Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Saturday

After work I quickly made my way back home. I decided on having a more relaxing halloween since friday night took alot of my energy already haha~ I changed into Rima and Link picked me up and we made our way to the party.

It was a cute little house party. I dont think ive been to one of those since highschool. lol at first I wasn't sure what to do since i dont know anyone but later things picked up when we started to shoot fireworks and play games.

We took alot of photos and had a hot eating contest which i won XD. I had about 5 shots but i guess because i was eating candy along the way I didnt really get drunk. The toughest part was trying to keep awake because im so tierd from the night before.

We were supposed to be attending to another party where the drinking was going to be much heavier but I was too sleepy and went home around 1am. XD

-note: LOL I'm soo short compared to everyone else~ XD

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