Friday, July 31, 2009

Van Elegance Anniversary #4- Melted dolls

First off, the last few days in Vancouver has been the HOTTEST it has ever been. Record making highs for Vancouver.

It was about 35C today. Though the lolita party started at 230, I still had to drop off my term paper at Langara. I woke up early and got ready for the party then left the house on my way to langara. The bus was packed and I had to stand next to a creepy guy that i see from time to time on the 49.

I finally get to school to enjoy a bit of the wonderful A/C before i headed out again to viki's house. The granville street bus was late... very late. again left out there to die in the heat. I arrived at Viki's at 140. I was already shiny and had to re apply makeup and add the finishing touches to my hair. Bevan and Link were already there.

We then went into Bevan's car and headed up to Sutton Hotel for our Tea. We arrived about 30mins late but others other than Joanne were late as well haha. We had a wonderful afternoon tea. A little after we were done our photographers showed up and we took a few photos inside the hotel and outside. Most of the party had to go elsewhere so it was Viki, Helena, Link, Bevan, and myself left and in addition, our photographers Eric, Tony and Oelga.

We then began our journey to Pacific Cetere were Viki had to drop off the yukata for ___? forgot her name at the moment. We wandered through Holt Renfrew, Sophoria? and then headed out to Shangrila. We hanged outside by the bamboo at the Shangrila and took many photos then went to Urbanfare for the A/C

Next on our plans was food. Tony and Oelga left at this point and we headed towards roboson street. We wandered through robson street to finally a korean resturant. I got ot try a nice egg drop noodle in soup. It was soo tasty. After that we headed back to the car and went home.

Looks like every anniversary we always burn off the sugar we ate at high tea with a wonderful marathon. And just like the 2nd anniversary, i broke my shoe again D=..

I was happy that Link and Bevan had loads of fun on thier first lolita tea party. Though, i do think some of the attendees should have made more effort in their outfits. This isnt an ordinary party, it is a formal one. Eroi cosplay fabric grade lolita wasnt quite up to par for VE anniversary high tea.

I had quite a bit of fun looking through the shops. Holt Renfrew had some really pretty fake eyelashes, very intersting to look at and i got to see some pretty spots like the shangrila's bamboo area.

And.. obviously.. IT WAS TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought i was going to get a heat stroke in my outfit D=... but it is improper to wear my kind of jumpers without a blouse.. I was dying D=..

Overall though, It was a great day. I had alot of fun =3

I shall post a link to the gallery for the event as soon as all the photos are uploaded ^_^

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  1. I love your new banner and this all sounds very fun... I have been so bored~