Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lolita and Mei's Xmas Party

Its been awhile since I wore Lolita and now is the time for the Annual V.E. Xmas party. The plan was to go ice skating in robson square and have potluck at Viki's. Just before, i found out that Mei's party is on the same day...

I woke up on time actually and got ready on time just that the bus happend not to show up =/ So i arrived late. But everything was ok because Shadan was driving us. We arrived at the rink on time but the rink wasnt open due to ice not freezing. It said to come back at 2pm. Meanwhile we took some pics with santa.. which.. i dont know where i put that picture btw.... oh well.

Then we walked around Pacific Centre and such. It was raing like crazy I was worried about my hair. Because of the intense rain i wasnt too much of a mood for taking many photos. We met up with martin and is gf a little later. Viki was a bit miffed that his gf didnt dress in lolita....

We ate lunch at the vancouver art gallery but by now im running low on funds so i decided to just have a glass of water and wait for the food later on.

Shadan's car can only fit Viki, her bf, herself and I. So martin and his gf stayed in downtown to wait for .... viki's pet to arrive [his name slips my mind at the moment]

We... happen to be very crappy at directions. We stoped off at safeway to buy a log and then eventually ended up at viki's house after much confusion no thanks to viki and my directions LOL. Because we were so lost, martin and the others arrived shortly after and we ate some food by the fire.

At around 730 i decied to head off to Mei's party. I gave Jeff a call to tell mei i decided to come. He happend to be close by so he picked me up and we all went to mei's house [beats the bus ANYDAY.. soo much rain T_T ]

We arrived on time all the food was being set out on the table. The twins david and timmy were there too. I havent seen them since AE. I met the rest of the people there and sat down to a very very delicious xmas dinner. Everyone listened to Mei and brought real food. There was soo much good food i didnt wanna stop eating but i could only fill so much in my stomach. On my side fo the table we had a very interseting philisophical converstation going on. I find philosphy quite interestinga and was happy i could participate with some of the knowledge i gained from phil classes during the summer summester.

Afterwards everyone played smash bros and I watched. [I like watching vid games rather than playing] Mei really got into the game and shouted here and there. It was fun watching everyone play =3. After that, we went on to the secrete santa exchange and someoen recived a plush ram. I took a picture with it because im an aries XD. We then tried some American style karaoke... but sadly.. we all failed at knowing any of the songs HAHA.

It was getting late and after having a pleasent conversation with Mei. Jessie drove me home since she lives close to Joyce. I had a very fun time, although i think i fogot my umbrella... =/

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