up in the washroom. Yup.. beer + tequlia = no good.

But after I threw up I was perfectly fine and headed home. ^_^ Lucky I had a later shift the next day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kanpeki Teppanyaki

Today is the official first day I can eat normal food. My took me out along with her estician friends to eat Teppanyaki at her #1 client's boyfriend's resturant. The food was absolutely delicious!!

I had quite alot of fun but didnt talk much because everyone was speaking in Cantonese. I could understand most of what was going on but not well enough to add much. Nevertheless I had alot of fun especially watching the Chef cook the food right in front of our eyes. He had such great showmanship.

I also tried a wine I actually liked~ It was an Oraganic Chardonay with a very floural bouquet. My mother says it tasted more like a Wesling than a Chardonay. Super smooth, and sweet.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Black Lolita

Lately, if you haven't noticed I've been mostly wearing Classic or Sweet Lolita. Today I decided to change it up a bit and wear all black. [and.. its supposed to be a pic-nic and my black dress is my warmest dress]

Before the Lolita meet, I went to my Natural Doctor to clear some more items before I go to Japan and hear the update on my status. I have achived what I was set out to achieve from the Detox and I am not officially done~ YAY~

After the appointment I phoned Viki to see where in Granville Island they were at but they changed locations to Viki's house because it was to cold. When I got to the house I was surprised to see that it was mostly Dark colored Lolitas and Martin. I was very happy to see him today. I have not seen him for a very long time.

We had a cupcake decoration contest and.. I can't remember who won. It was very fun although i don't like eating cupcakes....

After that, we took a quick photoshoot but it was cut short due to Mid-winter weather in March burr.... then we all headed to richmound to eat.

We ate at sushi resturant and i regret not taking photos of my food. You won't believe the SIZE of these rolls. I swear our whole table went 0_0 omfg thats GIANT!!! The rolls were 1.5 inches in diameter. They were 3x the size of the ones from the resturants I work at. The nigiri is at least 2x larger and the sashimi.. 0_0 it was like an inch thick and 4inches long~~ it was giagantic~ the quality is average non-japanese owned standard but seriously... the size is just wow...

After food, Martin, Viki, Helena and I walked to Parker Place to take purikura and then meet up with George at Aberdeen. Viki and I bought some dessert and we all just sat around and chatted for awhile then we all headed home. Viki, George and Helena in one direction and Martin and I on the 410 to 22nd st. station.

While we waited for the bus I told Martin about my ideas for my manga and he was quite intrigued. We also talked about drawing in general and certain tricks in life on how to make things better. I was a very nice and relaxing day [other than beign lost on my way to my doc's office]

Tommorrow I will do house chores and ALOT of laundry and maybe start packing for Japan. I'm very excited! less than one week to go~!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Guu after Shuraku

Today I worked from 1030-300 and then 530-900 supposedly. I had a very good day. I'm a new waitress at Shuraku resturant and still training. I currently have 3 tables in my section for lunch and am quite happy. But today at my dinner shift, I also got to serve a couple tables. This was unexpected and I was quite surprised. Dinner is much different than lunch because dinner time you have your own float and you dont share the tips. Thus, being a hostess and not serving any tables = no tips for dinner. But today, one of the waitresses decided to take a break when we were full house! Not to mention our shift supervisor was too ill to work and got replaced by Kazu [another new server]. Thus our supervisor was the Chef, Masahiro.

So I had to take her tables and any new tables that came into her section within in the next 30mins while she is gone. Lucky for me one was a classmate of mine and her boyfriend and the other is an ex. co-worker and his girlfriend. I was a little slow in service [well i do have to do all the hostessing and it was full house as well as many people waiting and reservations its complex] but I got good tips for 2 tables. It was a total of a little under 20 dollars after pay-out to bartender, house, kitchen etc. I got around 7 dollars. Another server told me that thats very good for 2 tables.

After work, Kazu and I went to Guu and met up with some of the customers from lunch/dinner today. I Mayu, Ghram, Hiro, and Minami and some korean girls in which i could not remember thier names. They were really fun and the food was great. Mayu was soo sweet she thought I was super cute and couldn't stop saying it. I suppose maybe she was drunk but it was flattering nevertheless.

After Guu, Kazu walked me to the skytrain.