Saturday, December 19, 2009

Up In the Air with Clement -after fall at bus stn

So after an eventful friday night, i woke up sometime late morning afternoon to Clement's text message asking if i was suffering a hangover. [the night before after i threw up he sent me a message asking if i was free the next day to see a movie] I never get hangovers i replied.

Later that day, we decided to meet at Oakridge mall since we can go anywhere from there. I tried my best not to be late because sunday buses are super sparce. I saw the #41 as i got off the #28 and i ran for it. Its normal for me to run in 10cm heels. No big deal.. however, today there was constrution. I was at first running on gravel and thought i should switched to pavement before i scratch my boots... this was my mistake. while switching i suppose my shoe got caught half way in transition and i sliped and fell flat on my face... it didnt help my skirt fliped up. =_=l such a classic anime moment. I seriously didnt think those situations were possible. I was soo embrassed but mostly concerned about the bus leaving without me. A couple guys helped me up and i made it on the bus.

I sat down and looked at my knees and worried about my chin [cuz i think i scratched my face] I checked my reflection in my mp3 player and was relieved it didn't seem to be any big scratch. I looked down as the blood was really starting to come out. My concern then was like FUCK NO! not my boots. I scrambled around and got a piece of paper to stop the blood before they stained my new boots. A lady gave me some tissue, another gave me alot of baby wipes. I managed to clean my self up and stop the blood. Some sporty guy gave me band-aids! Wow its like a communial first aid kit! i was happy to be all patched up >w<~ it reminds me of the time where those people helped me with my luggage on my way back to van from narita.

Clement seemd to have missed his bus so i wandered around Oakridge for a bit before he arrived. When he did we had trouble decideding where to eat and what to watch. After a awhile we decided on Whitespot and look at the theatre downtown for movies. We talked over dinner. I surprized to hear he liked my teeth? LOL! [a certain someone said the same thing when i first met that person too]

After dinner, we went on the canada line to downtown and checked out the movies. We decided on Up in the Air and paid for our tickets. Apperently my coupon was good for 2 people, drink and popcorn! so we both go in for free XD and got to share some popcorn.

The movie was GREAT! I loved the witty humour to it all.

We then went back on the canada line to 41st where he waited til my bus arrived and then parted afterwards. I completely lost track of time. It was actually past 1230~! but its ok, I love not having to care about time since theres isn't any school/work this winter holiday.

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