Sunday, August 9, 2009

TENKA Event Yukata Party

This has got to be the most clubbing fun I've had since I got back from Japan. I've actually been invited to Tenka events several times but for some reason i never ended up going. I'm glad I went this time!

The day started pretty slowly as i made my way to vikis and got there around 6. We prepared and took us awhile. Viki's friend was supposed to come with us but was busy so we bussed there instead. We were quite late but of course nothing ever starts on time so we were early LOL.

When we got into the club, we sat and waited for the rest of the people to trickle in. A guy then came up to me and said "Hey.. you're Shannon aren't you?" LOL apparently it was a Facebook person I was talking to. haha too funny. Byron bought us a round of drinks and we chatted it up for while. The place was getting pretty full so I decided to walk around.

As i was wandering around I found Haruhiko! I haven't seen him since we hanged out with Jamieson in Shibuya~ Such a party guy. I think hes only in town for maybe a week or so. He bought us a round of drinks and dammnn was that one ever strong >w< ! Up near the bar a guy named Cliff recognized Viki from Churchill and I recognized him from Kingyo! He was the one sitting next to us at the bar with another gyaru girl. He offered drinks too but Haru was already doing the round. I met his 2 friends Ryota.. and.. I think i forgot the other guy's name. They are both from Ehime~ I told them i knew where that was and they were really surprised and happy [its on shikoku island] We danced for a bit and on my way to the washroom I ran into Jamieson! Again, i havent seen him since we partied in Shibuya~ I only briefly said hi. After some more dancing I decided to talk to Haru. Viki stayed close to me she was really shy for some reason. So I went to ask Haru how has he been doing and LOL ANOTHER round of shots! this one is stronger than ever! The other two girls who had the same were saying ATSUI! ATSUI MAJI!~ and we chased it down with some cola. Cliff was around too and again too late for the drinks I think I had enough since i didnt eat anything since lunch. XD... I met the other two girls, Emiko and Kaori? They were really fun to talk to and we danced with them for quite awhile. I also met another girl named Mei and she was singing for this event =3 she was so kind too. We should club again sometime. Many photos were being taken and im grinning like an idiot and my japanese is rolling off my tongue with more easier~ yup I was drunk haha. The Yukata was quite restrictive which gave me an excuse to dance more lightly which was nice but eventually it felt a bit tight or I felt a bit tired so I stood off to the side and watched others dance. Behind me there was a guy who smiled at me as i did the same. (I'm always smiling like crazy when im drunk) His name was Munehiro. We chatted quite a bit mostly in Japanese and watched the dance performances. They were soo good. It was getting hot so we went outside to talk. It was 1236 by then so I decided it was time for me to head back so to catch the last train. Hiro's friend Tomo was also heading the same way as I was so I grabed my bag, said goodbye to viki and headed off. Hiro didnt know how to get to the Oak bus stop so we walked him there and tomo and i went to the train station after. I was talking to Tomo for a bit and somehow it lead him to ask about my ex and yea breifly explained he disappeared. He said heyy why not hiro? I think you two make a cute couple LOL. I was laughing. He said that Hiro said he thought he was very lucky that I talked to him. I asked why is that? He said because Hiro thinks you're very cute. Aww~ so adorable.

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