Friday, May 15, 2009

Momma's 50th~

My mom turns the big 5-0~~ Nothing to big but a nice small party at a contemporary Chinese fine dining resturant.

Meanwhile we were discussing a bit of business of when My mom's business partner is going to hk and maybe going to learn some hair. We were flipping through Ageha and she says that they're too skinny LOL. We just looked at her she was just as or even skinnier than them LOL but she didnt admit it. But nevertheless she was very interested in the ageha hair which made me happy. I also got to meet Wendy's mom for teh first time. Shes really cool and hip for her age. She seemd to like me alot too. She gave my mom these very pretty pink flowers for her bday as well as treating us to dinner.

While we waited for the food I presented my mom with her bday present, the one that Ryuu and I picked out at Asakusa~ *sigh* the memories... But anyway, she loved it! it was exactly what she was looking for. =3

It was my first time at a resturnat such as this. It was a course meal. THe first thing that came out was absolute delish! it was a soup with quail meat inside a cocnut, next came some really large scallop and omg just soo much wonderful food.

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