Friday, May 29, 2009

Night Out - First time bored at a club

I've been feeling like my life has gotten boring and well I suppose I let it get that way. I was feeling quite down still but decided I should to to the club to spice things up a bit. Maybe getting out will busy my time and have me occupy my mind with fun things. Spending too much time alone results in alot of reminiscing and depressing thoughts...

Anyway, Tonight I went out to club fabric with my friend misato and her friend Ming. As almost always for fabric, there was alot of people lined up oustide. I heard someone say "You're Shannon right?" Oh yea~ how did he know? [it was a host kei looking guy] He recognized me from facebook after a little bit more looking i remember who he is too. Appearently, Im very easy to spot because i look just like the my photos according to him. Seeing someone dressed decently gave me a bit of spark of hope that maybe tonight might be a good crowd.

This was a strange night really. We started in on random shots i cant even remember what i was drinking but i already had 5 shots and i wasnt even buzzed! what whats that? We hanged out in the Vip section for a little while but there werent too many people there, it was sort of boring. I danced a little and misato and i were looking out for maybe some cute guys.. MAYBE? no prevail. I was looking for the guy in teh line, he seemed to be the only one interesting but i couldnt find him. [ I later found out he decided not to enter the club]

We all were bored and decided to go home. This is the first time i was bored at a club. How lame....

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