Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cousin Tim's Wedding And Progession in Reaction

Yesterday I went to my cousin on my dad's side's wedding. I have not seen any of my relatives on that side for at least 2 years and other than my cousin Raymond and Uncle Benson and wife, I have not seen anyone for around 15 years or more. [Yes i know, that makes me around 3-5yrs old]

I wore a pink RF dress with a new knitted white furry bolero? and proceeded to the front to greet the wedding party. Everyone stared at me trying to figure out who I was. They only then realized after they saw my dad that I must be Peter's daughter, Tim's cousin.

As I greeted the wedding party my cousins and I were not even familiar with eachother's names LAWL! After the pictures were taken I proceed to greet uncle Benson and auntie Cynthia. Auntie Cynthia told me I look like my mom! I was soo happy!

It was a tradition chinese banquet style wedding. The bride changed dresses about 3-4x and played the "egg" game among other games. The egg game is where the bride after being blindfolded takes an egg and puts it up from the bottom of the grooms right pant leg and guides it up passed the crotch and then back down the other leg trying not to either break the egg or drop it.

Of course, there's the bouquet toss and the guarder toss. To my surprize the bride had a PERFECT throw! most bouquets end up really high then acutely straight down or it just kinda struggles and twiddles down to the single ladies.. either way most brides cant huff the thing too far. But hers FLEW!! in a perfect arch. you'd think she played football or something... People thought it would hit the wall behind the single ladies but alas it lands in the arms of a girl in the back. haha she was so surprised.

At the end of the wedding banquet, I shook hands with my cousin and family. My cousin Tim told me I look like a shibuya club girl ahaha. but other than that he told me [after he asked what school i was in] I used to go to langara too back in the good days went there was a smoking area and we played Big2 all day. But nevertheless, work hard at what you want, believe me, no one ever thought i would have turned out the way i did. [ Hes now a successful lawyer, before he was just an normal unmotivated kid]

As a side note, even though I look so much like my dad [or at least before] I look significantly different than all my cousins who are all broad shouldered and quite large [if you put us all together I look like the runt on a football team]. Im also the youngest. [Im 20, the rest are in their mid 30s and around 40ish]

We all know that Canada or probably most of if not all of northamerica in general do not look with kind eyes towards anything outstanding in appearance. When i dress in Japanese styled clothing [which was vk [sometimes lolita or cosplay but thats kinda expected] or gyaru] people always stare and say omg what a freak! eww its soo wierd *stare stare stare* or omg such a short skirt, *dirty look dirty look dirty look* or OMG what wacked out fashion *stare stare stare* *glare*

Their mentality was that any vk person is a feak, any lolita is insane, any cosplayer is wierd beyond words, and any girl in short skirt and heels MUST be a hooker [and any guy who dresses well and takes care of their appearance MUST be gay or less of a man"]

But now.. they dotn know how to react to me. My style is no less flamboyant than before in fact my gyaru style has been stepped up to even LESS casual. My hair is blonde again,but now extremely long and I even wear blue contact lenses. Now more people than before stare but unlike before its not negative. Its either positive or just shocked and dont know what to think... Their faces can be translated as so "whoa thats WILD! and yet subdued and doll-like.... thats a short skirt and very high heeled flashy shoes but somehow it doesnt look slutty? 0_o.. its WIERD! but kinda beautiful.. uh...."

I believe part of this is to do with my attitude. As i got older i cared less and less but I always cared a little. But after going to Japan and finding out going all out and looking the way i want to look results in the max positive results and popularity, I find vancouver ppl's opinion about how i look not only not important but worthless and of no value whatsoever. And i dont care if I dont appeal to most boys around here and in fact scare most people away because its not like any of them are even close to my type. [even teh ones that were not bad don't cut it anymore]

I've come to terms [at least at this very moment] that I will be single for quite a while from now and that my chances of finding my type here next to zero. SO why bother trying at all. Therefore I shall just go 100% of how i want to look instead of the 80% from before. HAHA.. and I ALMOST thought of keeping my brown hair. HAHAH becoming blonde again has given me much happiness. I may not have been able to take much of my lifestyle in japan back with me but I realized now I DID manage to take one piece with me. And that was the look and now with a new found confidence.


  1. (sorry this is sort of late, LOL)
    Everything is sounding good on your side :] I am very happy for you!

  2. I can definitely relate to people thinking you are weird and stuff for the things you like/way you dress. I am so happy that you overcame caring about what people think about you, and that you are confident. I have still yet to learn that, and hope I do eventually. I am glad you brought that little bit of Japan back to Vancouver.