Sunday, April 5, 2009

Khea's Wedding

The day started really early for me. I woke up at 530am. So I can do my hair etc. I tried to do a new style. It didnt work out exactly how I wanted it to.

I wore a pink dress to start. After I finished gettign ready I just needed to put on the nails, get ready the present, and go. But the nail glue was very difficult to figure out how to open it and I ended up being late. I was really worried that I would miss the party bus.

I ran to shibuya station and cut my foot on the way by my shoes. However, I did managed to get to the Amandan Hill's bus on time.... just barely. In the bus, I saw Azon and Khea's dad and we had a good chat. Also, I saw Kazu. Loooong time no see. I remembered him after Khea's dad mentioned his name but it took a while longer for him to remember me.

When the Wedding started and Khea walked down the Ile, I almost felt like crying. She was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful it was unreal. After the wedding ceremony we all went outside for the bouquet toss and I caught it YEAH~ I wonder what that's suppose to mean XD;

The food was super awesome but the dessert was even better. I was really happy to see the orginal VIP crew again. I was really happy to see Masa and Megumi again. I dont think ive seen them for about 2years.

After the wedding everyone went home. I was super tierd because i only had 4hrs of sleep. I went to bed but had to wake up in 1 hr to do m hair for the after party.I changed into my blue dress and met up wiht Daniel and Azon at Hachiko. We all went to roppongi together.

The after party was at Freeze. It was a lounge. The first thing that we did was get our pictures taken and signed a scrap book? After that we split off and chatted with everyone. We played some wedding games and watched Khea and Tetsu cut the cake and pour a champagne tower. I'm not particularly a big fan of champange but I love the look of Champagne towers >w<

At the after party was able to see Yoyo for the first time while in in Japan. Ive been trying to contact him but I didnt have a phone. I chatted with him for a bit.

At around 930, half of the people went home and the rest went to a friend's shop for a after after party. Free drinks on the house~ At around 1030 it was about time for me to leave to meet with Ryuu at Hachiko but i didnt know the way to roppongi station. So Khea got a guy to walk me there. At the moment I cant remember his name. But anyways he was really drunk i think, he kept wanting to hold my hand and kept saying lets go to hotel. Im like omg no way, I need to get to the station dammit!

We stoped outside of one of the stations which is not exactly the best way to get back to shibuya with and he said that we are waiting for Kiyoshi. A bit later he said that they have a car and can drive us. Ok good maybe I can get there faster? Its getting pretty late and I'm worried I will be late.

We couldnt find the car that fast and ended up walking back and forth for a while. I really didnt like this because my shoes are not the walking type of shoes.... Finally we found the car. I had to sit in the back "trunk" space [not the regular car trunks but the SUV type] with him. -_-l

I was happy that Tomo was there. Tomo was telling me to be careful and everythign he was kind of worried about me. I phoned Ryuu to tell him I was going to be late.

I managed to get to Hachiko 30mins late. Ryuu took me home and got me to change.


  1. Thanks so so much for coming all the way from Canada to be there with us =) And thanks again for the kickass coffee pot.

    Sorry about our friend Hikaru... he's quite the drunk lol but yea.. glad you EVENTUALLY got back to Shibuya.

    I had so much fun. It was the perfect wedding! Thanks for beign a part of it~

  2. Wow~
    She looks so pretty in the picture~!