Friday, April 10, 2009

Mini Drinking Party on the Balcony

I didn't really do much during the day but I met up with Ryuu around 6ish and we went for Yakiniku. We got a private room in the yakiniku resturant and enjoyed a really nice dinner. We then went to my house and found Lee. We decided to go for Karaoke.

We went to Karoke and had lots of fun we all had equal amount of songs. Lots of jokes were being passed around and Lee's singing was so beautiful. After that we decided to play a nampa game. We planed to go to Donki Hotei to buy some liquor and drink at our place but first lets see whos more charai XD

Ryuu suggested that we have a competition who can pick up someone the slowest has to pay for the drinks. I didnt like this idea because I'd loose for sure with my lack of language skills. Lee also didn't like this idea because there were more cute girls around than there were cute boys. We just decided to have the competion between Lee and Ryuu just for fun.

Lee and I needed to the washroom and went at McDs. While we were gone Ryuu sorta picked up a bunch of girls outside. They were cute. We were all cracking jokes like we were playing a nampa game. And Ryuu was spending most of his attention on the chubby one. He said that shes really cute and if they can go out and she said whhaa?? really.. ahh no your girlfriend is soo pretty no~ XD

After a little while we took off and decided to just go for drinks. We went to Donki and bought Kaluha and milk. We got home and drank on the balcony it was really cute place. Ryuu said lets drink all at once one cup and we did and then another~ but by then we were getting a bit too noisy and the neighbor complained and so we headed back inside. The other bunch of guest house people went out to roppongi to club and got back early we were suprized that they were back.

Apprently one of our girls was felt up by a big large foreign guy and she slaped him but he hit her back really hard. She was in shock. Lee comforted her while the rest of us were in the common room talking about it. After awhile everyone was fine and we drank in the common room and chatted.

We eventually all got tierd and we went to bed.

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