Friday, July 3, 2009

Gyaru Meet Up #2

We haven't hanged out for a long time so its time for some more gyaru fun. Lately I've notice that there are more of us in Vancouver nowadays but kinda spread out. So, heres another meet to bring us all together.

We all arrived roughly on time and we went shopping around metrotown then took some purikura. But unfortunatly Momoko and Yuuko couldnt stay long so by the time viki arrived, it was only shawna, viki and I. We hanged out in Metrotown longer then decided we should change locations.

We went to robson street to look around and maybe spot some cute guys? haha no, we didnt actualy see any but we did see a couple decent fashioned guys in konbinya. That gave me a little hope for van.. just a little.

We eventually ended up at starbucks to sit and chat for awhile. Viki had to go and shawna also had to go soon too. Luckily momoko phoned and said maybe she could meet me in downtown but later she then had to do something and i still didnt wanna go home yet. I haven't been out much lately so i didnt want the fun to end. Thus Shawna and I hanged at Shawna's place. We were both pretty starved but Morito hasnt come home yet. In fact he didnt get off work til around 11ish.

We met up Morito around davie? and got some chinese takeout to eat back at shawna's place. While waiting for my mom to come pick me up, we talked a bit about my trip.

Mom came and I went home tierd but happy. I should really get out more often

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