Friday, October 30, 2009

TENKA Halloween Friday

Halloween Friday Night~~~

I should have known.... haha. Well if anyone has ever been to a Tenka event, it never starts on time. So we decided to go at 10.

While getting ready my my mom was in teh bath while i was doing my hair.... Everytime i puffed it up it fell down. I curled it and it uncurled faster than i can curl it. I was confused and didn't know why. I took a break and ate my dinner and realized it was the steam from the bath that was making my hair fail. LOL

So, i finally make it. It was cold and rainy and there was a line. No prob right? we were #7 and 8th in line. But apprently it was already full!!! it hasnt even opend for 30mins yet.

30-40mins later they finally let in 5 people. Just our luck it was stopped at us. We waited til 12 something to get in... It was soo freezing cold... the bouncers were pissed at the owner being there because the owner wont allow more people in. We chatted with them for awhile to pass time. We finally get in once nearly all the dance showcases were over lol.....

When we got inside, I found Monika~ Monika then introduced me to Shunichi and we talked for awhile. Shortly after there was the costume competition. But unexpectely it was also a dance competition. I don't know how to dance XD i was nervous.

The night went long and I had so much fun~ Monika invited me out for halloween saturday but I had already made plans with Link.

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