Monday, April 6, 2009

Shun-onii-chan's b-day

After Ryuu took me home and I got changed we went out again and chatted with his friends. We were waiting for them to finish work [around 5am] I was getting really tierd but we couldnt leave because it was Shun's b-day. Shun is Ryuu's older brother. [friend]

It was around 3-4am when we went to the resturant. We were still waiting for them. I took a bit of a nap but I cant really sleep sitting for too long... At around 6am they all arived. It was a drinking fest but I didnt participate. It was beer after beer after beer for Ryuu. It was even too much for him.

His friends were all saying that I look very cute and that I should dump Ryuu and go with either of them. Ryuu's just for play we are for realtionship [thats the jist of it] We love you for real. Ryuu is just for play. His face is handsome but his heart is bad.

The party went on until around 10-11am in the morning. =_= I was feeling soo very dead. Everyone drank soo much and was so drunk. Shun hit Ryuu's arm pretty hard.

We finally got to sleep around 11am and I woke up around 6pm. Ryuu and I got ready and ate some dinner. Then we headed to Atom. It was sunday night trance. The music was really good I really wanted to dance but I broke my heel on my way down the stairs so my shoes were not really work-able. The Champagne was really cheap that night so we bought a bottle and shared it between the 2 of us. He asked again why do I like him. I told him that I like his face. And he said only?? and i said no, not only but the rest I dotn know how to say in Japanese. He told me he really really loves me and that he will come to Canada with me for a bit.

After a bit, we went back home and everyone at the guest house was in the common room including Lee. Ryuu was talking to Lee and Lee helped translate some things he wanted to say. Basically, He said that he really wants to have a deeper conversation with me. He said that I'm very kind and easy to fall in love with but he wants to know what exactly I like about him. Lots of women at the host club love him just for his face only. He knows that his personality isn't the nicest and there isnt much to like about it so why do I like him. He really hopes its just not because of his face.

I told Lee that the reason I like him is yea of course i like how he looks. But I really kinda like the way he's always teasing me but then suddenly he would be romantic and be sweet. Its like bitter on the outside but sweet on the inside. Its what I like. [Harry was like that]

Ryuu was really happy to hear that.

The next day we didnt really do anything again.. =_=ll the guy needs to wake up EARLIER! We were looking around at plane ticket prices online but all of them were 2000-4000CAN even just for one way. It was weird. So he said lets go to Ikebukuro and talk to his friend about what he can do about the price. But the time was too late. We ate some dinner and then talked to his friends. He was talking to one of them while i talked to another. They are "catch" thier job is to talk to people to get them to go to Fusoku.

Daisuke is one of Ryuu's friends. He is half Japanese and Half korean i think. He was talking to me and said that I'm really pretty. I asked him what kind of person is Ryuu but he mis-understood me and thought I asked him what kind of girl Ryuu likes. He said that Ryuu likes girls who are either really pretty or super kind and thats about it. He said that im exactly Ryuu's ideal type. He then asked me what my type is. I explained that i like handsome men who have that mean outside and sweet inside type personality and with money. I said that my skills arent exactly easy to make money from and so I kind of need someone who can support me. His friend was really easy to talk to. Partly because he knows a little bit of english. We talked more about random things. After a bit Ryuu said oi~ lets go.

We went back home and Ryuu said that we should sleep early and wake up early tmr. [meaning sleep around 3am and wake up 12am thats early for him] I said its no problem for me. Its HIM who cant wake up early.

SO, we were supposed to go to ikebukuro and Asakusa today.... but right now im sitting here and its 330pm. Im all ready and good to go but hes still sleeping. Getting him to wake up is just as hard to get me to wake up when im not ready to. =_=; We've got to get our sleeping in sync. I sleep around 3-4am and then wake somwhere around 11-2pm. but he sleeps anywhere between 6am-10am and wakes up around 6pm -_-;; By the time hes finished gettign ready the shops all close. -_-ll


As a side note; I had the scariest dream the other night. I was dreamign that I was in the club and noticing all the different hair styles in there with Ryuu. But it was starting to get a bit boring so I showed him my mp3 player with my friend doing some breakdancing. it was supposed to be funny because hes doing it in his boxers. The setting is in a basement. It was kinda like a pv. I saw a creepy looking man all skin and bones with a chain around his body in the pv. I was explaing further that in that basement theres a well.

Suddenly I was in that basement and standing next to where the opening where the well comes up. We need to get the well to open to get somethign? i dont know what. Anyway a man and his daughter arrived. the daughter was dressed in white and looked really normal. she had dyed brown hair but her pose was like that of a ghost. i suddently felt an adrenaline rush and my whole body was tensing up and shaking and i put my hands beside my ears and screamed so loud the basement shook. THe scream was on a super high pitch and sounded like a horror movie. I was also dressed in white and had black hair. I couldnt control my body and i fell to the ground I couldnt stop screaming and i felt as though my body was being taken over. My hands tensed and was crawling on the floor trying to reach the daughter and her dad to help me. I woke up and was panting. Ryuu asked me are you ok? whats wrong? I told him i had a super scary nightmare and he said Shhh~~ its alright now, Im here dont worry. and held on to me and stoked my hair.


  1. Holy shit... that was AFTER my party? I'm surprised you didn't dissintegrate XD

    Is he always staying at your guesthouse?

  2. Holy crap that dream was scary, good thing you woke up to someone it is always nice to be comforted after a scary dream.

    Your type of guy is the same type I like :]