Monday, December 21, 2009

Robson Square Skate Rink and Karaoke

rested on Monday and then out again Tuesday. I got invited out by Hao to go meet up since it was his day off. We met up in downtown and walked around a bit. We saw the skate rink at robson square and decided to go skate around =3

It was a bit of a long line but we made it through anyway. I haven't skated in yeaaaaaaaars! We had a lot of fun circling around the rink. I always always worried he would fall. I think his skates were a bit too loose so he kept tripping but it was me who wiped out in the end when my skate hit a piece of ice that was sticking out. I fell once again.. flat on my face -_-lllllllll whats up with the injuries this past few days? first the deep cut from a box at shu uemura, then the scraped knees now this. I think i bruised my knees...

I was fine, really.. but for some reason the fall totally disoritated me. I felt dizzy for 10mins after. Again prob becuase im still sick. He took care of me while i was @@;;; we decided to visit Shawna about the details of her karaoke meet after and then we headed to guu for dinner.

I havent been to guu for awhile i really enjoyed the food. I invited Hao to come karaoke later as well. As we were walking after dinner he decided it would be akward for him so he will just walk me to pender and davie and then head home. The walk there he said had a nice atmosphere.

After we had reached the destination, we huged and parted. I met up with shawna and went to Jupiter Lounge. The interior seriously looked like a host club. LOL but the karaoke was not on that day so we headed off to another location with her friends. And yet again this place too didnt have karaoke that night. We then decided to go to Fantacity.

We had a lot of fun singing karaoke even though i didnt realized til late that my songs werent going through so i only got to sing 2 songs. T_T

Still hyped, Jinny, Shawna, Jay and I went to breadgarden to chat for awhile. I showed Jay some of my Jp photos and talked about random things. After that, it was too late for Jay to go home so we all crashed at Shawnas. Its really nice how we can just stay over since Morito isnt around right now.

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