Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hapa Interview, Yuta and Shawna

I woke up in time to get ready for the job inteview i have today but choosing out an outfit was what took all the time. =/ I finally decided on a black dress my mom has for business.

I managed to get there RIGHT on time. It didnt help that i passed it on the bus and had to run all the way back up the hill in heels. At the interview it was quite relaxed and quick. But they said they reached max capacity for dec trainees and they will contact me by Jan or something =/

Yuta sent me a text and so did Link to meet up. I called back Yuta first and he was wondering id like to hang out for a little bit. I said i first have to call back Link because hes been asking for awhile. By this time it was already around 5 and Link had a dinner at 7 so I called back Yuta. We met up around granville station and made our way to a starbucks and caught up with eachother over coffee. We then went to Sears and met with Aika and her friend and talked for a bit.

Yuta had to go back home back home for dinner beause his roomate's mom is cooking Karrage XD Sounds SOOO GOOOD!! omg XD . I then made my way to Shawna's workplace because we were supposedly going clubbing tonight. She gets off in one hour. I only hanged out there for about 5mins and her manager yelled at her for having her friends there. -_-ll oh wellz, so i waited around and went to different stores along ganville to pass time.

The addidas store had some sort of promotion going on and i got to drink a glass of wine while browsing XD. I normally dont like wine at all but this shiraz from australia was soo sweet it tasted actually pretty good.

At around 9? i met up with shawna and we decided just to chill because she wasnt feeling up to clubbing. We went to konbini and picked out our $2 dinners XD and made our way back to her house. We caught up while eating in her room and i ended up sleeping over.

The next morning we got ready and i was looking at her wardrobe and tried on her kigurumi XDD it was soo cuute!

I then walked her to work and headed home.

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  1. Ohhh your picture is cute !
    Merry Christmas :)