Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too much to drink awakens a monster

We finally made it to Ikebukoro to look at the plane tickets to Vancouver. It was quite expensive so we went to go eat first. We ate quite a bit and he drank SOOOO much wine. [because it was cheap] He said that he will go make the reservation and he will be back. He came back and we finished eating a bit more and then he went to the game center because he said he had too much to drink and needed to relieve soem tension.

The game center was kinda full and he played KOF against a very strong opponent. He lost everytime he was getting a bit angry and hit the screen a little. After that we went to shimbashi so he can change his clothes. On our way he was kinda flopping all over the place he was kinda heavy. We got to shimbashi and needed to hurry I couldn't run that fast with heels. It was hard on me. He punched a sign kicked over boxes, flipped over someones recycling. 0_0 that was kinda scary.

We got to Shibuya and he talked to his friends for a very long time. I was getting soo bored. We eventually went to a resturant to eat. I wanted to eat a bit of the ramen and he gave it all to me while he talked and talked and talked and talked. =_= it felt like one of my dad's kung-fu meetings.

After that we went for Yakiniku. By then he was back to normal and we had a nice yakiniku meal however I swear I was overly full. After this I wondered about him, is this what its gonna be like for the rest of the time? I don't know if i can do this. Maybe its not such a good idea for him to come to Canada with me...

as a side note i finally found the fukuro!

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