Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time with Friends

I've been feeling quite withdrawn lately. But this is where I'm glad I have such great friends. I saw viki a couple days after I got back. Soon after I saw Jono and Clover. On Monday, I went to Metrotown and Crystal mall before going to the doctors for my appointment.

I came across the post office in Metrotown and decided that I would drop off a couple parcels I received by accident and I saw a guy with cool hair. He looked at me and then said "Shannon?" OMG I didnt realize it til a bit after it was Yao Yao!~ Long time no see. LOL The random running into people I know skill strikes again.

He told me that he will be meeting up with Shawna for a Pasta Party and invited me to come along. Sounds like fun~ We agreed to meet up after my appointment in Downtown.

At the doctor's office the line was backed up pretty badly. Everyone was about 1hr behind. I ran into my 2nd cousin there. She was talking to me how she wants to visit Japan too and that she wanted circle lenses. I totally didn't know that she went to the same doc as me and I've known her since i was a kid. Comes to show you how much I know about my family.. lol

After my doc appointment I headed downtown and met up at Shawna's place. They were making pasta... I thought it'd be just liek throwing in the noodles in the pot and heating up sauce from a jar. Nope they were actually making the sauce homemade and the noodles too!~!!

It was pretty exciting. I didn't really help much although it is kinda hard to work with 4 people in a narrow kitchen. I caught up with Yao Yao and Shawna as they were making pasta and met a new person named ... which i forgot at the moment.. ^^;;

After their hard work, well mostly Shawna and the other guy( Yao Yao helped some and I was just there for decoration) we sat down to some awesome pasta and watched Final Destination 3.

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