Friday, December 18, 2009

Outbreak Bandshow

It's been awhile since my friends had a bandshow, so going was more or less like a big reunion~ I decided to try out a rock-kei gyaru outfit this time with my cona blue shirt and golds infinity skirt. I added some rocker acessories and did my hair more edgier.

As i walked to Tom Lee i peeked through the window of Shawna's workplace but couldnt see her so I kept walking. Upon arrival I saw cool looking guy by the elevator. I wondered if he was in one of the bands that i didnt know. It felt a bit akward luckily Saya was also in the elevator so i turned my attention to him.

When we arrived at the ticket table saya went in and the other guy and I were asked if we had reservations. I said under Kai and he said under Jin. There was a bit of a confusion but it seemed to work out fine and said "30 dollars" please. What? I suppose they thought we were together. We just exchanged glances and put down 15 each.

As soon as I entered the live room, I spotted Rhoda, and exchanged the print she ordered for the money. I talked to her for a bit and then moved on to talk to everyone else. The show started shortly and I surprized to see xenders to be first.

A little later, noticing that the guy from earlier seemd to be with Jin's group we ended up introducing eachother. I also got to meet Pon, Icy's boyfriend from Japan. We watched the rest of the show but left a couple songs into the last band. We decided to all eat dinner together. Sally and I went in Kai's car and the rest bussed.

We all [xenders/jono's band/thier gfs/and friends of the bands ]ate dinner together at a small izakaya on denman st? Icy, Pon, and Kai were speaking in Japanese on one half of the table and Jin, Cat, and Clement were speaking in english. I was sitting kinda in the middle so i was listening/joining in on dif parts of each convo but mostly stuck to english.

I dont know why but 2 glasses of beer didnt sit well with me today.... After dinner, we all moved to Kai's house. Everyone drank more and Jin, Kai, Clement, Pon were all becoming like bros. I stuck to water, dont know why but as i said it wasnt sitting well.

Jin kindly drove us all home.... however sometime between clements and icy's drop off.. i threw up.. in the car.. i was soo embarassed.. T_T;;;;;;;;;;;;; the thing is i can normally tell if im gonna throw up but i dozed off and woke up throwing up. gawh.. i was soo upset with myself. I felt really bad... Jin seemed to be very calm considering.. but I know its definatly not good. T_T

I got home and slept and as usaul fine the next morn. ^^; Must be because im starting to get sick [cold]

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