Friday, July 24, 2009

Yukata @ Nightmarket

Today Viki and I just received our yukata's in the mail. We decided to buy some things for our hair and go to the nightmarket in search for some acessories or something. We walked around downtown for awhile and went to this wonderful shop that had the most beautiful fake flowers. They felt so real. We bought a few and headed back to her house.

We then went along trying to figure out how to tie and obi. It was quite difficult but after awhile we figured it out XD Yay~! [The photo above is before styled hair]

Bevan arrived about 30mins before we were ready and when we were done we took some photos and headed out. We ate an izakaya in richmound~ the food was soo great.

We went to nightmarket and walked around and took some photos. We often got stopped by people to get a photo of us. Afterward, we went out for bbt and then hanged out for awhile and headed home.

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