Monday, August 17, 2009

Transit Adventure with Hiro

The start of my day was a 2 hour night's [morning] sleep [more like a nap =_=] and up and awake for my Pyschology Final at 830am.

The test was pretty easy and i finished in 45mins. I headed home to freashen up and drop off my bags to get to downtown by 12:00. I grabbed a starbucks on the way. I met up with Hiro and we went to Richmound on the 98bline.

We walked around Yaohan then Aberdeen then Parker. He was very happy and awe-struck on how much imported products we have and how horrible the prices are. He found his favorite brand hairpsray in Aberdeen and was soo happy he bought it. He was also very excited about Daiso.

We then headed to Parker Place to take purikura. There's a new machine that has a glittery background it was soo cool.. and yet.. so difficult to use! We chose 4 pictures and got them printed. They turned out not bad since almost all of them caught us off-guard.

We then decided to head to my place. We took the 410 and then the 22nd st. station skytrain.. then the skytrain stopped. It was stuck there for at least 30mins. It finally started moving then stopped again at edmounds. The skytrain police came and said that this train is going back the way it came and that we had to get off if we were hoping to go west.

We took the # whatever to Metrotown station [being totally squished and packed like sardines in a bus] We finally get to Metrotown and then waited in a long lineup for the 19th bus. We packed on to that one and then got off the stop closest to my house and walked to my place. We were so tierd we just sat and lay on my bed looking at magazines and photo albums and chat. [there was no where else to sit since my room is a chaotic mess.. i really didnt want to have anyone over when its like this. I havent cleaned it since April]

We finally decided to go eat dinner at around 10ish. We walked up to a place on kingsway but it was closed so we walked all the way to Metrotown because its not really worht spending the fare for just a couple stops. As well the temperature was perfect.

We ate at Daimasu, and got some Icetea and icecream on the house because a waitress there was my old co-worker. We talked some more. He said he really wants to transfer to Vancouver because its much more fun than L.A.

After we finished eating we walked back to my place so he can pick up his stuff and head to the skytrain before it closes.

And so concludes our little translink Adventure~

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