Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to School Club Event

Yeah.... It's that time again. Back to school! club event by envy. Dresscode: school uniform. However just like Vancouver for only 10% to dress in the actual theme.. losers lol.

Usually envy events tend to be just fine but this one was just not. Something didn't seem to be right =/ Maybe too many CBC and not enough international. I was so super bored at the club. I think my way home was a little more interesting haha.

Shawna and I left around 130am ish. We went to the bus stop and met a tranvisite. He/she was a very natural looking one. At first we though she? was just a masculine looking woman. Very fun to talk to haha.

It is my first time taking night bus home so i seemed to be a bit lost to where to get off. While waiting for the 19 bus, I ran into my co-worker and Daisuke [i met at the last TENKA event] Dave thought i was hitting on some random jp boy but nooooo I know him lol!

It seemd that i missed my bus because of timing was off? Dave offered to let me stay at his place so i dont have to wait for 30mins for the next since i was so super tierd. But i decided no. And lucky enough, another bus came really soon. Odd... buses are soo wierd

I finaly get home at around 3:30am =_=.. gawd I dont wanna take night bus again. Crowd is a bit scary and it takes sooooooo long!

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