Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to School Club Event

Yeah.... It's that time again. Back to school! club event by envy. Dresscode: school uniform. However just like Vancouver for only 10% to dress in the actual theme.. losers lol.

Usually envy events tend to be just fine but this one was just not. Something didn't seem to be right =/ Maybe too many CBC and not enough international. I was so super bored at the club. I think my way home was a little more interesting haha.

Shawna and I left around 130am ish. We went to the bus stop and met a tranvisite. He/she was a very natural looking one. At first we though she? was just a masculine looking woman. Very fun to talk to haha.

It is my first time taking night bus home so i seemed to be a bit lost to where to get off. While waiting for the 19 bus, I ran into my co-worker and Daisuke [i met at the last TENKA event] Dave thought i was hitting on some random jp boy but nooooo I know him lol!

It seemd that i missed my bus because of timing was off? Dave offered to let me stay at his place so i dont have to wait for 30mins for the next since i was so super tierd. But i decided no. And lucky enough, another bus came really soon. Odd... buses are soo wierd

I finaly get home at around 3:30am =_=.. gawd I dont wanna take night bus again. Crowd is a bit scary and it takes sooooooo long!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer End- TENKA + BBQ

The end of summer was quite an eventful one. Sunday was the last event for the year for Tenka. I went with my friend I met from the last Tenka event, Mei. When I arrived it was already packed! So many people~~ Mei introduced me to all her friends. There were so many~~

We watched the dance and performance showcases and I was soo amazed! The show was super awesome. I'm glad I didnt drink any beer, because there were shots after. I don't know how people drink beer and do shots after. Never been a good mix for me. I met many people and got drunk after 5shots + 2 drinks. I was soo happy talking to everyone and dancing the night away.

Though, nearing 3/4 into the night i triped over a set of mini stairs from the side. They were black and the floor was black and there were no lights there. I stepped backwards and toppled over. I ended up with a big bruise on my theigh T_T. But it didnt really hurt. I think I was more surprized than anything. ^^;;

I partied all night and returned home late in the morning~~ haha Its been a while since I partied like that and it was goooood

BBQ @ 3rd Beach

I was supposed to meet my father for lunch on Labor Day Monday. However, I could not wake up very early and my friend invited me to a BBQ. [I did not style my hair because I was in a rush as well as it was very styled the night before i feel like it needs a bit of a rest] Because my dad could not stay long anyway, he drove me to the BBQ. There, I met a guy from Sapporro named Toshiya and I finally got to meet this gyaru that I've been seeing everywhere, named Monica. She's soo very cool.

The BBQ was going smoothly and I had alot of fun with very great food. I mostly chatted with Toshiya. He also liked visual kei so we had lots to talk about.

About mid evening, a fight broke out. A Japanese man who had drank to much apparently started to fight with another man for no reason and all friends got involved as well. The police came but lucky we were able to get rid of all the trances of beer from our party.

The police were very mean and came with a shot gun. They arrested a couple guys and shut down our party. For what reason I don't understand. They were very sturn in getting us out. I feel that cops here are power hungry.. and that's why they are soo mean.

We all disperse in cars and met up again in downtown. We wanted to eat an izakaya but they were packed so we went to a Korean place instead. I was not hungry so I just drank some more beer.

At the end of the day, Monica drove me to 41st and Oak because thats where she lives and i can take the 41 from there. This way I could chat longer with Toshiya and Monica. I had alot of fun ^__^

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lingerie Party

Last Friday, I went to a Lingerie Party. I always love events where if you dress in the theme you get free cover. I went with my friends, Shawna, Lincoln, and Bevan. To avoid cops, we took the taxi down to the club and picked up Shawna along the way. It took a while for the club to fill but of course being that is Club Fabric, it did eventually fill up all the way.

Unfortunately, not many people dressed in the the theme =/ Oh well, I guess I wasn't really expecting they would. It's Vancouver after all, people are boring haha or maybe just have too many boring clothes in their wardrobe they don't have room for interesting clothes hahaha.

Around mid way, Bevan and Lincoln had went off somewhere for about 5mins. About 1 second after they left our side, we got invited to shots. Wow that was quick even for me. When they returned they were like ohhh wow that was soo fast we didn't know where you went.

Of course club night also means to scout out for cute boys, not much there but that was also expected. Though I did see a bunch of pretty girls and I also ran into Ran and danced with her for a bit. Later on, I ran into Howard~ wow long time no see!

At around 130 we left the club to get some food. I was craving gyoza for some reason. We went to Bubble World off of kingsway. and YESH they have gyoza!!~~ lucky! Link ordered beef stew and totally didnt know why hahhaa...