Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lingerie Party

Last Friday, I went to a Lingerie Party. I always love events where if you dress in the theme you get free cover. I went with my friends, Shawna, Lincoln, and Bevan. To avoid cops, we took the taxi down to the club and picked up Shawna along the way. It took a while for the club to fill but of course being that is Club Fabric, it did eventually fill up all the way.

Unfortunately, not many people dressed in the the theme =/ Oh well, I guess I wasn't really expecting they would. It's Vancouver after all, people are boring haha or maybe just have too many boring clothes in their wardrobe they don't have room for interesting clothes hahaha.

Around mid way, Bevan and Lincoln had went off somewhere for about 5mins. About 1 second after they left our side, we got invited to shots. Wow that was quick even for me. When they returned they were like ohhh wow that was soo fast we didn't know where you went.

Of course club night also means to scout out for cute boys, not much there but that was also expected. Though I did see a bunch of pretty girls and I also ran into Ran and danced with her for a bit. Later on, I ran into Howard~ wow long time no see!

At around 130 we left the club to get some food. I was craving gyoza for some reason. We went to Bubble World off of kingsway. and YESH they have gyoza!!~~ lucky! Link ordered beef stew and totally didnt know why hahhaa...

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  1. That's a sexyy outfit hun!
    Haven't been to a lingerie party yet but I'm tempted too hehehe.
    Hope you have a fab Christmas. x