Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zettai Kareshi Sp [Spolier Alert] + Feelings about Ryuu

This entry contains spolier to the Zettai Kareshi movie. If you intend to watch it please do not read this blog entry before watching. ^_^

Today I watched Zettai Kareshi movie with my mom. About half way through my mom had to leave the movie to drive her friend to the hospital due to an emergency. I stayed at home and watched the rest of the movie by myself. I'm going to first describe what happens in the movie and then describe how i feel it relates to my life at this time...

About the movie: [skip if u saw it]

The movie sets at the end of the series Zettai Kareshi. The drama is about a girl Riko who is selected to test a new product; Love Robot. The perfect robot boyfriend. The series starts out with the robot just being what he is programmed to be and Riko finding him as a nuisance. But as time goes by a love triangle forms between her boss Soushi her and her robot boyfriend in which starts to develop self-awareness and begins to do things outside of what he is programmed to do. This self-awareness is what Riko fell in love with at the end of the series. However, self-awareness burns out Naito's motherboard and without telling Riko after she had decided to live with him forever, he spends his last day with her and shuts down after.

The movie is set 3 years later after Riko has gone to Paris with Soushi. They fall in love and planned to get married. They come back to Japan with their news and begin to build Asamoto [the company] new concept. In Kronos Heaven [the robot company] there is a new genius who has been successful in making superior models of robots. But she is not satisfied with her work. She wants to create a robot with self-awareness just like Naito. She resurrects Naito etc etc.

Once again Riko is faced robot or human. Naito originally gave a letter to Soushi to take care of her from then on because he knew that he will shut down. But he is back now and he knows he can make riko happy. The back story of why Ayumi Kamiya [the genius] wants to make a robot with self awareness is to recreate her boyfriend who died years ago. Together they made a time capsule to be opened 10years later with eachother's dreams in it. He died 3months after that. She wanted to recreate him so that the robot can replace him and forfill Nanase's dreams. They open the capsule and his dream was to live with her forever in happiness. To make a family and grow old together. The robot cannot do it.

Naito comes to realize that he cannot be with Riko as well Riko realizes this too. Naito then asks Namikiri? to erase him from this world forever because after Riko is gone he will still be there and cannot stop loving her. He will suffer. As well Riko, cannot have a normal life where she can grow old and have a family with him. In conclusion its better for her future if he is not there....

How it relates to me:

Ryuu is not a robot. He was not created to love me nor was he created with programming with all my specifications.......BUT

Ryuu was my ideal boyfriend. I wish a long time before I met him for someone like him. After Harry, I said, I wanted someone in the future who is better with these exact specifications: [you can skip this if you're in a hurry, it will still make sense after]

Appearance [there were larger brackets but this is my top top ideal dream]
Tall: around 183 cm tall
Face: nose: long nose lips: like toshiya faceshape: long
Hair: black, brown or blonde long and styled
Body: super thin maybe around 60kg
Fashion: Gyaruo, Onii-kei, Visual-kei, Host-kei

Tall: 180cm
Face exactly how I said
Hair: brown and styled
Body: exactly as i said
Fashion: Gyaruo

Location: Live in Tokyo, Japan [yup]

Someone who is kinda mean or cold on the outside but warm and sweet on the outside. Someone who is usually mean but he always comes in at the right time and is affectionate when the time is right. [exactly]

Side notes: These were little random thoughts that I did not need and completely optional. It would be soo cool if he were a host/ex host. And be so popular with women but he chooses me for a special reason.

Ryuu was all of that...even the side notes... and more... what I didnt say that he had..: He saves me every time i almost tripped over the random raise on the streets of Japan. He held my hand every step of the way, he hugged me even while talking to his friends when normally he'd be embarrassed because I was cold. We would hug eachother to sleep. He loved me for who I was.. he loved me for my kindness. He was the first person to show me how much I have changed over the years and show me that I am no longer the cold child i was born but the kind person that I grew up to be and strive to be since I always wanted to be like my kind mother... This is why he was my ideal boyfriend and even a bit more.

We loved each other and wanted it to work out. He was willing to come with me to Canada. Just like how Riko was willing to give up having children and growing old with the one she loves 3yrs before the movie. But alas.. fate stepped in and made it impossible for him to come with me on that day... It is better for my future this way... just like how it is better for riko's future being with soushi... The way it works, out... I will finish university.. and see life from there.. in the meanwhile... in the meanwhile... I shall cherish these lovely memories.. and.. try my best to heal my heart because my real prince will come for me someday...


  1. Wow Zettai Kareshi seem like the Manga absolute boyfriend i read in Shojo Beat XD

  2. that's what the drama is based off of

  3. ahh, I started to watch this, but left off somewhere D: I want to finish it!
    I think it is better for you, all that you went through, you become wiser in choosing who you like and atleast you firmly know your type!
    I wish you the best in your future~ <3

  4. Ha oh okays :P

    to say =___= you maybe wiser, but still you can choose wrong. but sometimes the wrong path can end up good ... =___= im so stupid...

  5. stay strong *huggles* there is always someone out there for each and everyone of us o.o if it were not for heartbreaks we would never make the decision we will make to lead us to our one and onli