Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally Winter Holidays!

Well... Im jobless at the moment. -_-ll my stupid boss didn't like me switching around my schedule every semester i suppose... So she let me go. I'm currently looking for a job. Meanwhile an intenet relationship also just ended recently as well. Long, complex story thats not really worth the energy to type it all out LOL. So jobless, loveless and a half dead social life. Yep nice start.

But with all this free time with no job and no school and no online boy to talk to = 100% working on reconnecting with all my friends. On the Monday I went out to see Viki to get my hair done. First we went to the hair supply store and picked out a straightning iron, since i broke mine earlier this season, and to pick out a hair color. The last hair color was done in the salon so we couldn't match it exactly. We decided to experiment and picked a beige color lol~ seems like differnt shades of foundation. haha

Afterwards we went to Army and Navy to buy some glue and the studium "daiso" to pick up a folder and stuff for her hair portfolio. Then we took a walk around robson and looked at many shoe stores and checked out marciano by guess. We tried on a few different dresses. I was so surprized to see how my figure looked in them. They were made for hourglass body shape. I usually always wear baby doll dresses because im a bit concious about my figure but i looked really good in these XD too bad they're $200 -_-;; broke ass syndrome strikes again.

We then headed towards Viki's house and it started to SNOW! omg, i was frozen like an iceblock because i was only wearing a one piece, boots and long sweater. My feet were also hurting alot because my new boots are quite uncomfortable.

We got to Viki's house by around 830 and began the process. My hair for some reason wasnt catching the bleach properly this time. Maybe it was because im too cold or something. So the result was a tiny bit more orange than usaul and we bleached it out again and so on. After we finished we sat down to some cup noodles and looked at stuff online while my mom came to pick me up but got lost along the way. She was a bit mad at me for taking so long. ^^;

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