Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hey Everyone~ Been a bit... or rather VERY busy since school started. I almost have no life T_T heelllllllp!

So I finally able to relax. Actually I think I'm only able to relax if i dont check out what homework i have hahaha. This weekend was the long weekend. I stayed home on the friday and monday. I spent all day friday, sat night, all sunday night and all day monday talking on msn with Dyu haha. So I guess i spent the weekend with him mostly.

I also went out with Viki on Saturday after work. After i got changed I headed to Pacific Centre to meet with Viki. We went to the bay to get her makeup done by YSL event. The guy who did her make-up sure liked to chat haha. We got some free water with YSL label. After the makeup was done, Viki was not happy with it so she didnt buy anything.[my hair that day. Thx to Dyu's advice, it was sucessful but it fell down a little later =/]

We then went to Sephoria to fix it up. LOL just like gyaru to use tester makeup to make LOL. I was taking a look at some of Sephoria's line of eyshadows and such. I tried on a couple sparkle powder things. Looked very cute. A lady liked how I did my makeup and I gave her a bit of a makeover. Too bad the store was closed. I think they would have had some good sales after the makeover. lol.

We then met up with George and went to eat at a korean resturant down robson street. The black sauce noodles were very good =3

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