Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Richmound with Shawna, Jinny and Link

In the morning Jay woke up and left sometime, and Shawna and I got semi ready and headed over to my place. We fixed up our hair using REAL hair spray [Shawnas is in a squirt bottle.. NEVER trust hairspray thats not in a aerosoft can! ] Then we ate some pizza pops to save money for lunch. We headed downtown to pick up Jinny and went to richmound so i can drop over another resume.

After I droped off the resume we walked around the malls and ate some dessert at aberdeen food court. Link later joined us and we went to parker to take purikura. I then called Clement about his text message that i received while we were in the food court. He was wondering if i was free to hang out with him while he picked out a secret santa gift at metro. But as much as id like to see him, I was already out with my girls and metro is so far from where I am, so i declined the invite.

The purikura turned out soo damn cute! I love that machine! But by now, Link was getting super hungery. Jinny and Shawna decided to head back home and Link and I went to a ramen shop in parker. We caught up over ramen. >w<~ the ramen was also SOOO good! I had scallop ramen.
After that, i wasnt really feeling up to going home yet so i accompanied him to metro because he needed to change his phone plan at fido. I ran into an old classmate and we talked while her bf inquried on some phones and Link changed his plan. Anyway after that, Link drove me home. I had a pretty fun filled day. It just so happens that the next day i find out that Clement ended up at richmound because his friend had to do something and i ended up at metro LOL

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