Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve Return to 2008 Location

Crap! Like always didnt plan for NYE. I was supposed to spend it with Clement but he messed up and mistook the day and the party happened to be NYD instead... =_-

So, here we go again with the phone list calling. I finally got a reply from my friend Mei Kimura~! She said theres a party on Haro street apartment. [I wonder... would it be Ruski's place? - 1 of the 3 party houses i went to but stopped since i heard he went to japan]

I waited in front of Soctia bank theatre for Mei and Shingo to arrive. To my surprized they came in a car and we droped by Mei's place before we went to the party. Her apt is soo pretty! the view was awesome!

We arrived around 9ish and started on coolers. I really dont like soft liquor but i didnt see any hard around. Appearently it IS ruski's place. But Ruski isnt here, his bro is taking care of it along with a new roomate, Rick. Everyone was really surprized to hear my english being so fluent and completely confused when i said my name is Shannon. They though I was lying LOL!

I talked mostly to Rick. He said why are you drinking the cooler then?? Here, ill get you some voldka mix orange juice. Yesh! but i have to be careful . Light -> heavey = bad

But somehow i seemd to be ok. Maybe its the orange juice's sugar that saved me~ The party went on and on and we took some nice photos and had a very good time.

There seemd to be another party on the other floor. This isnt 3 floor New Year madness like 2008 but theres still 2 parties going on and i met a bunch of other people. One that liked rock as well. I introed him to alot of jrock and he loved it. We discuessed music and i met everyone else at the other party. The other party apt had the most beautiful wallpaper I've ever seen! Its like a host club look LOL. The crowd was mostly CBC style but there were 2 japanese girls One was a girl I actually briefly met before. Hidemi~

It was starting to get late.. 3am-4am. Everyone was getting hungery so we all left the place in search for food. Outside we encoutered a super drunk white woman. She was yelling and running around saying she got ditched by her cousins is lost. The police came to help her out.. which ment we have to be careful as police like to break up parties and check up on people who leave parties in cars.

We made it out alright and arrived at #9 in richmound. The place was like a japanese train during rush hour~! Every clubber in town was there LOL. We managed to get a table but it was too crowded and the group voted to go elsewear..

We arrived at a Viet Pho place but it was closed so some said lets go to MCDs.... no way! we went downtown in search for another place... but then they phoned and said theres another Pho place on broadway. why didnt you say earlier?! anyway we got there and had a good dinner? breakfast? LOL its all the same

I spralled in around 7am in the morning. Damn that was an awesome night! I simply love endless nights like this~


  1. kekeke~~~
    new reader here ! >-<;;
    ii love yuur blog (:
    and all of your outfits are so cute >-<;;
    where did you get them ?

  2. hello~~ thankyou for reading my blog! Most of my clothes are from Shibuya 109 ^^

  3. No, its a department store. Its the BIG 109 building/landmark that you see when you look up photos of shibuya ^^