Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Club House and Bevan

Today I met up with Danh, one of my highschool seniors to go to ClubHouse. Its a volunteer based language center were you get english speakers and japanese speakers paired up and we each teach eachother english/japanese. Before hand Danh and hanged at starbucks and caught up over coffee.

We arrived at the language centre and began our lessons. I had alot of fun and learn some new words. I found it was great excercise and if i went often enough i might be able to to become fluent quickly but we shall see about time.~

Aftewards Danh had to go do something which was unexpected so i was left without plans. I didn't really want to go home because I've been home all semester so i rode the skytrain with him til his stop and started to call Link and Bevan. Link had to go to work but Bevan was just getting off. So we decided to meet at Granville station.

I got there a bit earlier than him so i went to sephoria and touched up my makeup. He came and we walked around robson. I showed him some of the dresses at Marciano and he bought me one for my Xmas present XD made me soo happy. Then we went to Hapa Izakaya since i have an interview tommorrow there i wanted to check out what kind of place it is.

We caught up over dinner and such and enjoy the many little creative dishes at hapa. It tasted quite good. We then headed back and it started to rain. Since I left my main purse in his car, i didnt have my umbrella with me so we went into London Drugs to pick up an umbrella and computer mouse that my mom requested.

We ended up walking throgh 4seasons and took a couple pics around the xmas trees and the little snowglobe xmas tree in front of the Imac store in pacific center. He then drove me home =3

Though on a side note i think i caught a cold from the rain -_-;

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