Friday, April 3, 2009

Prep for Khea's Wedding

Yesterday I didnt really do anything so it wasn't really worth writing about. Though today I didnt really do much either. I managed to wake Ryuu up by 4. Miracle! LOL He's definatly nocturnal. He wakes up at like 6pm and doesnt go to bed til pass 5am.

I needed to buy 2-3 things. I needed nails, shoes, and maybe a hair acessorie. We droped by the bank so I can withdraw money and I run into Khea and family XD~ I just got out of the bank when I heard someone say my name with no accent! So of course I turned around and it was Khea. Surprize!

Khea said that she knew it was me because of my hair and no one has my purse. [There isnt a Guess store in Japan] It was so nice to see her >w< earlier ="/">w
After that we took a walk around and he was talking to his friends. Before, he wouldnt hold my hand in front of them but today he was hugging me while talking to them. After that, we went to the konbinya to buy some snacks and beer. As we were walking around we got 4 atom invitations and went like Yea! (peace sign) to eachother. Hes really playful we are always making fun of eachother. Quite simular how Harry used to do that.

AM/PM didnt have alchol so we went to the family mart near by. On our way there was a pretty flower tree with pink flowers. He jumped up and grabed one and gave it to me. He said Shiena, I Love You. [in english]

We are home now and snacking on pizza chips and beer =3

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  1. The flower thing with saying "i love you" is so cute ;__;