Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!

As I've always said, I always considered Christmas as a family thing and New Years as a friends thing. Normally I spend Christmas with my cousins, aunts, uncles etc.. But this year there's been some turbulence in my extended family due to issues with grandma.

Therefore I spent Christmas with mom's friends and my mom at a big potluck dinner at Kitkat's house [ nickname for Katherine]. The decorations were really nice and the food was absolutely perfect! I was still a bit sick so my energy levels weren't great...

The party was relaxing and soo much good food i wish i had a bigger stomach >w<

I talked with a few people but most people were talking all in chinese... which i dont fully understand. Also the age groups were that of 10yrs old and under or 30+ years old. [most landing in 40s] So, there wasnt anyone really my age to talk to.

The next day Christmas morning, Mom and I had a really nice long chat about things then got up to get ready to go out. We planned to see Sherlock Holmes. [its opening night] We were planning just to go early pick up tix, visit grandma.. but the line up already started! We ate our lunch at the movie theatre and watched Sherlock Holmes. The casting was really good, i actually didnt know that Sherlock Holmes would be soo cool. I always found the cartoons a tad boring.... The best change I think was changing the costume. Getting rid of the that traditional brown cloak of his made him soo much cooler. It also helped that the stars were Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law~

After that we visited Grandma.... I dont like seeing that woman.. The old age home was creepy... just like hospitals are creepy... it reeks of decay. [physical and mental] My grandma has completely lost her mind shes become paranoid and think my aunts and uncles are dead and that people are going to capture us and take us away and yet she STILL has the energy to pick on my mom =_-.

Anyway after a little while we left. We were supposed to watch the movie with Kitkat as well but she was too tierd and phoned us again a little later and we went to a chinese resturant and ate a really nice dinner then went to a bubble tea lounge and talked some more. This time people where speaking in english so it was a little better ^^

And so that's my Christmas for 2009~


  1. I really like your blog; it's so detailed like a diary. You seem really nice...I wish I could have some English speaking girl friends around here :{

  2. aww thankyou~ whereabouts are you?

  3. I'm in a small village 30-40 minutes away from Vienna in Austria, Europe. That's where my boyfriend is from and we got married. It's nice that I don't have to work, but it gets a little boring sometimes.

  4. awww maaaaannn, why do you have to look ssso adorable in every picture?!! ( ;______; ) damn!!
    oh and sorry for the random comment, but i do believe that i have to admit that ive been makin frequent visits to your bloggy (whenever ive had the chance to surf the net - since i just now got a laptop again after a half-a-years break of having a computer at my place :EE). i think i found your blog once through Shawna D.~
    anyway, i like how you actually WRITE on top of looking amazing... stories are always more entertaining that just pictures in the end i think.

    but yes, i wanted to comment asking if it was ok for you if i linked your bloggy to the *blog friends* links in my own! im trying to list my favorites in the sidebar of my blog so id love to add your too! ( > 3 < )/


  5. Hello~~ I'm happy to hear that people are reading my blog ^^.

    To answer your question, Sure~ i dont mind =3 please go ahead ^^

  6. You're X-Mas outfit is especially cute but I like almost every outfit you're wearing x3

  7. i love your blog! your way of thinking! and you´re so cute too!
    im totally faving you :3~