Friday, August 28, 2009


On tuesday I went to the PNE with my Mom, auntie Shirley and my little brother Patrick. It was on special that day because anyone who is a member at my bank gets in for only $5.00 and can bring a friend for the same price.

There really wasnt much to do there but I had fun anyway because its alot of my childhood memories. We went to the marketplace first. There were some interesting things beign sold. I was kinda into the real hair extension sets for only 140 for a set of 7 pieces I think. Great deal, but I'm kinda broke ^^;;.

Patrick and I then went to the Barn where we saw various animals. I saw a bunny with a fur that looked like black eyeliner, and a pen with my name on it hahaha. Afterwards we went to the petting section and Patrick was amused how fat the goats were. After that, we watched the pig race. You wont believe how fast pork runs!

Visual-kei bunny!

Apperently this is my pen lol
little bro pinching goat fat
This is as close to a farm as I'll get

It was about 730 so we went to the main stadium to watch the Superdogs! I love the superdog show. It was the highlight of the evening. There was one wippit [simular but smaller than a greyhound] I love how fast and graceful it runs. [he sorta reminds me of Ryuu]

Afterwards we then walked around and ate some mini doughnuts. The rides were not inclusive so we didnt go on those, but we walked around them. Then we all went home.


  1. Sounds like so much fun~
    I love the bunny!!!! So adorable! haha and it does look like a visual kei bunny.
    I got to hold one of my friends bunnies and its name is Pikachu xDDD

  2. HAHA was it yellow with brown stripes on its back?? just kidding XD