Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Deeper Understanding

Last night we went to Atom and mostly just sat there and talked for awhile. He didn't really want to dance much and we were just passing time. The champagne was on for a really cheap price so we bought a bottle and split it between the two of us. He said that he loves me and he wants to really come to Canada with me to meet my parents and everything.

I was soo happy. After Atom, we went back to my place and talked with Lee. Lee helped us council through some things we needed to say to eachother. Basically why exactly do we like eachother. Ryuu was afraid that I only liked him for his face. He said that he likes me because I'm very kind and because I'm so kind I'm really easy to fall in love with but he wished that I could speak more Japanese and said that I should study more because he wants to have a deeper conversation with me. He said he gets a little angry that all i want to do is play and he never sees me study. Lee explained the reason that I like him is because I really like that duo-ness of his personality[mean on the outside sweet on the inside]. mean mean mean mean and then suddenly nice its something I really like.

Also this is when I found out that Ryuu actually didn't not live in Japan the entire time. He actually lived in China for quite a bit of his childhood. He had to work hard to catch up with everyone and that was why he got angry at me for not studying while im there. But Lee explained in my defense that I am on vacation, I'm here to play.

However, I felt there was some progress between the two of us. Up til now there has been a tiny bit of tension between us but after this talk I feel like its been relaxed a little

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