Monday, April 13, 2009

Last 2 Days

Sunday was my last shopping day. After phoning Ryuu and deciding that we will meet at 6pm I headed out to 109 around 3ish and started my last shopping spree! I bought all the last things I needed, a couple skirts and a couple of shirts and a wallet.\

After I was done I headed home to wait for Ryuu. I called him again and he said it will be at 7-8ish instead. We went out looking around and he found a nice jacket for really cheap. We went to the game centre for a bit and he played KOF. He then asked if I wanted to go to club and I did. Although he didn't really want to go because he was running out of money. I said I still want to go because it will be the last time I probally get to go before going back to Canada.

So we went to Atom. He wasn't really in the mood for dancing but he didn't want that to stop me from having fun so he kept nudging me to go ahead and go dance. I eventually did. I love sunday night trance at Atom. On the dance floor there were a nice group of people and they danced with me and one of them bought me a drink. I had lots of fun although it would had been more fun if Ryuu danced.

At around 230am or so Ryuu said he wanted to go. So we went home. He turned on my Laptop and we watched some Chinese horror movie. It was a famous chinese horror movie series. I said to him I know this series and he was quite surprized. I said my dad and I used to watch these all the time. We watched 2 movies. I actually got scared at times [more like surprized scared] I haven't watche a horror movie for a long time so I suppose I've forgot the timing on things.

He got kinda hungry after awhile and said he will go to the konbinya. I jokingly said logong [dont really know how to spell it but its what a wife calls her husband in cantonese, hes mandarin but he does understand canto] He was surprized and smiled so widely he said uwahh say it again! logong =D Ryuu: >w< he looked like he melted inside.

He came back and brought me back some chicken and offered if i wanted some of his food but I was more sleepy than hungry.

At around 4ish we woke up again and went to Harajuku for a walk. I did some last minute shopping for friends and then we stood there and talked for a bit. I asked him if he really did like me. He said why do you ask everyday? suki suki suki suki suki dayo ok?! I said that he has alot of women around him all the time why me. He paused for a little while and then said that he himself does not know and trailed off like he was thinking deeply about it and there was a bit of a waver in his voice.

We went to shimbashi for a bit he said he needed to go there to recieve the plane ticket and change his clothes. We both then went to Shibuya together and then I went home while he went into shibuya center [prob to play some games] We parted and He said call me around 8-9 tommorrow ^_^ I will see you tommorrow at your house and we will go to the airport together~

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