Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today Shawna and I went to English bay to watch the fireworks. I was quite late in meeting with her because it took me an hr to tie my obi -_-lll

I finally arrived around 5ish and we got ready for the fireworks. We then get a text that neither Bevan nor Viki can come thus angel and friends will not be with us either and link wasn't picking up his phone.

So it was just the two of us for a very long 4hr wait for the fireworks to start. We just fliped through alot of photos in our cameras to pass time and think of songs and sing along to them LOL

When the fireworks started it was soo exciting. I haven't watched fireworks for awhile. LOL China as always have some very unique shaped fireworks and everything was just amazing.

Afterwards, to my surprise the crowd wasnt too hard to get through. We were hungry so we stopped by Kingyo to eat some dinner. We ordered salmon cappacio, some spring roll thing, and ebi mayo. Our chef Kouji was very enthusiatic and very fun to talk to. For somethign speical he made something for us. He made spicey chicken wings with a really pretty message on it. Your happiness is my happiness. Do you believe in love at first sight? It was so adorable.

We agreed to exchange contact so we can teach eachother language. The meal was absolutely wonderful and we made a new friend =3


  1. hii ~ my name's suzu, and somehow on while browsing around livejournal, i came across your blog ! i dont even remember how i found it so suddenly, but i started reading it since you seemed so cute ~ ! :3 (i totally thought the person in your header was a hime or loli moderusan but it turned out it was your picture ! :O)

    but i was reading it up till the part about your trip to japan and about ryuu (im sorry am i being insensitive by bringing up his name ? D8) and i just wanted to let you know that i thought the story of your japan trip was really amazing ! >__< so many things that you experienced in just one month ~ hopefully you feel better now about the last bit of your trip too ヾ(´・ω・`)

    btw the way, im an american-born chinese (though im also partially japanese, but my family is more chinese/cantonese based)and its nice to know that another chinese girl that was born in north america feels a similar way as i do about japanese culture and fashion/etc =3 i also really love hime and lolita fashion and i really want to own a japanese school uniform, but those fashions are just too expensive for me, who only gets $30 as allowance a month xD

    but anyway, it was really nice to get to know you through your blog ~ ! =D (im probably sounding so creepy around now loll) i now dont feel as alone in the world ~ hahah x3

  2. Ahh its no problem~ I'm a bit of a computer hermit recently so I love to read long messages. ^__^ Recently, Ryuu found me and we talked a little bit for the last couple days. [on the phone] I am unsure on why he suddenly decided to reappear now. I feel happy but a bit confused as well.